Today’s daily digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

8/10: Like yesterday, with added clouds.

Express forecast

  • Today: A mix of sun and clouds. Highs: Mid-60s.
  • Tonight: Increasingly cloudy. Lows: Mid-40s.
  • Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy. Late-day showers? Highs: Mid-50s.

Forecast in detail

This time of year, any warm days can seem like something of a gift. We’ve got another today, with temperatures as much as 10 degrees above normal. This warm spell isn’t set to last much longer, as air off the ocean is set to invade tomorrow. Then there’s a cold front on the way.

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Today (Saturday): It’s another warm day. Normal highs are now in the mid-50s, believe it or not! We see a lot more clouds overhead than the none yesterday, but they should mainly be high level. Highs end up in the mid-60s. Winds are light from the northwest. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Winds are turning to come more from the northeast with time. That should help lower-level clouds develop as air increasingly is coming into the area off the ocean. With clouds around, lows are fairly uniform in the mid-40s. Winds are light. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Sunday): We’re trending cooler and perhaps more damp as we close in on this one. With a storm system approaching from the west, a warm front develops in the region and probably stays to our south through the day. Highs are in the 50s, and a couple of showers or some drizzle is possible by late in the day. Winds are out of the east and northeast around 5 mph. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: As the storm system passes to our north, a cold front approaches, bringing a chance of showers through the night. Temperatures probably don’t drop much from during the day — perhaps toward 50 — but they could head below that toward sunrise as the cold front arrives. Confidence: Medium

A look ahead

The cold front continues passing the region Monday. We may have a couple of showers, especially early in the day. Skies should try to clear with time, but we’re nearing the earliest sunsets of the year, so it has to happen fast. Highs are in the 50s. Confidence: Medium

Coming off lows near freezing outside the Beltway, there’s wall-to-wall sunshine Tuesday. It’s on the cool side, with highs heading to the upper 40s or around 50. Confidence: Medium