What new questions will I be asked when I donate blood?

The Food and Drug Administration drafted guidelines for blood donations that do away with some long-standing disqualifications for gay and bisexual men.

By Teddy Amenabar, Fenit Nirappil and Laurie McGinleyJanuary 27, 2023

Doctors share advice on dealing with the Adderall shortage

The Post sought advice from physicians who treat children and adults who take ADHD medication. They said there’s a range of alternative treatments to Adderall.

By Teddy AmenabarJanuary 25, 2023

UV dryers for gel nails can harm DNA, study says. Should I use them?

Dermatologists answer questions about whether UV nail dryers are safe and what precautions people can take when getting gel manicures and pedicures.

By Lindsey Bever and Marlene CimonsJanuary 20, 2023

This workout is popular on TikTok — but is it healthy?

The '12, 3, 30' treadmill workout was popularized by influencer Lauren Giraldo in 2020. Experts recommend easing into it

By Allyson Chiu and Lizzy RabenJanuary 19, 2023

My patient joined a clinical trial. Was it the right decision?

Many patients who sign up for clinical trials haven't been properly informed and have unrealistic expectations for what they might get out of it.

By Mikkael Sekeres MDJanuary 17, 2023

Ask a Doctor: Are my bowel movements normal?

The frequency and color of poop can vary widely. Most of the time, they shouldn’t cause alarm.

By Trisha S. Pasricha, MD, MPHJanuary 16, 2023

For long covid fatigue, a strategy called ‘pacing’ helps, but at a cost

Taking a lesson from people with chronic fatigue, many patients with long covid are dramatically scaling back daily activities to cope

By Amanda MorrisJanuary 16, 2023

For decades, she endured brief blackouts. Then a scary one hit her.

A diagnosis uncovered the potentially deadly reason for the fainting spells and led to major surgery from which the conservation biologist continues to recover.

By Sandra G. BoodmanJanuary 14, 2023

Spoon theory: What it is and how I use it to manage chronic illness

In the chronic illness and disability world, spoons have become a shorthand for people to explain their capacity. This comic depicts what it's like.

By Fortesa LatifiJanuary 14, 2023

What is HPV-type throat cancer, and how can it be prevented?

Tennis champ Martina Navratilova's diagnosis of throat cancer is related to HPV. Here are answers to some common questions about HPV and its related cancers.

By Lindsey Bever and Marlene CimonsJanuary 11, 2023

Ask a Doctor: How do I know if my heart is healthy?

Simple blood tests, scans and lifestyle changes can keep your heart healthy and working well.

By Sandeep Jauhar, MDJanuary 9, 2023

Ask a Doctor: Who will the new Alzheimer’s drug help?

Lecanemab slowed decline at an early stage, but it probably won’t benefit those with non-Alzheimer’s dementia, or those in the later stages of Alzheimer’s.

By Sandeep Jauhar, MD, PhDJanuary 6, 2023

How CPR and finding an AED can save a life during cardiac arrest

The collapse of football player Damar Hamlin was a reminder of the benefits of knowing CPR in an emergency.

By Kelyn Soong and Tara Parker-PopeJanuary 3, 2023

Heart failure mortality surges by 37 percent in extremely cold weather

Extremely hot days were found to be less deadly, but they still increased the heart failure mortality risk by 12 percent.

January 3, 2023

Ask a Doctor: Will ‘Dry January’ trigger alcohol withdrawal symptoms?

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe. The risk is higher among those who drink daily or near daily.

By Tauheed Zaman, MDJanuary 2, 2023

Where has all the buccal fat gone?

Buccal fat removal is getting lots of attention on social media. Here's what you need to know about it.

By Maham JavaidDecember 29, 2022

How many concussions are too many?

Two head injuries suffered by quarterback Tua Tagovailoa this year have put the spotlight on concussions.

By Teddy AmenabarDecember 28, 2022

Ask a Doctor: 10 tips to help you live better

From vitamin D to nighttime twitches, these are readers’ favorite questions and answers from The Post’s “Ask a Doctor” series

By Washington Post StaffDecember 26, 2022

Children’s Tylenol is getting harder to find. Here’s what to do.

Walgreens is limiting the supply of some children's medications as influenza, covid and RSV stretch demand. Experts offer advice on what to do.

By Marlene Cimons and Teddy AmenabarDecember 20, 2022

Ask a Doctor: Does stress actually cause gray hair?

While genetics seems to be a larger factor in when one grays, stress can worsen graying of hair.

By Shilpi Khetarpal, MDDecember 19, 2022