Temperatures made it to the mid-80s today, while humidity remained low. It’s been quite the two-day stretch for late July, as it was even nicer Thursday. On Saturday, we begin our shift back into more typical summer weather. Humidity and heat will stay on the lower side, though. At least for one more day.

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Through tonight: My main advice: Get out there. It will be largely clear this evening and into the night. Some clouds may roll by at times, but they’ll be high and won’t amount to much. Check out the full moon; it will be shining bright! Temperatures will be up a little from recent nights. Most spots will still fall into the 60s, with a range of about 63 to 70 a good bet.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Partly cloudy skies will rule, as highs will make the mid- and upper 80s. Winds will turn southerly, around 10 mph, so we’ll also begin feeling moisture being pumped back into the region. Our break in the humidity will end. An isolated shower or storm will be possible late in the day and into the evening.

Sunday: Typical summer weather will be back and packing a punch. It will be a sultry one, featuring partly cloudy conditions. Temperatures will head for at least the low 90s, and perhaps the mid-90s. High humidity levels will make it feel closer to 100. Winds will be from the southwest.

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