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PM Update: Warmer Wednesday as sunshine continues to dominate

The Washington Monument stands brightly lit before dawn. (Erik Cox Photography/Flickr)

Although temperatures were a bit above normal for the date, the breezes made it rather comfortable out there today. Highs in the mid-80s were behind a weak cold front that passed last night. That’s what brought our humidity back down to a tolerable level. A stronger cold front is inbound for Thursday. Ahead of it, temperatures and humidity will rise a bit again tomorrow.

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Through tonight: Mainly clear skies will persist through the night. Evening temperatures fall will into the 70s around sunset, ultimately dipping to a range of upper 50s to mid-60s for lows. Light winds will be from the northwest.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): It will be another day of near wall-to-wall sunshine. Readings will be mainly in the upper 80s for afternoon highs. A few spots could tickle 90. The last chance to do so this year? Winds will be out of the south around 5 to 10 mph.

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Pollen update: Weed pollen is moderate/high. Tree and grass pollens are low/moderate, as are mold spores.

Wandering into fall: Today is our first day in quite a while with an average high below 80 in D.C. Average highs will stay in the 70s for about four weeks, with the city falling to 69 on Oct. 16. High temperature averages won’t rise back to 80 until May 28. Winter is coming, but first it’s officially fall Thursday night.

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