China says Trump is on ‘edge of precipice’ as Hong Kong rights bill hits his desk

Protesters in the Asian financial center called for the U.S. president to sign a bill designed to safeguard the territory’s freedoms.
A soldier keeps watch from a bunker in Bohdanivka. (Sergiy Morgunov for The Post)
A soldier keeps watch from a bunker in Bohdanivka. (Sergiy Morgunov for The Post)
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Ukraine is an afterthought in Washington’s impeachment drama

For Ukrainian officials, the best thing to do may be to stand back and try to avoid the crossfire.
Students, unions, indigenous groups and leftists share rising anger against President Iván Duque.
After nearly three-year investigation, attorney general brings charges as Netanyahu clings to power in Israel’s political stalemate.
The U.S. isn't alone: Catch up on Israel, Britain, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Algeria and Afghanistan.
Caviar, a matcha latte or a $250 bottle of Grand Cru? All were on the menu at a key site referenced in the impeachment hearings.
From Prince Charles's “whatever in love means” comment to Princess Diana's “there were three of us in this marriage.” The monarchy is no stranger to explosive interviews.
Ukrainians are much more concerned about war in the east, the economy and the anniversary of their revolution.
Wolf said the Trump administration will continue to push Mexico to do more to stem the flow of migrants seeking to reach the U.S. border.
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Breaking world records has become something of an obsession for the world’s second most-populous country.
Emails and conversations link secretary of state more closely to the effort to pressure Ukraine to investigate President Trump’s political rivals than previously known.
The senior royal’s ties to the convicted sex offender have dominated news in Britain.
The pro-development president shrugged off government data showing deforestation reached an 11-year high on his watch.
The verdict against 6 of the 8 jailed conservationists came as Iran grappled with a wave of socioeconomic unrest.
Lawmakers have three weeks to craft a ruling coalition before a third election is called.
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About 5,000 people have gathered on the central square of the Ukrainian capital to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the beginning of protests that led to the president fleeing the country
  • 18 minutes ago
University students in Venezuela have staged a protest calling for an end to President Nicolás Maduro’s rule
  • 48 minutes ago
Puerto Rico reggaeton star Daddy Yankee is opening a museum dedicated to his life and the music that made him famous
  • 55 minutes ago

Several figures in the political party of former Bolivian President Evo Morales are gaining prominence as the country struggles to stabilize after a month of deadly violence
  • 1 hour ago
Syrian state media says at least seven civilians have been killed in the city of Aleppo amid shelling from rebel-held areas in the country’s northwest
  • 1 hour ago
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