(Matt Dunham/AP)
(Matt Dunham/AP)
The WHO says it’s working on a more neutral naming system.

Russian opposition leader Navalny again tests Kremlin: Supporters await return while officials threaten arrest

Alexei Navalny has pledged to return Sunday from Berlin, where he was treated for a near-fatal poisoning in August in Russia.

Europe sees a narrow window for Biden to revive Iranian nuclear deal

Iran has been ramping up its breaches, while June elections may complicate diplomacy.

What’s reopened and what’s still restricted in 16 cities around the world

Post correspondents and contributors check on the progress of reopening from lockdowns in cities across Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.
All 176 people aboard the flight to Kyiv died when it was hit by a missile fired amid U.S.-Iran tensions.
Iran's cheap energy and high inflation have made it a center for cryptocurrency mining.
The vote puts Armin Laschet in pole position ahead of September elections as Merkel steps away from power.
India rolls out two locally made vaccines but only one has completed a Phase 3 trial.
A U.S. envoy called the election “fundamentally flawed.” But Uganda remains a key player for U.S. policies in Africa.
A Senate report details failures in a Trump program that the Biden administration appears ready to drop.
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says he plans to raise the issue at the G20, but it is not clear how much international support there is.
The country has not approved a vaccine for general use, but Chinese workers at online casinos and presidential security officials have obtained the shots.
The Mexican president’s harsh language signals a continuing crisis in bilateral cooperation.
The country has access to up to 414 million doses for a population of 38 million. The United States is vaccinating people three times as fast.
The drawdown comes despite Congressional opposition to the move.
After banning Trump, Silicon Valley faces pressure to take stronger action globally.
Meng Wanzhou wants to lose the private security guards who accompany her on daytime excursions, arguing that they put her at increased risk of the coronavirus.
Here’s what some world leaders and top officials have had to say about the chaos and its aftermath.
The 1923 Beer Hall Putsch is being invoked as a cautionary tale for Washington in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol.
Metal detectors and other such security features are standard in many of the world’s government buildings.
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Lebanon has finalized a deal with Pfizer to secure 2.1 million doses of the vaccine against coronavirus amid a surge in infections in the small country
  • 32 minutes ago
An effort by a self-exiled senior member of the banned opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party to return to her homeland has failed after after an airline refused to carry her
  • 3 hours ago
A Sudanese doctors’ union says the death toll from tribal violence between Arabs and non-Arabs in West Darfur province has climbed to at least 48, including women and children
  • 3 hours ago
Starvation is threatening the survivors of more than two months of fighting in Ethiopia’s Tigray region
  • 5 hours ago
A court official says gunmen have fired on a car in northern Kabul, killing two women judges who worked for Afghanistan’s high court and wounding the driver
  • 6 hours ago
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