Today was pretty nice! Tomorrow, not so much. A pesky low-pressure system will linger just south of the region, creating enough instability to make Sunday a pretty meh day. We aren’t talking about a washout, just lots of overcast skies and frequent chances at showers or thunderstorms. Thankfully, Monday looks to be stellar.

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Through tonight: It will remain pleasant and comfortable this evening. Clouds, however, will build quickly overnight, leaving us with overcast skies. It will also be mild and muggy, with temperatures and dew points both in the upper 60s. A few scattered showers are possible as we get closer to day break, but I think it stays dry for most of us.

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Tomorrow (Sunday): The day with start out a bit murky, with lots of low clouds and some showers lingering about. I don’t think we’ll be able to shake the clouds, and while shower chances will decrease as we move toward the afternoon, the risk of isolated thunderstorms will increase. Basically, keep your umbrella handy. Highs will only top out in the low 80s but it will be muggy. Skies will clear out Sunday night, with a much more comfortable air mass and lows in the mid 60s.

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Heat wave in Iceland! Well, if you can call 18ºC (65ºF) a heat wave. Which apparently you can do when in Iceland. It’s also apparently warm enough to go to the beach. Go figure.

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