Temperatures in the low 50s this afternoon felt a good deal colder behind a cold front that whipped up winds across the area. Gusts past 30 mph were common. Although we saw some sunshine in the afternoon, clouds tended to win out. That only added to the brisk feel. And we’re just getting started.

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Through tonight: Any remaining clouds will tend to dissipate with sunset, but a few may float by overnight. Lows will range from the mid-20s to near 30. It could still be close for the first official freeze for D.C., recorded at Reagan National Airport. It’s one of the mildest locations in the region, and the average first freeze there is Nov. 17. It will stay breezy, with winds around 10 mph from the northwest, gusting to 20 or 25 mph.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): Although we’ll see a lot of sunshine through the day, temperatures will still struggle to reach 45 or so. Still breezy, with northwest winds around 10 mph and gusts to 25 mph.

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Find the front: A cold front and the upper-level jet stream aligned nicely today to make the change in regimes quite clear. Earlier today, a line demarcating the end of higher clouds was visible up and down the East Coast. This was also, more or less, the position of the cold front.

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