Today’s main bright spot was that humidity fell to relatively tolerable levels on a west wind this afternoon. That helped temperatures in the low 90s feel more like they’re supposed to. Still rather hot, especially in direct sun. And sun there was. The kind of day you search for a cloud and come up empty-handed. We’ve got another scorcher tomorrow.

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Through Tonight: Temperatures trail off toward the mid-80s around sunset, and then into the 70s a few hours later. Clouds are few and far between, much like today. Lows range from near 70 to the mid-70s. With light winds and rising humidity, it’s not impossible a few patches of fog develop late.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): A mostly sunny start turns cloudier with time. There’s a slight chance of a shower or storm late, but most of any rain threat should hold off until near and after sunset. Highs are mainly in the low and mid-90s. Might it be the last 90-plus day for the month? We are running out of time.

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Never-ending 90s? It was yet another day of 90s across the region. Washington continues to pull away from the old monthly record of 25 days with highs of 90 or greater in 2011, as today became day 27 this July. We’ve now also reached the National Weather Service average of 36 for a whole year. Baltimore, as measured at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport, joined the party as well. Per NWS Baltimore-Washington, it reached 24 days at or above 90 this month. That’s a tie with July 2011, and Baltimore seems destined to move to the top spot tomorrow. Meanwhile, to the south, it’s even worse … more than a month straight in Charlottesville!

At this point, this hot weather seems like it might never end. However, there is finally some hope for extended relief, at least of the relative kind. After another really hot one tomorrow, temperatures moderate thereafter, with only two out of nine days forecast to be at or above 90 on the latest European model forecast below. Fingers crossed.

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