Don’t let the tornadoes in the area Friday discourage you from hitting the slopes this weekend. Behind the thunderstorms is snow falling in the high country from Seven Springs, Pa., down the Allegheny Front to Snowshoe, W.Va.

Several inches have already accumulated, and there could be up to nine more inches by Saturday in the luckiest spots. Our SlopeCast rating for snow conditions is on the rise for the Mid-Atlantic ski resorts in the favored snow-belt areas in Western Maryland, West Virginia and southwest Pennsylvania.

Down in the front-range resorts in western Virginia and south-central Pennsylvania, it is a different story. This week’s warm weather and rain have taken a toll on the snow bases, but, on the bright side, the lifts are still spinning, and there are turns to be made. Temperatures will drop below freezing during the night this weekend, and snow-making operations can start piling the base back up.

For our Nordic (cross-country) skiers this will be the best weekend in a long time to get out the skinny skis and glide through the woods from Laurel Ridge in southwest Pennsylvania to White Grass in West Virginia’s Canaan Valley.


Front range = 4/10 (At least were making turns, average to below average)

High country = 7/10 (Carving up the slopes, above average)

Weekend forecast

Colder air is great news for ski areas after a mild, rainy week. Snow-making should resume (mostly at night), while some patchy natural snow is possible Saturday night in the high country.

Saturday: Partly sunny. Highs near 35 in the high country and 40 in the front range. Lows in the 20s on Saturday night, with snow showers in the high country.

Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs near 40 in the high country and 45 in the front range.