I like to think of this time of year as nice weather season. Spring can be quite amazing as well, but late summer into fall loves to deliver around here. Today fit well, with highs in the mid-70s to near 80 and little humidity. A crisp night is followed by more of the same Tuesday. Then there’s that smoke (more below).

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Through tonight: We’ll have more mostly clear skies (with smoky caveats). Lows will be mainly in a near-50-to-mid-50s zone, but some upper 40s seem possible in the usual “cold” spots. Winds from the north will go light toward dawn, which may mean some spots like rivers and valleys could see a bit of fog.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): By all appearances, this will be another winner when it comes to local weather. Conditions will be spectacular as skies remain mostly sunny and highs reach the low to mid-70s. Some of that smoke could still be around aloft.

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Pollen update: Weed pollen and mold spores are moderate/high. Tree and grass pollen are low/moderate.

Flirting with 40s: In at least parts of the area, we could see readings tickle the upper 40s tonight. If so, it’s more or less on time. Dulles has seen its first low in the 40s on Sept. 13, per the last 30-year average. Up at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport, the average first 40s low is Sept. 19. In Washington, we’ve still got a few weeks to go. The average date here is Oct. 5.

Notice that milky haze in the air today? There have been a few clouds blowing by among otherwise mostly clear skies. Except for the smoke.

The local National Weather Service office pointed out today in its technical discussion that the smoke is caught in the jet stream and moving overhead around 20,000 to 25,000 feet high.

Smoke from the historic fires out West now covers much of the country, and it is expected to continue to be an issue in the days ahead.

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