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PM Update: Some of the coldest air of winter so far surges in tonight and Friday

Snow may not have shown up, but the Union Station snowy owl did last night. (angela n./Flickr)
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We didn’t get the snow, but we are getting the cold. True, the cold lagged a bit, but it’s pouring in now and will continue to do so through the night. If you don’t feel it much this evening, try stepping out again later. It’s the start of a several-day cold snap. Some snow would have gone well with it.

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Through Tonight: Gusty northwest winds will pump Arctic air into the region. Despite partial cloudiness, temperatures will fall into the teens in most spots, with a range of about 13 to 20 likely for lows. Wind chills — on sustained northwest wind around 10 to 15 mph — will send temperatures into the single digits to around 10. Layers!

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Tomorrow (Friday): It’s one of those mornings that slaps you in the face. With a mix of sun and clouds, temperatures will be slow to rise. Highs will reach only the mid- and upper 20s, which will put us in the running for the coldest day of winter so far. Winds will be around 10 mph out of the north and northwest, gusting to 25 mph or so.

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30 minutes: That’s how much light we’ve gained in the evening since the low point. Sunset today is 5:15 p.m. in Washington. We’re gaining about a minute of evening light a day now, and 5:45 sunset comes Feb. 15. From there, it’s less than a month until we spring forward for the annual time change. Spring is coming.

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