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PM Update: Showers and possible storms dampen us into late tonight

Warmer and sunnier tomorrow with a much lower chance of a stray shower or two

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Toting a small umbrella continues to be a prudent idea. At least a couple of rounds of showers and possible “embedded” storms should move through past midnight. One or two thunderstorms may be severe, especially south and west of town, with damaging wind gusts and large hail slightly possible. Afternoon temperatures are still aiming for the upper 60s, if not 70 degrees, despite all the clouds.

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Through Tonight: Showers and possibly more than one thunderstorm could pester us into the early morning hours. Some pauses in the dampness are possible but may not last long. A couple of spotty downpours could cause patchy flooding, especially in a lower-lying area. Stay a bit weather-aware through tonight. Cloudy skies keep an insulating blanket over the region, so lows dip only into the mid- to upper 50s.

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Tomorrow (Monday): With bright skies most of the day, the weather should rank high as Mondays go. Early sprinkles and clouds should decrease by the midmorning. There is another slight chance of clouds and a shower or sprinkle could move through again midday, but this should give way to a sunnier afternoon. High temperatures aim for the mid-70s to around 80 degrees. Some westerly breezes help to dry us out, especially midday into the afternoon.

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Where do we stand in the rain department now that a third of the year is over?

We may see only about a quarter-inch of additional rainfall through tonight, outside of any thunderstorm downpours. How much rain do we need to keep a good pace for the year?

Many of us are in good shape. We’re within plus or minus 2 inches of normal rainfall, year-to-date. Southwest of town along the Blue Ridge does have spotty drought conditions, where 6 inches or so of rain could be welcome to get the region to break even year-to-date. Even portions of Loudoun County are running about 4 inches below normal.

Green shading along the Delaware and West Virginia borders have a surplus of rain. The nature of rainfall spread in the region does have a localized, patchy texture to it. You may have had very good or very bad rain luck compared with the county next to yours.

Broadly in the region, we are doing very well compared with portions of the country west of the Mississippi River. Our area is having only short-term hydrological issues, but now that a third of the year is behind us and a strong summer sun is ahead, it’s worth knowing where we stand.

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