After a pretty turbulent week, it’s been a bit refreshing having a rather quiet weekend of weather. Winds have been a bit blustery at times today, but that will come to an end right around the time that the Washington Football Team kicks off its first home playoff game in six years. The sun will be back Sunday, and things will stay nice and calm to close out the weekend.

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Through tonight: Gusty northwest winds will start to slacken in the early evening. Skies will also clear overnight, which, combined with the weaker winds, will allow temperatures to fall off a bit more efficiently. Lows will settle, to the upper 20s in the outer suburbs to right around 32 degrees downtown. Northwest winds of 5 to 10 mph will add a bit of a chill to the air.

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Tomorrow (Sunday): High pressure will settle close to the region on Sunday, which means another day of fair and fine weather. Skies will be mostly sunny and temperatures should easily creep up into the mid-40s, with a light northwest wind at 5 mph. It will be clear and cold Sunday night, with lows falling into the 20s regionwide.

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You spin me right round: Even the planet wanted 2020 to end as quickly as possible. Earth was whipping (relatively) around its axis at a faster than normal speed last year. Who can blame it? It actually might eventually result in what’s called a “negative leap second” to adjust for the speed change. But for now, I think we can all just sit back and silently nod. We get it, Earth. We totally get it.

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