Should you be brushing your dog’s teeth?

The bacteria that infect the gums can find their way into the bloodstream, and from there, damage the heart, liver and kidneys, shortening a dog’s life.

By James GormanOctober 7, 2022

Are you prepared for any emergency? Here are seven tips to get started.

From having a to-go bag with important documents and supplies, to a plan for taking care of your pet, you can build your emergency preparedness over time.

By Tara Parker-PopeOctober 6, 2022

9 tips to debunk false claims made by friends and family

Correcting your friends or family can be stressful. But, experts say we’re more likely to change our point of view if we’re approached by someone we care about.

By Teddy AmenabarOctober 5, 2022

Can we choose the moment we die?

There are enough stories of dying people holding on till a loved one reaches or leaves the room to make some think we may have some control over when we die.

By Eve GlicksmanSeptember 30, 2022

Why do cats knead? Why do dogs lick you? The science of pets’ quirks.

Animal scientists explain why some strange pet behaviors -- like stealing socks and licking your face -- might make more sense than you think.

By Marlene CimonsSeptember 30, 2022

Meditation for people who think they can’t meditate

Being aware that your mind wanders, that you’re tired, that you can’t sit still, that your mind is racing — that’s the point of meditation.

By Tara Parker-PopeSeptember 29, 2022

People with skin conditions face stigma. Monkeypox has made it worse.

People with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis say they’ve experienced more harassment and stigma as a result of the monkeypox outbreak.

By Amanda MorrisSeptember 22, 2022

12 questions to measure your workplace happiness

We spend one-third of our lives at work, so finding ways to improve quality of life on the job can have a huge impact on our overall health and happiness.

By Tara Parker-PopeSeptember 15, 2022

How men can save relationships by learning to be vulnerable

Men can often have trouble expressing emotions. But vulnerability is critical for relationships.

By Andrew ReinerAugust 2, 2022

Sports betting is exploding. This ex-gambler has a $15,000 cautionary tale.

Since a 2018 Supreme Court decision about sports betting, the United States has seen its "largest and fastest expansion in gambling" in history.

By John BrileyApril 29, 2022

Road rage is up. How to deal with an angry driver — even if it’s you.

Experts offer tips for calming yourself down or dealing with another driver.

By Angela HauptApril 19, 2022

How to cope with social anxiety about returning to the office

Doing a dry run or practicing conversation starters are among the tips experts have for dealing with social anxiety over returning to the office.

By Angela HauptApril 8, 2022

What is ‘Type II fun,’ and why do some people want to have it?

The unscientific "Fun Scale" has become part of the lingo for outdoor enthusiasts.

By Erin StroutMarch 24, 2022

How pandemic-weary parents can bring back date night, and why it matters

One couple had stuck to weekly date nights for years — until the pandemic hit. Here's what they learned about reviving the habit for the sake of their marriage and their kids.

By Alexandra FrostMarch 21, 2022

Four tips for couples whose sex life has suffered from pandemic stress

Steps for couples to improve their sex lives include deciding together that intimacy is important.

By Jelena KecmanovicMarch 16, 2022

Left your makeup untouched for ages? Here’s what to toss, what to clean and how to do it.

Why dermatologists recommend throwing out your old makeup and skin-care products and cleaning your dirty brushes before the "Great Return."

By Allyson ChiuMarch 8, 2022

Hoarding disorders have increased during the pandemic. Here’s how to help a loved one who hoards.

Experts say it's important to approach your loved one with empathy: “A lot of family members tend to see hoarding from a moral standpoint, but individuals are really struggling.”

By Angela HauptMarch 7, 2022

The case for spoilers: Why some people are happier knowing how the story ends

Think of them more as "enhancers" than "spoilers." Knowing what will happen in a movie, TV show or book can provide a tantalizingly pleasing feeling, help you understand the plot and give you a sense of control during chaotic times.

February 18, 2022

Losing your keys doesn’t mean you’re losing your mind. Here’s how to find your stuff.

Experts explain why you shouldn't worry too much about misplacing objects, and share tricks for remembering where you've put something.

By Angela HauptFebruary 10, 2022

What is the ‘active grandparent hypothesis’ and what does it say about health and longevity?

Grandparents in ancient times were much more active than today's, and had fewer chronic conditions.

January 27, 2022