Now that’s my kind of day: Winds were gusty at times this afternoon, but with temperatures rising to highs near 60, it’s hard to whine too much. Generally decent conditions should continue through Thursday. That said, it’s going to get chillier and windier as a cold front passes. But it should stay dry, with plenty of sun.

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Through tonight: Clear skies will persist through the evening. A passing cold front may briefly fill our skies with a few more clouds, but the air is quite dry, so perhaps not. Winds will pick up out of the northwest after midnight, gusting toward 20 mph by dawn. Temperatures will dip to the mid- and upper 30s for lows.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): There will be few clouds behind the front. We’ll take a step backward in the temperature department compared to today, closer to normal for early March. Highs should be near 50, but winds from the northwest around 15 mph and gusting to 30 mph will keep it on the cool side, despite the sunshine.

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Pollen update: Feeling the burn? Tree pollen is low/moderate. Grass pollen is also coming to the party, and it’s currently rated low. Mold spores are low, as well.

Getting low: Strong and persistent offshore winds helped cause a blowout tide to our north on Tuesday. It was particularly pronounced in the New Jersey area.

The tide is not too uncommon this time of year, last occurring in January last year, per the local Weather Service. But it’s a fascinating phenomenon nonetheless.

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