Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech in Moscow on Sunday. (EPA-EFE)
Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech in Moscow on Sunday. (EPA-EFE)

Putin as Russia’s supreme leader? A constitutional rewrite brings out some ‘crazy’ ideas.

Russia is revamping its liberal Boris Yeltsin-era constitution, and citizens and organizations have put forward more than 700 suggested amendments — many with a distinctly anti-liberal bent.

Trump’s India visit short on substance as he celebrates ties with a fellow nationalist

The president did not publicly take his host to task over alleged discrimination and human rights abuses but said India’s rise is tied to unity and tolerance.

Julian Assange in court fighting extradition to U.S.

The WikiLeaks founder’s long-running legal drama opened a portentous new chapter as he fights U.S. prosecutors’ efforts to extradite and try him in federal court in Northern Virginia on charges that he violated the Espionage Act.
A Chinese official warned that there needs to be at least 28 days without new cases to declare an area free of the outbreak.
President Trump is spending 36 hours in India, the world’s largest democracy.
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A U.N. study warns that at least a third of the country is suffering malnutrition.
Human rights advocates and friends say the case against Gui, who was kidnapped in 2015 and later emerged in Chinese custody, was politically motivated.
The president and his family made stops in Ahmedabad and Agra before traveling to New Delhi.
Those who flee the clampdown on pro-democracy protests don’t know who they can trust in Taipei, raising pressure on the government to formalize protections.
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Move saved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from having to make a no-win decision.
In a country cleaved along racial, class and geographic lines, the mass gathering has become a vehicle for Brazilians to express their divisions.
Cases spiked from three to more than 200 in days; European neighbors are bracing for outbreaks of their own.
Chinese health officials confirmed that the pneumonialike coronavirus came from wild animals sold at a market in Wuhan, the city of 11 million people and capital of the Hubei province in China.
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The flare-up came after video showing an Israeli army bulldozer dragging the body of a Palestinian militant stirred outrage in the Gaza Strip.
President Trump will spend 36 hours in India, the world’s largest democracy.
The move, a product of a decades-old rivalry between the prime minister and his anointed successor, positioned the political veteran to once again play kingmaker.
Authorities said Ayasel Slay's video was offensive to Mecca, the holiest city in Islam. Others say she is being unfairly targeted as a black woman.
When the DEA special agent allegedly began to spend lavishly on homes, cars and jewelry, and hosted wild yacht parties with bikini-clad prostitutes, it raised some red flags within the agency.
The 152 cases in Italy are the most outside Asia. China reported 648 new cases and 97 more deaths; authorities have sent cruise ships to Wuhan to house medical workers.
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Police say at least seven people, including a police officer, were killed and dozens wounded during clashes in the Indian capital on Monday, a day ahead of the visit there by US President Donald Trump
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Floods that have crippled much of Indonesia’s capital worsened Tuesday, inundating thousands of homes and buildings, including the presidential palace, and paralyzing transport networks
  • 1 hour ago
About 1,000 Taiwanese are stuck behind doors in locked-down Chinese cities because their government cannot agree with China on how to arrange charter flights back to Taiwan
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East Timor’s prime minister offered his resignation after the budget failed to pass in Parliament
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After months of resisting pressure to hand over the premiership to his named successor, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad finally quit this week
  • 1 hour ago
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