Who wrote what: Can you tell which author wrote which quote?

In honor of the National Book Fair, test your literary knowledge of the authors speaking at the festival. Guess which writer wrote each quote.


“Since I was trying so hard to make books lead my life, I didn’t want to read them and then just put them back on the shelf and say, 'good book,' as if I was patting a good dog. I wanted books to change me, and I wanted to write books that would change others.” 

Jack Gantos, “Hole in My Life”
Kate DiCamillo, “The Miraculous Journey”
Dav Pilkey, “Captain Underpants”
Cokie Roberts, “Founding Mothers”


"It was evident to him that the world composed and recomposed itself constantly in an endless process of dissatisfaction." 

Ishmael Beah, “Radiance of Tomorrow”
E.L. Doctorow, “Ragtime”
Jacqueline Woodson, “Beneath a Meth Moon”
Lisa See, “China Dolls”


"For one of us at least, we knew, we were certain – this is how we saw the world – there would never again be loneliness in life."

Kate DiCamillo, “Flora and Ulysses”
Sara Sue Hoklotubbe, “Sinking Suspicions”
Rita Williams-Garcia, “One Crazy Summer”
Alice McDermott, “Someone”


“What scene would I want to be enveloped in more than this one, an ordinary night at the kitchen table, floral wallpaper pressing in, white cabinets full of glass, the telephone silent, a pen tilted back in my hand?” 

Billy Collins, “I Ask You”
Paisley Rekdal, “Intimate: An American Family Photo Album”
Anne Hillerman, “Spider Woman's Daughter”
David Sibley, “The Sibley Guide to Birds”


“I am no longer here. I have never said what you say I have said. And yet, the body is a place where nothing dies. And each night, from the silence of the trees, you know that my voice comes walking toward you.” 

Siri Hustvedt, “The Blazing World”
Paul Auster, “White Nights”
Tiphanie Yanique, “Land of Love and Drowning”
Anne Ursu, “The Real Boy”


“Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river."  

Lisa See, “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan”
Brando Skyhorse, “The Madonnas of Echo Park”
Elizabeth McCracken, “Thunderstruck and Other Stories”
Francesco Marciuliano, “I Knead My Mommy and Other Poems by Kittens”


"It's the strangest thing about being human: to know so much, to communicate so much, and yet always to fall so drastically short of clarity, to be, in the end, so isolated and inadequate. Even when people try to say things, they say them poorly or obliquely, or they outright lie, sometimes because they're lying to you, but as often because they're lying to themselves." 

Meg Medina, “Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass”
Claire Messud, “The Woman Upstairs”
Bob Staake, “My Pet Book”
H. Alan Day & Lynn Wiese Sneyd, “The Horse Lover: A Cowboy’s Quest to Save the Wild Mustang”


 “History, an account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools.” 

Ian Morris, “Why the West Rules – For Now.”
Peniel E. Joseph, “Stokely: A Life”
H. Alan Day & Lynn Wiese Sneyd, “The Horse Lover: A Cowboy’s Quest to Save the Wild Mustang”
Doris Kearns Goodwin, “No Ordinary Time”


 “When I lie back and close my eyes, this farthest lip of beach right next to the end of the ocean feels like being up close to an enormous breathing being, the bass drum surf thump reverberating through the sand. Living out here with no lights, alone, you would indeed become sensitive to seasons, rhythms, weather, sounds – right up next to the sea, right up under the sky, like lying close to a lover’s skin to hear blood and breath and heartbeat.” 

Amanda Ripley, “The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way”
Sally Satel, “Brainwashed”
Michio Kaku,”The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance and Empower the Mind”
Paul Bogard, “The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light”


"I knew I would hate my best memory because it would prove that people could fake love or that love could end or worst of all, love was not powerful enough to change a life." 

James Conaway, “Nose”
Mona Simpson, “Casebook”
Henry Hodges &Margaret Engel, “How to Act Like a Kid: Backstage Secrets of a Young Performer”
Cynthia Kadohata, “Half a World Away”

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