Ian forecast: Major hurricane landfall expected along Florida’s west coast

Landfall is predicted Wednesday afternoon or night; the storm threatens to bring a “life-threatening storm surge,” destructive winds, flooding rains and tornadoes.

By Matthew CappucciSeptember 27, 2022

Hurricane Ian tracker: Map and projected storm path

Track the latest forecasts, maps and projected path of Hurricane Ian as it moves through the Gulf of Mexico toward the western coast of Florida.

By Dylan Moriarty, Adrian Blanco, Lauren Tierney and Hannah DormidoSeptember 27, 2022

Thousands evacuate as Hurricane Ian barrels toward Florida

The hurricane’s biggest threat may be its storm surge or a rise in ocean water over normally dry land that is caused by low air pressure and winds.

By Reis Thebault, Karin Brulliard, Scott Dance and Lori RozsaSeptember 27, 2022

Where will Hurricane Ian hit? Here’s the outlook for 6 Florida cities.

From Fort Myers to Sarasota and Tampa, here's the Hurricane Ian forecast for cities in Florida. More U.S. cities like Atlanta, Raleigh and Charleston will likely feel impacts.

By Zach RosenthalSeptember 27, 2022

What to know about Hurricane Ian, the storm approaching Florida

Ian has intensified into a major hurricane bound to hit Florida’s Gulf Coast on Wednesday.

By Capital Weather GangSeptember 27, 2022

Why Florida is more prone to hurricanes

Florida is the most hurricane-ravaged state in the country due to its unique geography.

By Amudalat Ajasa and Kasha PatelSeptember 27, 2022

Low-lying and flood-prone, Tampa Bay area braces for first major storm in a century

The precise size, strength and path of Ian remains uncertain. But the Tampa Bay region that lies in its crosshairs is one of the most vulnerable places in the United States to severe flooding.

By Brady DennisSeptember 26, 2022

Florida prepares for Ian’s impact ‘one way or the other’ as hurricane strengthens

Hurricane Ian's broad threat meant officials were urging preparation up and down the state, including calls to evacuate even short distances to avoid the worst of the storm.

By Scott Dance, Karin Brulliard, Tim Craig and Brittany ShammasSeptember 26, 2022

How to prepare for a hurricane and stay safe after it hits

Here are tips for readying yourself before a storm hits, how to stay safe when it makes landfall and what to do after it passes.

By Marisa IatiSeptember 26, 2022

What is storm surge?

Massive walls of water sometimes do more damage than a hurricane's winds. Here are answers to your questions about storm surge.

By Bonnie Berkowitz and Artur GalochaSeptember 26, 2022

Ian strengthens on perilous path toward Florida

The storm is expected to become a hurricane by Monday afternoon and reach “major” hurricane strength by Tuesday as it reaches western Cuba.

By Matthew Cappucci, Hamza Shaban, Jason Samenow and Dan DiamondSeptember 25, 2022

Hurricane Fiona ravages Puerto Rican farms near peak harvest, farmers say

Small farms dot much of the landscape of Puerto Rico. Many have been seriously damaged by Hurricane Fiona.

By Laura ReileySeptember 24, 2022

Tropical storm Ian forms, forecast to hit Florida as hurricane

The National Hurricane Center forecasts a significant hurricane near Florida’s west coast by Wednesday.

By Matthew Cappucci, Jason Samenow and Hamza ShabanSeptember 24, 2022

Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico as a Category 1 storm. Flooding still wrought havoc.

Hurricane Fiona triggered floods in Puerto Rico that destroyed homes, roads and bridges. The U.S. government allocated more than $3 billion for hazard mitigation after Hurricane Maria. But few projects have gotten underway.

By Arelis R. HernándezSeptember 23, 2022

Eastern Canada braces for Fiona to be ‘a storm everybody remembers’

The hurricane is expected to hit Canada's maritime provinces with record-setting intensity Friday into Saturday.

By Scott DanceSeptember 23, 2022

As Fiona eyes Nova Scotia, a look at Canada’s strongest storms of the past

Several hurricanes have made landall in the Canadian Maritimes, with Fiona set to be one of Canada’s strongest storms on record.

By Zach RosenthalSeptember 23, 2022

Here’s what Hurricane Fiona’s surf looked like, from atop a 50-foot wave

An ocean SailDrone captured rare, dramatic footage of the Category 4 hurricane as it approached Bermuda

By Amudalat AjasaSeptember 22, 2022

Storm developing in the Caribbean could pose danger to the U.S.

Tropical Storm Hermine has a 90% chance of forming next week. It could move into the Gulf of Mexico, posing a threat to Florida and the southeast U.S.

By Matthew CappucciSeptember 22, 2022

Tracking the path of Hurricane Fiona’s destruction

After battering Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republican, Hurricane Fiona is expected to strengthen and become a major hurricane this week.

By Washington Post StaffSeptember 22, 2022

Fiona will lash parts of Canada as region’s strongest storm on record

Parts of Atlantic Canada are bracing for hurricane-force winds, heavy rainfall and a dangerous storm surge.

By Matthew CappucciSeptember 22, 2022