Temperatures crept toward the high end of the forecast today, with many spots heading for the upper 50s or so. Despite occasional gusts, wall-to-wall sunshine helped produce a rather nice one across the region. We stay clear into the evening, but clouds will be on the increase overnight as another cold front and some rain head our way for Thursday.

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Through Tonight: Skies remain clear into the evening. High clouds trickle in as we head into the overnight, and we should tend toward mostly cloudy by dawn. A nice-looking sunrise? Certainly possible. Lows end up in the upper 30s to mid-40s. Winds are light after sunset.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): We may see some sun early, but the day is largely cloudy as temperatures head to the mid-50s and around 60 for highs. Showers and some light rain arrive in the area late afternoon into early evening. This is driven by a cold front pushing through with a little wave of low pressure on it. Light rain continues into the early night, and it’s not impossible that a few conversational wet snowflakes mix in well north and west as it ends, and temperatures drift toward lows in the 30s.

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Electric November: The Southwest U.S. monsoon was on the weak side this year. Perhaps as something of a consolation prize, a number of energetic lightning storms fired up across that region this morning. More are expected eastward to Texas through the day as a disturbance passes. Below are a couple of the cool shots that came out of it!

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