Cloud cover was a bit tough to shake for much of today, and while those clouds provided some pretty epic sunrise photos, it didn’t make for the best of weather on this Saturday before Thanksgiving. Nevertheless, temperatures still ended up a good 10 degrees warmer than normal. It won’t be that warm on Sunday, but we should escape much of the day without any precipitation, which shouldn’t move in until early Monday.

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Through tonight: Skies will remain mostly overcast, and temperatures will slowly fall off overnight. Winds will become a bit more northeasterly, which will just reinforce the cloud cover. Lows should end up in the low to mid-40s, with slight chance at a sprinkle or two.

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Tomorrow (Sunday): Sunday will be a bit of a damp and dreary day — damp in the sense that temperatures will be cool (in the 50s) and winds off the water will keep the air feeling moist or full of water. This shouldn’t translate into any measurable precipitation, at least not until late Sunday night and early Monday morning.

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