Surging California rivers become a deadly threat, months after storms

Frigid and coursing rivers have killed at least eight people, a delayed consequence of an onslaught of the winter’s atmospheric rivers.

By Scott DanceJune 3, 2023

Super Typhoon Mawar strengthens into most powerful storm on Earth in more than 2 years

The record-setting storm is among the 10 most powerful on record globally.

By Matthew CappucciMay 26, 2023

Here’s what NOAA forecasters expect for the Atlantic hurricane season

Conflicting climate trends cloud outlook, but NOAA leans toward near normal activity.

By Scott DanceMay 26, 2023

Guam homes flooded, power cut by one of the worst typhoons in decades

“This is about as bad as it gets,” the National Weather Service said as the Pacific U.S. territory faced one of its worst storms in decades.

By Anumita Kaur, Rachel Pannett, Annabelle Timsit and Ian LivingstonMay 25, 2023

Here’s why this hurricane season could be unusually unpredictable

Seasonal forecasting is always difficult, but it’s even harder to predict which of the competing influences will win out in the months ahead.

By Scott DanceMay 24, 2023

Mexican volcano spews ash and smoke as authorities urge caution

Popocatépetl, Mexico's second largest volcano, has been spewing ash onto an area accustomed to such rumblings, but authorities are telling them to be cautions.

By Paulina VillegasMay 23, 2023

El Niño is getting stronger. That could cost the global economy trillions.

Most of the losses were felt by nations in closer proximity to the phenomenon, which are often developing or lower income.

By Kasha PatelMay 18, 2023

Cyclone Mocha makes landfall in Myanmar; region braces for devastation

The cyclone hit near the border with Bangladesh, close to the world’s largest refugee camp. Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated.

By Niha Masih, Annabelle Timsit and Ian LivingstonMay 14, 2023

Cyclone Mocha rapidly intensifies ahead of devastating landfall in Myanmar and Bangladesh

The storm had sustained winds of 150 mph late Saturday, or just shy of Category 5. Massive storm surge is likely near landfall in northern Myanmar.

By Ian LivingstonMay 13, 2023

In photos: Congo floods kill at least 400

One of the country’s deadliest recent disasters took place in the South Kivu province after heavy rainfall triggered flash floods and landslides.

By Jintak HanMay 9, 2023

Extreme heat, well into triple digits, smashes records in Asia

It’s likely that significant excess mortality — or premature deaths caused by the intersection of heat stress and pre-existing vulnerabilities — is occurring across Southeast Asia.

By Matthew CappucciMay 8, 2023

In photos: More than 130 dead as flooding, landslides hit Rwanda and Uganda

At least 129 people in Rwanda and six in neighboring Uganda are dead, authorities say, after weeks of torrential rain.

By Jintak HanMay 4, 2023

In reversal, Twitter to allow free automated weather, transit tweets

Twitter says it will allow government agencies and other public entities to share automated warnings on the social network for free.

By Scott DanceMay 3, 2023

Western fires could be delayed after months of rain and snow, but risk remains

The relentless rains drove the growth of lush grasses, which may mean extra fuel ready to burn later in the season.

By Diana LeonardMay 3, 2023

How dust storms happen, and why they’re so dangerous

The biggest threat from dust storms comes on the roadways.

By Matthew CappucciMay 2, 2023

Virginia Beach tornado brings end to Something in the Water festival

The tornado damaged more than 100 buildings and forced the cancellation of the third day of Pharrell Williams’s music festival.

By Justin Wm. Moyer, Martin Weil and Dana HedgpethMay 1, 2023

How three tornadoes hit Florida and Virginia on consecutive days

Just a day after a first tornado hit Boynton Beach in Florida, a second tornado tore through Palm Beach County.

By Matthew CappucciMay 1, 2023

El Niño is looming. Here’s what that means for weather and the world.

The arrival of El Niño could mean significant impacts worldwide, including a push toward levels of global warming that climate scientists have warned could be devastating.

By Scott DanceMay 1, 2023

Tornado in South Florida flips cars, causes widespread damage

Branches flew, and trees collapsed on vehicles near Palm Beach Gardens, and tornado watches continued into Sunday.

By Kelly Kasulis Cho, Niha Masih and Dan LamotheApril 30, 2023

Weather Service report details communication gaps during deadly Hurricane Ida

The report, issued after long pause in post-storm reviews, found the agency must improve how it communicates flash flood threats and reaches vulnerable groups.

By Scott DanceApril 27, 2023