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Whose review of the The Giver is this quote from: Palin's or a pro?

The former governor of Alaska, as you may know, has an online video channel available for just shy of ten dollars a month. Some of the content is free, however, including her review of the new Meryl Streep-Jeff Bridges joint, The Giver.

So we offer this challenge. Can you identify which of the following quotes is from the Palin review of The Giver and which is from an actual movie reviewer?

(All of the actual movie reviews and reviewer names are from Rotten Tomatoes.)


"Everybody should just calm down and let Hologram Streep do her job. Dang."

Sarah Palin
Dave White,


"Jonas sees snow for the first time -- what the world was like before climate control -- and he revels in his first sled ride. He also sees a sunset, a party, and real rebellion against government tyranny."

Sarah Palin
Sam Adams, Philadelphia City Paper


"Jonas becomes the Receiver of Memory, which means that he gets to hang out with the only jumpy cat in this mausoleum, the Giver, an older dude played by Jeff Bridges with a muffled voice and a grizzled beard."

Sarah Palin
Manohla Dargis, The New York Times


"Many times exposition or bright ideas are just dumped on the screen like a harried mother leaving her kids at summer camp."

Sarah Palin
Jordan Hoffman, The Guardian


"Gradually, Jonas learns what Reagan knew, and what some of us still know today: Freedom is worth it."

Sarah Palin
Kurt Loder, Reason Online


"The thousands of people present start to chant in a repetitive whisper, 'Jonas … Jonas … Jonas …'"

Sarah Palin
Sheila O'Malley,


"[T]his movie shows us exactly where we're headed if we don't inject into our culture a little courage, tenacity, and rebellion against a government all too eager to take away our freedom."

Sarah Palin
Jeff Baker, Oregonian


"Jonas painfully learns what soldiers, and parents of soldiers, know all too well: Freedom isn't free, and it isn't risk-free. In fact, it's hard and complicated and it might cost you your life."

Sarah Palin
Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail


"As Jonas receives memories of color, art, music, literature, fashion, fun and sex, the film's palette replaces dull gray with rainbow oomph. I'm not kidding."

Sarah Palin
Peter Travers, Rolling Stone


"I think The Giver would have made the Gipper really proud."

Sarah Palin
Esther Zuckerman, Entertainment Weekly

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