Today’s daily digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

7/10: Less wind and higher temperatures compared with Friday. Stepping toward a beautiful run ahead.

Express forecast

  • Today: Mostly to partly sunny. Highs: Mid-50s.
  • Tonight: Increasing clouds. Slight shower chance. Lows: Mid-30s to low 40s.
  • Tomorrow: Partly to mostly sunny. Highs: Upper 60s to near 70.

Forecast in detail

Spring is all about the seesaw weather. After a few days of a return to something that looked a bit like winter, we’re about to climb back out of the hole and into the warmth. Today is an in-between kind of day — a good deal warmer than yesterday, but not quite to the level you might expect from April. Just wait a bit longer. It’s coming.

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Today (Saturday): Skies range from mostly to partly sunny and temperatures are up. Mid-50s should do it most spots for highs. That’s still about five to eight degrees below normal, but a good step up nonetheless. Winds are from the northwest around five to 10 mph, with some gusts toward 20 mph. Confidence: High

Tonight: Clouds increase into the night. There could even be a few showers, although they are quite light if so. The clouds act as a blanket, trapping what little warmth we saw during the day, which means lows are up considerably. I think everyone escapes another night of freezing temperatures, with temperatures largely ranging from the mid-30s to lower 40s for lows. Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Sunday): We’re getting a real gift for Easter Sunday. Tons of sun and temperatures trying for 70. Winds are gusty at times, but it’s a mild wind. Maybe make sure your bonnet is tied on extra tight. Confidence: High

Tomorrow night: Stars shine bright as winds wane somewhat from the day. Lows end up in the near 40 to mid-40s range most spots. Confidence: Medium-High

A look ahead

Our nice weather streak kicks into gear Monday. It’s one of those days where finding a cloud can be quite a task! Highs are again near 70. Confidence: Medium-High

More delightful conditions are on the way for Tuesday. Temperatures are up somewhat, with highs in the low 70s. Clouds may increase late, with a very slight chance of a shower by sunset. Confidence: Medium