U.S. victory over Iran in Qatar closes the loop on 1998 defeat

For two nations that have no diplomatic relations and no shortage of political enmity, there were plenty of tensions that had nothing to do with qualification.

By Ishaan TharoorNovember 29, 2022

Chinese state TV obscures maskless crowd in World Cup broadcast

The World Cup comes at an awkward time for Beijing’s censorship apparatus, as protesters challenge Chinese President Xi Jinping’s coronavirus policies.

By Miriam BergerNovember 29, 2022

After enduring insults and threats, Iranian team exits World Cup

The players on Iran’s national soccer team braved a firestorm, even before they were defeated by the United States on Tuesday.

By Kareem Fahim and Ishaan TharoorNovember 29, 2022

Pentagon warns of China’s plans for dominance in Taiwan and beyond

As part of China's aggressive military buildup, it conducted more ballistic missile tests last year than the rest of the world combined.

By Karoun DemirjianNovember 29, 2022

See what led protesters to a breaking point with China’s ‘zero covid’ policy

In extraordinary scenes, Chinese citizens are demonstrating against lockdowns despite the significant risk of arrest.

By Lily Kuo, Pei-Lin Wu, Vic Chiang and Lyric LiNovember 29, 2022

Ukraine live briefing: U.S. announces aid for Ukraine’s battered energy infrastructure

The United States is expected to announce steps to help Ukraine withstand Russian attacks on its energy infrastructure, as NATO diplomats gather in Romania.

By Missy Ryan, Andrew Jeong, Leo Sands, Sammy Westfall, Emily Rauhala and Alex HortonNovember 29, 2022

China again holds firm on ‘zero covid,’ despite the worsening toll

The decision to maintain a policy of border controls, lockdowns and travel restrictions came after two deaths linked to the measures reignited public anger.

By Lily KuoNovember 29, 2022

U.S. unveils plan to rebuild Ukraine energy grid after Russian assault

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the United States will put $53 million toward helping Ukraine procure transformers, circuit breakers and other hardware.

By Missy Ryan and Emily RauhalaNovember 29, 2022

Three men survive 11-day journey from Nigeria to Spain on ship rudder

Their harrowing journey comes amid tensions over migration policy in Europe, which is seeing its highest level of irregular migration since 2017.

By Claire ParkerNovember 29, 2022

Macron to promote nuclear energy in U.S., as industry faces crisis in France

As Europe turned away from Russian energy, the French nuclear industry missed its chance to demonstrate the promise President Emmanuel Macron has talked about.

By Rick NoackNovember 29, 2022

England and Wales no longer majority Christian nations, census reveals

The number of people identifying as Christian has dropped to just 46 percent of the population while those professing no religion has risen to 37 percent.

By William BoothNovember 29, 2022

U.N. wants Great Barrier Reef labeled ‘in danger.’ Australia says ‘no need.’

The U.N.-backed report said it “sympathizes with” concerns that labeling the World Heritage Site as endangered could affect vital tourism.

By Ellen FrancisNovember 29, 2022

What is China’s ‘zero covid’ policy and why did it trigger protests?

China's "zero covid" restrictions have led to a wave of discontent among its citizens. Here's what to know about the policy.

By Bryan PietschNovember 29, 2022

From a bunker, an acting mayor keeps her front-line Ukraine town alive

Russia has shelled city hall so incessantly that Svitlana Mandrych had to move her office underground, where she answers pleas for help from desperate residents.

By Samantha Schmidt and Serhii Korolchuk November 29, 2022

China clamps down on ‘zero covid’ protests, loosens some pandemic measures

Beijing relaxed some “zero covid” measures while stepping up censorship and making arrests amid more small protests.

By Lyric LiNovember 29, 2022

What you need to know about China’s covid protests

A deadly fire provoked the weekend demonstrations across the country, but protesters’ grievances about China's covid policy run deep.

By Christian ShepherdNovember 29, 2022

Reporter still haunted by Itaewon crowd crush, a tragedy close to home

A Post reporter who lives in the Seoul district covered the tragedy that night and for days after. A month later, she reflects on the difficulty of moving on.

By Kelly Kasulis ChoNovember 29, 2022

Ukraine live briefing: G-7 to discuss assault on Ukraine’s power grid; Zelensky warns citizens to brace for more Russian airstrikes

In Brussels Monday, European diplomats will try to move forward with U.S.-backed plans to cap the price of Russian oil after talks last week stalled.

By Missy Ryan, Maham Javaid, Sammy Westfall, Jennifer Hassan and Rachel PannettNovember 28, 2022

Hans Magnus Enzensberger, German poet and intellectual, dies at 93

His unorthodox poems and essays made him one of postwar Germany’s leading authors. He also found a global audience with his children’s book “The Number Devil.”

By Harrison SmithNovember 28, 2022

How blank sheets of paper became a protest symbol in China

As demonstrations flared across China, participants raised white sheets of paper as a symbol — and protest — of government censorship.

By Sammy WestfallNovember 28, 2022