Temperatures ended up somewhat on the cool side of expected today, but that still meant they were a good deal above the low 40s normal to early January. As we trudge through what is typically the coldest time of the year, it doesn’t take much. There’s certainly little to no mid-winter cold in our near future.

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Through Tonight: It’s a cloud-filled and mild overnight, although you may be able to grab fleeting views of the moon. Temperatures only fall to the mid-40s to near 50 for lows. Winds are out of the south around 5 to 10 mph.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Warm winds continue to blow springlike air into the region. Under mostly cloudy skies, temperatures should rise to a range of mid-60s to around 70 for afternoon highs. Winds are from the south and southwest around 10 mph. A chance of showers becomes high enough to mention by late afternoon, but I wouldn’t expect much to be around.

Sunday: After some overnight showers, and perhaps a few gusty storms, a cold front is through the area early. Early enough that rain should be ending with sunrise, although it may be a few hours later than that south and east. Importantly, cooler air lags a while. With gusty winds into the midday, we may see some warming right behind the front instead of cooling. Highs aim deep into the 60s, to around 70. Winds turn from the west to the northwest with time.

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Full moon: The first of 13 full moons this year, the so-called wolf moon, is full tonight. Try to catch a glimpse through any breaks in the clouds around here! There was a lunar eclipse associated with it, but the event ended before moon rise locally.

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