(Ayman Henna/AFP/Getty Images)
(Ayman Henna/AFP/Getty Images)

Pope Francis’s historic visit to Iraq, in images

The pope’s travel plans have been moderated by the pandemic. Nonetheless, thousands of Iraqis lined roads around the airport to catch a glimpse.

‘I’m ready to talk’: Meghan’s upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey is already dividing Britons

The sit-down, which airs Sunday in the U.S. and Monday in Britain, is reported to have the palace in a stir.

Pope Francis to hold historic face-to-face meeting with Iraq’s grand ayatollah

Ali Sistani is Iraq’s leading religious authority and a preeminent figure in Shiite Islam.

WHO head pushes for waiver of some intellectual property rights for coronavirus vaccines, in bid to broaden access

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus made his most pointed plea yet for the waiver of some patents.

Why the pope’s visit matters for Iraq’s Christians

Since the early days of the religion, diverse Christian communities have lived in what is now Iraq.

Pope Francis lands in Baghdad, beginning the first-ever papal trip to Iraq

It is his first international trip since the start of the pandemic.

Has covid killed trade shows? Barcelona bets on a comeback

It was roughly one year ago, on the eve of a giant technology conference that usually brings more than 100,000 visitors to Barcelona, that business conventions began to feel the squeeze from the coronavirus. Now, organizers wonder if the meetings will ever return.

China needs a baby boom to avert a demographic crisis. Small steps won’t be enough.

The one-child policy has left a legacy that will be hard to undo, especially while access to IVF and egg-freezing is restricted to married, straight couples.

China seeks Hong Kong election changes, tech preeminence as U.S. rivalry intensifies

Big increases in research and development spending, and purging opposition voices in Hong Kong are part of the latest plans.

The incredible courage of Myanmar’s protesters

After a day of hideous bloodshed, demonstrators returned to the streets.

Target, CVS among stores keeping mask mandates as Texas lifts restrictions

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has drawn ire for his decision to lift the statewide mandate for face coverings.

How future generations will judge humanity’s performance against the coronavirus

Archivists are assembling a global time capsule that chronicles what we got right — and what we got wrong.

After third large quake near New Zealand, tsunami concerns rise from South Pacific to Central America

A rise in water levels is possible as far away as Hawaii and South America.

Nedzib Sacirbey, a ‘founding father’ of independent Bosnia, dies at 94 of the coronavirus

A longtime Washington-area psychiatrist, he became a confidant, adviser and right-hand-man to Bosnia’s first president, Alija Izetbegovic.
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Toko Shinoda, Japanese artist who merged the age-old and the avant-garde, dies at 107

A painter and lithographer, she worked in the ancient tradition of calligraphy, using ink that was centuries old, to produce gems of modern abstract expressionism.

Italy blocks export of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine to Australia, amid E.U. anger over delivery shortfalls

This is the first time an E.U. country has used a new export control power.

Fake coronavirus vaccine seizures in several countries are ‘tip of the iceberg,’ Interpol warns

Interpol said that police in China and Russia have seized thousands of fake vaccines.

Four cats saved from sinking ship by Thai sailor who swam to save them

The four small cats trapped on a sinking boat needed a miracle.

Meghan says royal family can’t expect her silence if palace is ‘perpetuating falsehoods’

The latest teaser from the upcoming Oprah Winfrey interview comes as the palace announced an investigation into possible bullying by the duchess.

After marathon bail hearings, Hong Kong pro-democracy activists find themselves back in detention

A judge granted bail to 15 of the 47 opposition leaders arrested under the national security law, but an immediate appeal sent the whole group back to detention.
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Mexico president’s support of tarnished pol tears at party

Months of protests over the nomination of a man accused of rape have included open dissent within the Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s party
  • 8 hours ago

Officials seeking answers to Puerto Rico telescope collapse

The National Science Foundation says it could cost up to $50 million just to clean up the debris at a renowned radio telescope that collapsed last year in Puerto Rico
  • 8 hours ago

Colombia prosecutors move to drop case against ex-president

Authorities in Colombia have moved to drop charges against conservative former President Álvaro Uribe over witness tampering allegations for which he was detained for two months last year
  • 8 hours ago

‘Hotel Rwanda’ hero was tricked onto plane, into arrest

A key piece of the mystery around the arrest of the man who inspired the film “Hotel Rwanda” has become clear
  • 10 hours ago

UN envoy calls for urgent action to reverse Myanmar coup

The U.N. special envoy for Myanmar is calling for urgent Security Council action to reverse Myanmar’s military coup
  • 10 hours ago
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