Highs in the mid-20s to around 30 degrees made this one of the coldest days in the last several years. In fact, it’s the coldest high since Feb. 1, 2019. Wall-to-wall sunshine was ineffectual, as you might expect, given we’re still close to the solstice. It’s a mercifully quick shot of super-chilly air. Merciful, perhaps, in that we’ll get a short break of near-normal conditions in an otherwise cold pattern ahead.

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Through Tonight: Some high clouds will roll by this evening, but they won’t amount to anything. Lows will be mainly in the upper teens to mid-20s. Winds will be light and turning to come from the south.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): Clouds will probably be more numerous than today, but sunshine should still win out. A south wind is pumping in milder air, either way. Temperatures will head for the low and mid-40s for highs.

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Cold! Unless something strange happens, it appears we’ve broken our long string of having a high of 31 degrees and above in Washington, ending a record-long run of 1,074 days. That’s the longest on record by over 300 days. The second-longest period without highs of 30 or lower ran from 1974 to 1976.

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