Every day it’s not frigid in January is a good one, as far as I’m concerned. Temperatures today in the mid- and upper 40s are a bit warmer than normal given that we’re into what’s typically the chilliest few weeks around here. If headed out tonight, it’ll feel like winter. Tomorrow? More like early spring.

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Through tonight: The air mass is quite dry, so we will lose daytime heat rapidly as the sun sets. Mostly clear skies will rule the night along with seasonable temperatures. Lows will mainly be in the mid- and upper 20s, with light winds after dark.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): Coming off a crisp start, temperatures will rise nicely with the sun. And that sunlight will be plentiful throughout the day, as highs make it to right around 50. Winds will be from the southwest, near 10 mph, with gusts close to 20 mph.

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Pollen update: Tree pollen and mold spores are both low.

So much snow: It’s dry in much of the West lately, but not the mountains near Seattle. Snow is at or near record levels in the mountains.

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