The mother of one of the missing firefighters walks from her house to a nearby home. (Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Post)
The mother of one of the missing firefighters walks from her house to a nearby home. (Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Post)

They were family and fought Beirut’s fires together — including their last

Moments before the devastating blast, there was a suspicion that something was very wrong.

Abandoned Yemeni oil tanker renews fears of another disastrous explosion

For five years, the FSO Safer has been moored off Yemen with 1.1 million barrels of oil on board. The U.N. has long warned it’s a floating time bomb — or a worse Exxon Valdez.
Tuesday’s deadly explosion has brought an outpouring of anger among the population, which was already reeling from economic collapse and chaffing from decades of political corruption and cronyism.
The group’s power is also seen as contributing to weaknesses by the state to run and regulate the country.
The counter-tariffs will hit a “broad and extensive” list of U.S. goods containing aluminum, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said Friday.
Authorities are investigating the blasts, which reduced a section of the city to rubble.
The flight from Dubai to Kozhikode carrying nearly 200 people landed in heavy rain.
The country grieves for and has begun to memorialize the departed.
A photographer captures the economic devastation wrought by coronavirus in Bangladesh.
Beijing and Ottawa have been locked in a diplomatic dispute since the arrest of a Huawei executive.
Beijing’s outward aggression reflects domestic unease and a desire to foment nationalist sentiment to counter mounting economic and strategic challenges.
The president is targeting a service central to Chinese social life, commerce and cross-border business.
The MV Wakashio ran into a reef in Mauritius. Locals rushed to prevent widespread damage.
Spanish papers said Juan Carlos, 82, was in the Dominican Republic. But the Dominican foreign minister said he hadn't entered the country.
They include an Ethiopian-born minister, ultra-Orthodox Jewish lawmaker, Druze lawmaker and the first Knesset member to wear a hijab.
With a study in Devon finding that beavers reduce flood risks and improve biodiversity, the British government this week backed their reintroduction.
“We have forgotten how to fear nuclear war. And the bad thing about that is that if people aren’t afraid of it, it will become inevitable.”
The move reignites trade tensions with a key partner just months after the adoption of a new North American trade agreement.
Saad Aljabri, a close U.S. intelligence ally, alleged in a lawsuit that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has targeted him and his family for his knowledge of damaging secrets.
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An official in Ethiopia’s northeastern Afar region says heavy flooding has displaced some 20,000 people from their homes
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The gigantic explosion in Beirut this week tore through homes, blowing off doors and windows, toppling cupboards, and sent flying books, shelves, lamps and everything else
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A Somali police officer says at least eight soldiers are dead and more than 14 others wounded after a suicide car bomber detonated at the gates of a military base in Somalia’s capital
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Wild horses, bison and other big-hoofed animals once roamed freely in much of Europe
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When France’s president visited explosion-ravaged Beirut this week, he promised to rebuild and claimed that the blast pierced France’s own heart
  • 5 hours ago
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