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PM Update: Increasing clouds tonight ahead of a wet Thursday

Sunset at the Wharf on Tuesday. (chasingmailboxes/Flickr) (Flickr)
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* Flood watch Thursday morning into Thursday night *

It felt pretty good out there today, thanks to plenty of sun and little to no wind. Even though temperatures in the mid-40s this afternoon were still a bit below average, we won’t see weather this nice for quite a while. You might want to spend some more time out there this evening, to enjoy the season, before things head downhill quickly.

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Through Tonight: Lots of clear skies early turn much cloudier by midnight. Rain advances on the area from the west-southwest during the pre-dawn. It’s generally light or spotty but could drop some brief snow and freezing rain far western parts of the area. Lows range from the upper 20s to lower 30s. They should be rising as precipitation begins.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): Rain spreads over the area during the morning and becomes heavy at times during the midday to afternoon. Any isolated pockets of freezing rain well west or northwest dwindle quickly. Rain could even linger through the evening. Pretty much a washout. If interested, do see details for the storm and beyond. It’s a 1-to-2-inch kind of rain, and probably closer to 2 inches as it seems now.

High temperatures range from low 40s north and west to mid-50s over southern Md., but they’ll come late after spending much of the day in the upper 30s to mid-40s or so.

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A crowded map: Just about every warning type possible is on the national map. Must be a big blizzard forming or something.

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