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PM Update: A little cooler, but pleasant through Tuesday

Another smoky sunrise for Washington. (Jeannie in D.C./Flickr)
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Highs around 80 and low humidity teamed up to deliver another delightful day. This month has had quite a few of them! We’ve got more nice weather ahead. In fact, we’ll continue to see near carbon copies across the next two days.

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Through tonight: It’ll be a pleasant evening to be out and about as temperatures settle through the 70s ahead of sunset. Partly cloudy conditions will be the rule tonight. Lows will settle in the 50s. Winds will be low after dark.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): We’ll have more of the same Tuesday. It could be a few degrees cooler, but still not far from 80, as mostly sunny skies continue to grace the area. Winds will be from the southeast around 10 mph, with gusts up to 20 mph or so.

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Pollen update: Tree pollen is high at 312.5 grains per cubic meter of air. Grass pollen and mold spores are both moderate/high.

Wildfire smoke: The Northeast has been seeing a new batch of smoke high in the sky from fires in western Canada. Smoke in the United States is visible on satellite today from the northern Plains to the East Coast.

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