An illustration shows a line of women in profile.
(Jaz Malone for The Washington Post)

An illustrated celebration of women around the world

We asked five comic artists to draw what women’s community means to them

1 min

For International Women’s Day, which celebrates the achievements of women, we asked illustrators around the world to answer this question in just one comic panel:

What does having a community of women mean to you?

Their answers reflect the experiences of women across the globe last year — one marked by the end of Roe v. Wade and rise of anti-LGBT legislation in the United States, the erasure of women from public life in Afghanistan, government crackdowns on uprisings in Iran, and the challenges faced by women in Ukraine.

Yulia Vus

Lviv, Ukraine

Fahim Alavi

Tehran; Based in The Netherlands

Jaz Malone


Bea Hayward

San Francisco Bay Area

Sara Barackzay

Herat, Afghanistan; Based in Vancouver

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