Live updates: Biden, Putin wrap up second of two scheduled sessions at summit, White House says

No major breakthroughs are expected from the meeting, but there are hopes that at least ambassadors will be returned to their posts.

Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza in retaliation for incendiary balloons, in first flare-up since May truce

The exchange highlights the fragility of a cease fire in the region and poses a first test to Israel’s new government.

Covid-19 live updates: United States surpasses 600,000 coronavirus deaths

The nationwide death rate has dropped sharply since vaccinations became widely available.

Putin’s rocky relationship with American presidents

Ahead of Biden's meeting with Putin, here's a look at how other U.S. presidents have gotten along with the Russian leader.

Man charged by British police after U.K. anti-lockdown protesters chase BBC editor

Footage showed journalist Nick Watt being chased and verbally abused by a group of protesters on Monday.

What offenses did Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, commit in Britain? New report forces police to review claims.

Scotland Yard said it would "review" allegations of serious sexual assault and trafficking of girls and women in Britain.

An unmarked gravesite drags a not-so-distant horror back into the spotlight. Is this a real reckoning?

The discovery of the remains of 215 children at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School draws new attention to Canada's treatment of First Nations people — for now, at least.

North Korea’s Kim calls food situation ‘tense’ as reports of shortages mount

But Kim Jong Un says industrial production has risen this year, after a pandemic-induced slump in 2020.

‘Like a murder’: South Korean women face widespread online sex abuse, rights group says

There has been a rise in crimes involving intimate images that are captured and shared without consent or manipulated to impersonate the victim in a sexually degrading manner.

An emboldened Biden meets an unbothered Putin

There are low expectations for the U.S.-Russia summit in Geneva, but the geopolitics remains high stakes.

Biden, E.U. end 17-year Airbus-Boeing trade dispute, seek to calm relations after Trump

President Biden met E.U. leaders in Brussels on Tuesday, but all the Trump-era disputes will not be resolved immediately.

Hungary passes law banning LGBTQ content for minors

The law prohibits sharing any content portraying homosexuality or sex reassignment with minors. Rights groups denounced it as discriminatory.

New Zealand will apologize to Pacific Islanders for ‘dehumanizing’ dawn immigration raids, Ardern says

Armed police officers woke up families in the middle of the night to demand proof of citizenship, while people who did not look White were told to carry identification at all times and would be randomly stopped on the street.

A burning ship. Tons of toxic cargo. An ecosystem in the balance.

A fire aboard a container ship off the coast of Sri Lanka has lead to one of the largest ecological disaster's in the country's history.

Putin swaggers toward summit with Biden as an old hand at dueling with the West

In an NBC television interview ahead of the Geneva meeting, the Russian president was dismissive and nonchalant about issues of U.S. concern.

Nicaragua’s government has arrested a dozen opposition leaders. Their relatives don’t know where they are.

As President Daniel Ortega's government has arrested a dozen opposition leaders in recent weeks, many of their relatives say they don't know where they're being held and have been denied visits.

Ukraine’s forgotten veterans lean on one another to rebuild their lives

Photographer Sandro Maddalena documented the trauma and recovery of Ukrainian veterans as hostilities with Russia continue.

A New Zealand chapter of Greta Thunberg-linked climate movement disbands itself for being ‘racist’

The announcement by an arm of “School Strike 4 Climate” comes at a time of increased scrutiny on how ethnic minorities are treated within environmentalist groups.

Australia, bowing to pressure, frees asylum seeker family from island detention ordeal

The four members of the Murugappan family have been held for years at an immigration detention center on Christmas Island, an Australian outpost in the Indian Ocean.

Biden and the G-7 fell short on vaccines

"The 2021 G7 will go down in history as another turning point where history failed to turn."
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Junta troops burn Myanmar village in escalation of violence

Government troops in Myanmar have burned down most of a village in the country’s central heartland in an apparent attempt to suppress local resistance against the ruling military junta
  • 19 minutes ago

Israeli airstrikes target Gaza sites, first since cease-fire

Israeli airstrikes hit militant sites in the Gaza Strip, and Palestinians responded by sending a series of fire-carrying balloons back across the border for a second straight day
  • 27 minutes ago

Malaysian court rejects coroner's verdict in teen's death

A Malaysian high court says a coroner erred in ruling that the death of a French-Irish teenager whose body was found near a jungle resort was likely due to a misadventure that didn’t involve other people
  • 49 minutes ago

China set to send first crew to new space station Thursday

The three members of the first crew to be sent to China’s new space station say they’re eager to get to work
  • 57 minutes ago

Israel to halt nighttime 'mapping' of Palestinian homes

The Israeli military says it is reining in a controversial practice of conducting late-night raids of Palestinian homes in the West Bank that are aimed at gathering information about the houses and their inhabitants
  • 1 hour ago
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