A dark cloud hangs over the Capitol in Washington. (Miki Jourdan/Flickr)

Despite temperatures running below normal and a stiff wind from the east and northeast, temperatures in the mid- and upper-60s weren’t too bad today. Winds have been persistent, with gusts between 30 and 40 mph for most of the afternoon in the city. We continue to be in a stuck pattern that keeps our weather similar through tomorrow.

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Through tonight: Clouds persist in the evening. Breaks are a decent bet at times, especially farther north. Rain stays to the southwest, but a quick shower or two isn’t impossible. Lows are in the 40s to near 50. Winds continue out of the north and east with sustained gusts of around 10 to 20 mph.

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Tomorrow: Rain again stays to the southwest but it may come close early. Clouds are numerous, with increased sunshine later in the day. Winds are from the northeast around 10 to 20 mph with gusts near or past 20 mph.

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Pollen update: Tree pollen is high at 130.67 grains per cubic meter of air. Grass pollen is moderate/high. Weed pollen and mold spores are low.

Backward weather: With high pressure to the north in Canada and Tropical Storm Arthur offshore, plus the lumbering low to the west, there’s quite the fetch of easterlies in the Northeast, basically from the East Coast to Lake Michigan.

Multiple weather systems across the Northeast today. (Weather Prediction Center)

In addition to gusts near 40 mph locally, places such as Atlantic City have seen gusts approach 50 mph this afternoon. Numerous gusts well into the 40-plus mph range have been seen in parts of New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland today.

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