Temperatures were up compared to recent days, but it was still a chilly one across the region as highs rose to within a few degrees of 40. Near wall-to-wall sunshine was certainly a plus. Even though it remains rather weak, there is an increasing warmth to the sun as our days become longer. Any clouds blotting out the sun (and moon) appear to be mainly high level through tomorrow, and a largely tranquil pattern persists.

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Through Tonight: Skies remain mostly clear into the evening. With time, more high clouds begin to stream in. Thanks heavily to that plus light to calm winds, there’s a big range for overnight lows across the region for lows. Upper teens in the cold spots to upper 20s downtown seems a decent bet.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): Our slow warming process continues. We’ll see more in the way of cloudiness than today, seemingly increasing in the afternoon and evening, although potentially still mainly high cloudiness. Highs aim for the mid-40s or so. Winds are light from the south.

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Spin me right 'round: The Westbrook Ice Disk is back. It first rotated to national attention in early 2019. While this go appears to be less a thing than last time, so far, an ice disk advisory* may be in effect for the near future.

*There is no such thing.

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