* Freeze warning north and west of Interstate 95 | Frost advisory in the city and south or east *

Temperatures were nearly 20 degrees below normal today, with highs only reaching near 50 to the low 50s. There were a couple sprinkles, and even some snow showers, especially north. It might have been enough to make you look at the calendar to be sure what the date is. Following cold night, temperatures will be more mild Friday.

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Through tonight: Clearing picks up pace as we head into and through the evening. We’ll ultimately end up with mainly clear skies. Lows will be near and below freezing outside the Beltway to the north and west. In D.C. and to the south and east, it will be more in the mid- to upper 30s in most spots. Some frost is possible, although winds will stay around 10 mph with higher gusts, which may keep much from forming. Wind chills are about five to 10 degrees colder than actual readings.

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Tomorrow (Friday): Sunshine will make more of a comeback. Highs will be in the low and mid-60s. Northwest winds will be around 10 to 15 mph, gusting to about 25 or 30 mph.

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Pollen update: Tree pollen is high at 1,243.77 grains per cubic meter of air. Grass pollen is low/moderate.

Views of earth: On this Earth Day there is much to appreciate. Take a look at the views of our planet from the first Earth Day in 1970 compared with today. A lot has changed!

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