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PM Update: Blissful summertime conditions take hold through Friday

Flooding this morning in Old Town Alexandria. (Lee M./Flickr)

Today was a good reminder why August tends to be nicer around here than July. Sure, we’re still near the heart of summer, but those first hints of the season giving in usually show up. In this case, we’re just getting started. Dew points falling through the 60s were noticeably drier this afternoon than in recent times, with highs in the comparatively pleasant mid-80s. Humidity levels fall even farther tomorrow.

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Through tonight: Any random clouds dissipate with sunset. Temperatures dip to the mid- and upper 60s for lows under mainly clear skies. Light winds from the north continue to push drier air into the region.

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Tomorrow (Friday): Plan on sunshine, and lots of it. Highs are near or a bit above 80. Humidity being out of here only adds to the weather bliss. Winds are around five to 10 mph out of the north.

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Pollen update: Today’s pollen report was washed out by rain.

Summer vacation: It’s a little too soon to try to claim we’re done with heat this summer. But the extended forecast seems to suggest we might knock out the rest of August, which is going a long way.

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