Nearly five months after vote, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani wins second term

The election was marred by widespread accusations of fraud, misconduct and mechanical errors requiring time-consuming recounts.
(PA via AP)
(PA via AP)

Boris Johnson under fire as Superstorm Dennis brings mass flooding to Britain

At least three have died from the flooding unleashed by the storm.

Israel blocks West Bank exports as trade tensions rise, along with towers of unsold produce

The dispute began to simmer in the fall when Palestinian officials curtailed the import of Israeli beef into areas under their control. Israel this week responded, blocking the import of Palestinian produce, closing access to the Arab growers’ biggest market.
Hours after the acquittals, which were hailed as a hopeful sign for Turkish justice, a new arrest warrant was issued for Osman Kavala, the most prominent of the defendants.
Efforts to take more passengers off the virus-stricken Diamond Princess in Japan are underway after 88 new cases were found.
Chinese health officials confirmed that the pneumonialike coronavirus came from wild animals sold at a market in Wuhan, the city of 11 million people and capital of the Hubei province in China.
Coronavirus and Hong Kong unrest feature in Badiucao’s work. That’s enough to raise worries pro-China forces could disrupt his show.
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As the death toll mounts in China, a Republican senator stokes fear over a Chinese bioweapon.
Health authorities are searching for passengers from a second cruise ship who could have been exposed to the virus.
Asylum seeker Mar�a Reynoso was sent back to Guatemala. Her 9-year-old daughter is in Florida. Theirs is a hidden separation — older, longer, unreported to Congress.
It is the Afghan movement’s first formal acknowledgment of the deal.
The coronavirus means that classrooms nationwide are closed indefinitely.
Fire officials dispute Paul Parker’s claim that he was dismissed from his rural brigade for his tirade against Prime Minister Scott Morrison.
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A year on, the #KuToo movement has given women a new voice but also faced pushback from the country’s conservative, male-dominated society.
Hundreds of Americans who’ve been quarantined on the Diamond Princess since Feb. 5 will be flown to the U.S. on chartered planes.
Some Europeans have made their peace with a second Trump term. Others wonder what Sanders might bring.
The crackdown was a key turning point in the most significant unrest to grip the country in years.
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The Trump administration is imposing sanctions on the trading unit of Russian state-controlled oil company Rosneft for helping Venezuela skirt an embargo on oil from the South American country
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The U—N— special envoy for Yemen is warning that the “increasingly dire” military situation in the Arab world’s poorest country is putting U—N— efforts to end the five-year conflict at “great risk.”
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Senator Chris Murphy is defending a weekend meeting he held with Iran’s foreign minister in Europe
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For nearly two decades, workers for a company building gas lines across Peru’s capital have found themselves unearthing a treasure trove of history
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Vatican police have conducted new raids as part of a corruption investigation involving a London real estate venture
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