How often does IVF succeed, and how much does it cost?

Jennifer Aniston’s IVF failures are not uncommon. Women who undergo the procedure have no guarantees of success.

On a computer screen, lab technicians view a 5-day-old embryo at the blastocyst stage of development at the Heartland Fertility in Omaha, Nebraska on May 10, 2022. (Misty Prochaska For The Washington Post)
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More than 9 million babies have been born using assisted reproductive technologies like in vitro fertilization. But the treatments, which can be expensive as well as physically and emotionally challenging, aren’t always successful.

This week, Jennifer Aniston spoke with Allure magazine about her unsuccessful efforts to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization. Aniston told the magazine she “would’ve given anything” to have had someone tell her to freeze her eggs when she was younger.

In vitro fertilization is a medical procedure that involves retrieving eggs from ovaries and fertilizing them with sperm outside the body, forming embryos that are then transferred to the uterus.

While IVF is the most effective solution for someone having trouble conceiving a child, the process is intensive, and the treatment can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The Washington Post interviewed reproductive endocrinologists and infertility experts about in vitro fertilization, the treatment, the costs and the likelihood of success.

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