The weather ended up rather nice for this Black Friday. Winds were still a bit feisty, but temperatures hit the warm side of the forecast, with most spots reaching near and above 50. Those winds taper off into the night as clouds begin to take over. It’s going to be a cloudy weekend ahead, and there’s a good deal of rain on the way as well.

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Through Tonight: Clouds filtering into the area take over our skies. There could be a few breaks overnight, but clouds are more common than not. That blanket probably keeps temperatures from reaching their full potential, but it’s still seasonably chilly, with lows in the upper 20s to mid-30s. Winds are from the north, around 5 to 10 mph.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Any breaks in the clouds will continue to be few. We could have a pretty sunrise, if it works out right. A slight chance of rain or mixed precipitation will present itself by mid- to late afternoon. Anything that falls during the day will be very light and showery, and it may stay southwest of us until after dark. Some conversational sleet or snow is possible. It just won’t amount to anything. Highs are in the mid-40s. Winds are shifting to come from the south.

Saturday night: Rain will become likely as we get into the night. It may not rain all night, but it’ll come in waves throughout. For now, it seems too warm for any mixed precipitation to continue, but that’s not impossible as you head north toward the Maryland-Pennsylvania border. Lows will range across the 30s. A few sheltered valleys could see a bit of freezing rain, although at this time it doesn’t seem like a widespread issue.

Sunday: Occasional rain will continue into the day. It probably will be heaviest and most consistent in the morning and then will become showery in the afternoon. Winds will be from the southeast early, shifting toward the northwest late. It could be gusty but not terribly strong as highs head for the mid-40s once again. Rainfall totals should approach or pass one inch in much of the area. Some snow showers — probably of the conversational nature — may pass by Sunday night or into Monday.

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