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Which foreign language should you learn?

Believe it or not, the second language you speak can impact how much money you make.


When you travel abroad, which climate do you prefer?

Brian Synder/ Reuters

I want a winter wonderland

Victor Sokolowicz/ Bloomberg News

I prefer chilly winters and warm summers

Albert Cesare/ AP

There should at least be as much sun as in Texas


Speaking a foreign language can boost your income. How important would this be for you?

It's the main goal for me
This would be a nice side-effect
I would study a foreign language primarily out of personal interest


How much time are you willing to spend on studying a foreign language?

About one hour every day
A few hours spread over the week
Just one hour a week


What is more important to you: being able to speak and understand conversations, or the ability to read and write?

I want to be able to speak the language
Being able to read and write would be sufficient at first
I want to excel in both
I'm seeking a challenge and I don't mind if neither speaking nor writing are skills that are easy to acquire


Would you like to be able to communicate in this foreign language in the U.S.?

This is crucial for me
It would be nice to do it from time to time
This isn't too relevant for me


Do you want to study a widely spoken language, or are you looking to distinguish yourself by mastering a less widely spread one?

Widely spoken
Less widely spoken
I like languages nobody ever speaks anywhere


How similar should this language be to English? 

Not similar at all. I'm looking for a challenge
I want to speak another language without facing too many challenges