The moon over the Mall on Wednesday evening. (Jim Havard/Flickr)

Plentiful clouds helped keep the area on the low side of temperature forecasts Thursday. That’s still not as cold as it was Wednesday, but highs in the low-and-mid 40s are a good 15-plus degrees below normal most spots. High clouds continue to roll by at times this evening and into the night. We should see more sunshine Friday.

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Through Tonight: Following what could be a pretty sunset, we continue to see some mainly high clouds stream by into the night. Some showers to our southeast may try to wander toward us late, but it seems they’ll tend to stay away. It’s not impossible a brief rain or sleet shower makes it into parts of the area, though. Lows range from the mid-20s north and west to the mid-30s in the city and spots farther south or east.

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Tomorrow (Friday): Skies are partly to mostly sunny, but perhaps cloudiest early in the day. With more sunshine than Thursday, temperatures should aim for 50 or a bit higher. Winds are out of the north-northwest around 5 to 10 mph.

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South Africa tornadoes: South Africa’s plains (the Highveld) are not an uncommon area for occasional tornado activity. But the last few days have been something nonetheless. In the latest stormy volley, at least one touched down today.

This is on the heels of an apparently more destructive twister two days ago.

Much like the Great Plains in the United States, where tornadoes are very common, the Highveld is largely flat with several mountainous areas nearby that offer a punch of dry air aloft which aids in storm development. When all the ingredients come together, the results can be spectacular.

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