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PM Update: Cloudier through early Tuesday, with a passing shower possible

Skies should clear out by the afternoon

The C&O Canal in Potomac, Md. (Diane Krauthamer/Flickr)
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Although temperatures have been ticking back up, today still fell squarely in the amazing zone. Highs in the low 80s felt cooler than that, thanks to low humidity and some wind. You might notice high clouds streaming in this afternoon and evening. They will fill our skies tonight into early Tuesday and lower a bit. There’s a small chance of a passing shower before sunshine returns.

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Through Tonight: Clouds will take over for much of the night. That blanket will help keep us warmer than we have been in recent nights. Low temperatures will range across the 60s. Winds are light from the west. There could be a sprinkle toward dawn.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): There might be a couple of showers in the morning, and clouds will be with us into the midday. We should see pretty rapid clearing into the afternoon. Temperatures will be in the mid-80s to near 90 for highs. Humidity will tick back up, so you may notice that by late day. Winds will blow from the south around five to 10 mph.

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UFO clouds: Gravity waves — also called mountain waves in this case — form when air flowing over the ridges of the Appalachians cause eddies that become large standing waves. They are common in the area thanks to our proximity to the mountains. Sometimes the waves take it a step further and become lenticular clouds, which take on an appearance of stacked saucers. That was the case today as winds blow in from the north.

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