Today’s daily digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to10.

8/10: It’s a bit chilly. Also rather sunny, and the leaves are looking pretty.

Express forecast

  • Today: Mostly sunny. Highs: Near 50 to the low 50s.
  • Tonight: Mostly clear. Lows: 31-39.
  • Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy. Showers. Highs: 50s to near 60.

Forecast in detail

Temperatures are a good 10 or more degrees below normal today, but it’ll still be a decent one as long as you’ve got some layers. The same can be said for trick-or-treat weather and the like. While the forecast has lots of sun in it overall, tomorrow isn’t one of those kinds of days. In fact, rain is likely for at least a time during the midday and afternoon. This is all ahead of another shot of cold air.

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Today (Saturday): Sunshine rules. Even so, it’s pretty cool. Highs are mainly in the near 50 to low 50s zone. Someone could edge up a bit north of that. Winds are light and turning to the south.

For socially distanced Halloween activities, temperatures dip into the 40s near sunset and then through the 40s into the evening. No weather worries, really. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Skies remain rather clear. The light south winds are going to work, slightly raising humidity levels. Still, some frost or a freeze seems possible north and west of the Beltway. Temperatures range from near freezing to the upper 30s. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Sunday): A strong cold front is racing toward the region and a low pressure may develop along it. The day definitely looks less pleasant than it once did. Showers are on our doorstep by morning, which means it’s rather cloudy all day. If we hold the raindrops off until early afternoon, temperatures could reach 60. Otherwise, 50s. Showers shouldn’t last too long, ending toward evening. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: Much cooler air is rushing in behind the front. It’s fresh enough and winds stay up enough that we don’t get too cold. Maybe mid-30s to around 40. A couple showers could pass by. Confidence: Medium-High

A look ahead

We’re in between a strengthening storm to the northeast and building high pressure over the south on Monday. That’s a recipe for wind. And it’s going to be a chilly wind. Under partly cloudy skies, highs are mainly in the upper 40s. Gusts may make you want to run to the sunny side of the street. Confidence: Medium-High

It could be another frosty start Tuesday. Otherwise, winds are down and sunshine is wall-to-wall. Temperatures begin a moderating trend, with highs trying for the mid-50s. Confidence: Medium