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PM Update: Dry weather and less breeze continue. One last nice day tomorrow.

Temperatures and humidity begin their subtle rise ahead of a steamier midweek

A blue sky and early-morning sunlight at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on June 18. (Jeannie In D.C./Flickr)
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Hopefully less breeze allowed you to enjoy Sunday’s ample sunshine. Most of the region has seen highs topping out in the 70s today, about 10 degrees below average for the date. With such low dew points (in the 30s), we may even need a spot of moisturizer to help avoid that static electricity. We’re squeezing in one last nice day tomorrow ahead of returning heat and humidity.

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Through tonight: Skies remain partly to mostly clear. Cooler-than-average low temperatures may bottom out in the 50s regionwide, even trying to stay below 60 degrees downtown. How many of you are opening your windows for fresh air? Breezes are close to calm near dawn, but there are still a few northwesterly breezes gusting around 15 mph during the early evening.

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Tomorrow (Monday): Sunshine should dominate until late-day clouds start increasing a bit. Northwesterly breezes try to calm down another notch, attempting to stay under 10 mph. With dew points rising through the 40s, comfort remains as high temperatures aim for the upper 70s to low 80s.

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How much warmer and muggier might it get this workweek?

Our comfortable, dry air will be a memory by midweek. Higher dew points in the 60s to near 70 may move in by Wednesday and Thursday. Some signs point to this type of humid, muggy air mass staying put for a while — as we would expect once we get past mid-June.

Wednesday may be the most uncomfortable day of the week. It has the best chance of seeing 90 degrees or higher. There’s a slight chance we get well into the 90s, but with increasing clouds and rain chances, that is not a sure bet. Our heat index — how it feels when combining the air temperature with humidity levels — on Wednesday may be the highest we see during the week, perhaps nearing the mid-90s.

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