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PM Update: Evening showers or a storm likely. Gorgeous and comfortably warm tomorrow.

Thunderstorm chances this evening detailed inside, but no severe weather expected.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s upper 70s to low 80s, despite a tinge of humidity. More warmth tomorrow with improved comfort — we’ll see drier air as measured by lower, un-humid dew points. Showers and even a thunderstorm are most likely 6 to 10 p.m. tonight. Rain gear is recommended for both Nationals and D.C. United games.

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Through tonight: Evening rains should wane nearer midnight, but a few showers into the early morning hours can’t be ruled out — especially south and east of town. Please remember “when thunder roars, head indoors” to avoid potential lightning strikes. We gradually kick out the clouds before dawn, as low temperatures bottom out in the 50s. West-northwest breezes are generally light near 10 mph.

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Tomorrow (Sunday): Weather compensation has arrived (if you prefer sunshine). A gorgeous day with pretty much nonstop sunshine and comfortable, dry air moving in. High temperatures again aim for the upper 70s to low 80s. Dew points are nice, too, in the 40s — threading that needle where we can avoid most static shocks and the need for moisturizer while enjoying the sweat still evaporating from our skin efficiently! Northwest breezes could occasionally gust around 20 mph.

Overnight, clear skies dominate with light northerly breezes continuing to supply dry air. Low temperatures fall into the mid-50s to near 60 degrees. I think windows can stay open in many cases!

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Thunderstorms tonight, if any, shouldn’t be too strong

Here’s a quick look at thunderstorm probabilities, intensity and coverage area tonight. Valid to 8 p.m. tonight, this first map with brown shading over our Mid-Atlantic region indicates at least a 10 percent chance of thunderstorms (but well under a 40 percent chance, where blue shadings take over on the map). So, we don’t have a high chance of thunder and lightning tonight, but remember we could see some activity embedded in showers and rain coming through.

Intensity strength of any thunderstorms through tonight (this map valid until 8 a.m. Sunday morning) is best characterized as “everyday” nonsevere levels in the light green shading over us. You can see the coverage area on the map shows that a fairly large area can expect these standard, nonsevere storms tonight. The good news at the moment is the small geographic coverage of “marginal” severe storm threats — marginal is still the lowest probability on the scale of severe storm chances — a 1 out of 5 chance of severe storms.

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