This morning’s weather weirdness might have helped defuse the explosive potential this afternoon. The result wasn’t too bad, with highs mainly in the mid- and upper 70s. Until the front clears the area, we can’t rule out some storms into the evening. If any do form, they shouldn’t be widespread. It’s all setting up a big-time winner of a day tomorrow.

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Through tonight: The cold front was moving toward the southwestern Pennsylvania border late this afternoon. Until it clears, there’s a chance for a shower or storm. Any storm can be strong, and if it reaches maturity, it could have a damaging wind threat, although the actual risk seems much diminished. Storm chances favor the through-sunset part of the evening. As occasionally feisty winds turn to the northwest overnight, drier air filters back in, and lows settle across the 50s.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): Sept. 29 was found to be the peak of the fall “Nice Day Season” in an analysis last year, and here we are. Temperatures head to or a bit above 70 in most spots under brilliant blue skies. Tuesday’s humidity is gone, and winds are relatively benign from the north. Don’t forget the sunscreen midday because the rays are still quite intense.

Smoky skies: Every time I see wildfire smoke in our skies, it makes me think of the biggest dust storms of the Dust Bowl that actually reached the region. In some ways, that helped make the issue tangible to the policymakers. Well, a study from NPR California and Stanford University shows that incidents of wildfire smoke are indeed more common these days.

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