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PM Update: Scattered storms this evening, then more high heat and humidity tomorrow

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7:00 p.m. update — Storms over western suburbs

Storms over western parts of the area have been a bit more widespread than anticipated. Much of Loudoun County has seen storminess this evening. There has also been a good deal of storm activity from near Frederick to near Damascus. These storms should wane with sunset, although they may remain locally intense into late evening. Focus should still tend to be west of Interstate 95, but we’ll need to watch for more pop ups as outflow races ahead of the storms.

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Uncomfortable conditions were the story today. Heat index values rose to near and past 100 on the back of temperatures reaching the low to mid-90s for highs. With ample heat and humidity comes an isolated storm chance into the evening. If you enjoyed or hated today, plan on similar feelings tomorrow.

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Through tonight: We’ll keep an eye on a few showers and storms that popped up in the afternoon heat. These should mainly stay west of the city, and perhaps mainly in the mountains west of the area, but it’s possible they give us a visit. Any storms could produce heavy rain and plentiful lightning, plus maybe an isolated damaging wind gust. Most spots stay dry into a partly cloudy overnight. Lows settle across the 70s.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): It’s more or less a carbon copy of today. Sunshine rules for most of the time, but some clouds may bubble in the afternoon, attempting to become a storm or two. Highs are mainly in the mid-90s, with heat index values around 100. Winds are from the south around 5 to 10 mph.

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Pollen update: Weed pollen is moderate/high. Grass pollen is low/moderate. Tree pollen and mold spores are low.

Historical hits keep coming: It’s tropical cyclone anniversary season, at least while we await the next flare-up this year. Sixteen years ago today, Katrina ran across southern Florida on its way into the Gulf of Mexico, where it would later become a monster.

And then there’s Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall in Texas four years ago as a Category 4.

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