Iraq gives U.S. troops from Syria four weeks in the country before they must leave

The Iraqi defense minister met with U.S. Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper amid an apparent disagreement over whether U.S. troops withdrawing from Syria could stay in Iraq.
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(AFP/Getty Images)

British police launch murder inquiry after 39 bodies found in a container

The container is believed to have originated in Bulgaria, and the driver of the truck has been arrested.

Kim Jong Un says it’s ‘shabby.’ This North Korean mountain resort’s days may be numbered.

Pyongyang plans to tear down South Korean-built facilities at the Mount Kumgang tourist area, signaling frustration with stalled nuclear talks.

Hong Kong's domestic workers feel caught between both sides in ‘information war’

A mysterious flier aimed at Indonesian workers called for information on “radical protesters.”
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British lawmakers forced Johnson to ask for an extension rather than have Britain crash out of the E.U. on Oct. 31.

Moisture streaming ahead of Typhoon Bualoi will set the stage for renewed flooding.

Allegations against former top cop have renewed scrutiny of the Philippine leader’s signature policy. But the brutal crackdown retains overwhelming public support.

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Canada's progressive golden boy may have won a victory Monday night — but it wasn't the one he wanted.

The socialist leader appeared to be headed for a runoff when the vote count was halted. When it resumed, state TV suggested an outright victory.

Deal solidifies Russian President Vladimir Putin’s preeminent role in Syria as America’s influence wanes.

The massive, mysterious sludge has tarred more than 1,000 miles of shoreline. Some officials have blamed Venezuela.

The bill is 115 pages. Johnson wanted it sorted in 72 hours.

The prime minister’s Liberals performed well in Atlantic Canada but lost seats in French-speaking Quebec and were shut out of oil-producing Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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Britain's prime minister has a new plan for Brexit, but will it work?

Despite the president's statements, Syria's oil situation is far from secure even as U.S. troops remain in the country.

British police officers are expected to fly to the United States as soon as they have the visas to do so.

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A small diaspora community in Ukraine's southwest could offer clues to the Hungarian leader's thinking.

At least one lawmaker has admitted he hasn't.

Voters know little about the former army chief who will now try to form a government. 

Israeli president to ask Benny Gantz to now try his hand at forming a government.

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A Sri Lankan parliamentary committee that investigated last April’s Easter suicide bombings has concluded that the country’s spy chief is primarily responsible for the intelligence failure that led to the deaths of 269 people

  • Bharatha Mallawarachi | AP
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The European Parliament on Wednesday blocked a diluted proposal by the 28-nation bloc’s executive arm on protecting bees from pesticides, arguing it didn’t go far enough

  • Samuel Petrequin | AP
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  • 25 minutes ago
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Murder investigators are trying to piece together the movements of a large cargo truck found Wednesday to contain the bodies of 39 people in one of Britain’s worst people smuggling tragedies

  • Gregory Katz and Danica Kirka | AP
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  • 26 minutes ago
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Israeli archaeologists are revealing an elaborately decorated Byzantine church dedicated to an anonymous martyr that was recently uncovered near Jerusalem

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  • 28 minutes ago
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Botswana votes as ruling party faces surprising challenge after former president broke away

  • Sello Motseta | AP
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  • 33 minutes ago
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