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PM Update: Blue skies on the way, but wind takes until tomorrow night to ease

We should stay precipitation-free until very late Monday night

Stone of Hope at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. (Brian Paeth/ Flickr)

Chilly temperatures, wind and snowflakes (graupel) all went as expected today, but we had more cloud cover than anticipated. Perhaps I didn’t think we would see as many flakes spotted during morning hours versus afternoon. Any of your other weather sources have a better handle on today’s snowflakes? (Let us know in the comments below!)

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Through Tonight: More northwest wind, and it may gust in the 25-30 mph zone a few times, especially before midnight. We should still bottom out in the 20s, but perhaps near 30 degrees downtown. Subtract about 10 degrees from air temperatures for wind chill readings. Skies should turn clear after some clouds through midevening or so, but they have been the most challenging thing to pin down in recent forecasts.

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Tomorrow (Sunday): Our as-advertised sunniest day of the holiday weekend should stay on track for blue skies. However, we still face north-northwesterly winds gusting as high as 25 mph — it just won’t quit! High temperatures aim for the 41-47 degree range with wind chills stuck in the 30s. Northwest winds overnight should finally ease below 10 mph under clear skies as we bottom out in the upper teens to upper 20s by dawn.

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The promise of blue skies Sunday (with more wind)

Models are essentially unanimous tomorrow — equating to high confidence — that we’ll see very sunny skies. Clouds should stay away until perhaps Monday afternoon and evening. Get the sunlight therapy tomorrow, a bit of vitamin D3 perhaps, and enjoy the blue skies. The GFS model animation is below, showing blue, cloud-free skies shaded in white.

Here’s one last wind gust map, hopefully the last of your weekend. For our final day of wind, a few unlucky spots could still gust near 30 mph. Winds finally calm down a bit late tomorrow night. At least we’ll have plenty of sun tomorrow to help blunt the impact of wind chills about 10 degrees colder than the temperature reading on the thermometer.

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