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9:50 p.m.: Snow to the south has crept a bit closer, but is still tracking mainly south of Dale City and Waldorf. Flurries or a bit of light snow may come further north toward the Beltway at times late this evening into the overnight, but we shouldn’t see much more than a dusting (if that) in the immediate metro area, with occasional flurries, light snow, or light freezing rain at times during the day tomorrow.

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Although most of the precipitation associated with last night’s storm exited this morning, clouds stuck around. Those clouds helped keep temperatures from rising much. Highs only making the low and mid-30s are a good 10 or more degrees colder than normal. We’ve got more of the same cold weather ahead. There’s also a lot of storminess to watch, including a storm rolling by to the south tonight.

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Through tonight: Light snow passes mainly south of the region. It may extend into the immediate area at some point this evening, but the best chances of anything more than a coating are well to the south. There could also be some mist or freezing mist, the latter of which could lead to some travel issues as temperatures dip below freezing this evening.

Otherwise, a passing snow shower is possible. Because it is cold, anything that falls will stick, potentially leading to a few slick spots. Temperatures tonight reach the low 20s well north to the upper 20s well south. Winds are out of the north around 10 mph, with gusts near 20 mph.

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Tomorrow (Friday): Clouds are enjoying their stay, and any breaks are minimal. There could be a few snowflakes at times or a bit of light freezing drizzle, but it shouldn’t amount to much. Readings are mainly in the upper 20s to lower 30s for afternoon highs. Winds, fortunately, are light.

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Feeling like winter: The cold weather we’re dealing with now is as sustained as we’ve seen all winter. Even without much precipitation, it can turn slick out there.

Once temperatures fall below freezing tonight, they may not rise above that threshold tomorrow. If that’s the case, it’ll be the first time in more than two years.

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