Is it better to work out in the morning or at night?

For men, an evening workout offered the most benefit. For women, the answer varied, depending on whether the goal was to burn fat or build muscle.

By Gretchen ReynoldsSeptember 21, 2022

Running a first marathon? Here’s what veteran runners wish they’d known.

We reached out to experienced runners and asked them: “What do you wish you knew before you ran your first marathon?” Here are their responses.

By Kelyn SoongSeptember 16, 2022

For women, running gear includes self-defense rings and pepper spray

Women runners say they are feeling vulnerable and taking extra precautions after the killing of Memphis teacher Eliza Fletcher

By Samantha CherySeptember 16, 2022

How sitting all day can cause health problems — even if you exercise

Working out for 30 minutes every day “might not be enough” to counter the health issues created by prolonged sitting, said the study author.

By Gretchen ReynoldsSeptember 14, 2022

Try three exercises that helped Tiafoe get fitter and beat Nadal

Frances Tiafoe’s trainer shares key exercises in Tiafoe’s program before the U.S. Open, where he beat Rafael Nadal.

By Kelyn SoongSeptember 8, 2022

Do you have what it takes to be a U.S. Open ball person?

Try these drills to find out if you have the stamina, agility and coordination to work a professional tennis match.

By Kelyn Soong and Luis VelardeAugust 31, 2022

Lost your physical confidence after a fall? Here’s how to get it back.

Falls can make people so anxious that they stop exercising and lose their physical fitness. Here's how to make sure that doesn't happen to you.

By Elizabeth HeathJuly 18, 2022

These elite runners say having a full-time job helps their performance

Some runners and coaches believe having balance in life allows for better performance.

By Kelyn SoongJuly 5, 2022

What gravel cycling is and why you should give it a try

Cyclists are taking to gravel to get away from cars while avoiding the tougher challenge of mountain biking. Before you head out, find out where to ride and what to bring with these tips.

By Pam MooreMay 9, 2022

You may be recovering from your workouts all wrong

Researchers investigating recovery tools such as ice, anti-inflammatories, active recovery and nutritional supplements have come up with surprising answers.

By Ian McMahan April 25, 2022

Having trouble handling exercise after covid? Here are expert tips.

The best bet for getting back into shape requires taking the long view — and taking it slow, experts say.

By Julianne McShaneMarch 3, 2022

Do you think of yourself as an athlete or an exerciser? Here’s why it matters.

Research has shown that the way you view yourself can influence how far you physically push yourself.

February 22, 2022

Gyms are going ‘green,’ but are they actually eco-friendly? Here’s what to look for.

It's easy to spot eco-conscious water-refill stations and compost bins, but you should also ask about energy use and cleaning products, and watch out for greenwashing.

February 8, 2022

How to keep yourself and your kids safe around your home treadmill

The do’s (start slowly) and don’ts (watch television) of treadmill safety.

By Angela HauptJanuary 4, 2022

Is it time to stop using your fitness tracker?

Fitness trackers can encourage users to become obsessive and lose connection to their bodies.

December 21, 2021

She is 105 and runs the 100 meters. How Julia Hawkins stays physically and mentally fit.

Julia Hawkins, who recently set a new record as the oldest woman to run the 100 meters in official competition, explains how she's kept running at age 105.

By Matt FuchsNovember 17, 2021

Four apps to try if you’re new to VR fitness

Virtual reality is more accessible than ever, and its potential health benefits are clear.

By Angela HauptNovember 11, 2021

How weighted vests and ankle or wrist weights can — and can’t — improve your workout

Experts advise limiting ankle and wrist weights — best for strength moves — to one to three pounds each to avoid stressing joints. Consider weighted vests to safely boost the intensity of cardio and strength workouts.

By Angela HauptOctober 28, 2021

Rhabdo is rare but potentially fatal. Here’s why fitness experts fear a rise in cases this summer.

Rhabdomyolysis, also known as rhabdo, is caused by overexertion and releases toxins into the bloodstream that can lead to kidney failure.

By Richard MorganJune 28, 2021

So, you’re getting into running during a pandemic. Here’s what you need to know.

With so many people hitting the pavement, a few questions come to mind, such as: Should you wear a mask when you run?

By Teddy AmenabarMay 10, 2020