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PM Update: Heavy rain overnight. Gusty showers and storms possible Monday afternoon.

Timeline for storm impacts on Monday. (Dan Stillman/Capital Weather Gang)

Get ready for a wild weather finish to November. A strong storm system develops and moves through late tonight, bringing a mix of hazards to our area in a short time frame, capped off by the potential for strong to possibly severe storms Monday afternoon (more on that below).

No specific warnings or advisories have been issued, but expect a good soaking of one to two-plus inches of rain (and some wild temperature swings) by the time the storm system departs later tomorrow.

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Through tonight: Cloud cover will continue to increase this evening ahead of the approaching storm. Temperatures won’t move all that much before precipitation breaks out, settling in the mid- to upper 40s. Steady to at times heavy rain will overspread the area between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. Precipitation is the only hazard to speak of overnight, but a good half-inch to one inch of rain will have fallen by sunrise Monday. Winds will also become a bit gusty (10 to 15-plus mph) out of the southeast.

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Tomorrow (Monday): Pockets of steady to heavy rain are still with us early, but the precipitation should temporarily shut off by midmorning, and much of the late morning and midday will be dry, windy and mild. Skies remain overcast, but temperatures spike well into the 60s, with unusually high humidity for the time of year (dew points above 60).

The juiced-up atmosphere sets the stage for a scattered line of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Any storms that develop run the risk of producing gusty winds and heavy rain, and a tornado is not out of the question. Areas most likely to see gusty storms are along and east of Interstate 95. By mid- to late afternoon, we should dry out as any showers and storms scoot away to the east.

Quieter but sharply colder conditions Monday night as lows dip into the upper 30s to low 40s.

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Severe weather potential on Monday afternoon: From our severe weather expert Jeff Halverson: “There will be a window of opportunity, from midday through midafternoon, for some strong, gusty showers and storms. At this point, the models do not portray a solid line of storms but rather cells that are more scattered or isolated in nature.

“Showers and storms that develop may not have much lightning and thunder, but be attuned for the possibility of severe thunderstorm warnings. The greatest threat will be strong to perhaps severe wind gusts, as downdrafts in the clouds bring down some hefty wind energy just a few thousand feet off the ground.”

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