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At least it’s a dry heat. That’s what I was thinking today while out and about. We’ve certainly had worse. That said, this is becoming a rather persistent little heat wave. Today was day five at or above 90 degrees in the city. It helps us finish a bit above normal for the month on the 90-degree day count, with seven being average. There’s no major sign of change in the near or far term. Although as we enter July, our daily thunderstorm chances seem poised to return.

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Through Tonight: It’s a decent evening as temperatures fall toward 80 near and after sunset. An isolated shower or storm is possible, as well. After sunset, a risk of a shower may persist until about midnight or so. Otherwise, skies are partly cloudy, and you’ll notice some more humidity than recent times. Lows are largely in the upper 60s to mid-70s. Winds are out of the northeast around 5 to 10 mph.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): Clouds are more numerous, but we should be able to eke out a partly cloudy one. While there is an increased chance of a few showers and storms, for now it seems the most organized activity will try to stay south. There’s also a pretty good chance we end our 90s streak, as highs are mainly in the mid- and upper 80s. Humidity is increasingly uncomfortable, as well. Winds are from the north and northeast around 5 to 10 mph.

A waxing gibbous moon is seen in the afternoon sky June 29 over Vienna. (Jeff Rosenberg/Flickr)

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Pollen update: Grass pollen is moderate/high at 7.03 grains per cubic meter of air.

What the hail? New York City was targeted by a supercell thunderstorm Monday. Those powerhouse storms featuring big roaring updrafts love to produce hail. This one was no different.

Much of the hail was in the penny to one-inch size, with one inch being the criteria for severe hail. Radar estimated some hail as large as golf balls, but there were no matching reports.

Plus it was another great day for rainbows, just a day after a double rainbow was spotted in the same area.

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