A man travels by boat through floodwater in Monmouth, Wales, on Tuesday. (AP)
A man travels by boat through floodwater in Monmouth, Wales, on Tuesday. (AP)

Storm Dennis brings mass flooding to U.K., while Brits ask, ‘Where’s Boris?’

At least three have died from the flooding unleashed by the storm, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing a torrent of criticism for his government’s response. When the storm hit, he was spending the weekend at a 115-room mansion in Kent.

Death of a 7-year-old girl in Mexico provokes new outrage

Mexicans were already protesting femicide when the body of Fátima Cecilia Aldrighett Antón was found mutilated.

U.S. designates 5 Chinese media outlets as government entities

The designation of the five major media outlets means they will be treated as though they are diplomatic outposts of the Chinese government and subject to the same constraints. The move is the latest in a series of U.S. efforts to tackle China’s influence in the United States.
Efforts to take more passengers off the virus-stricken Diamond Princess in Japan are underway after 88 new cases were found.
A subsidiary of a state-controlled Russian oil giant “actively tried to evade” existing U.S. measures, officials say.
New accusations were brought against Osman Kavala hours after he and eight others were cleared of other charges in a closely watched trial.
Demonstrations in support of the Wet’suwet’en Nation’s hereditary chiefs against a natural gas pipeline have spread across the country. Canada’s indigenous people are divided over the project.
Andrew Sabisky wrote that black Americans tend to be less intelligent than whites.
The contested results could plunge Afghanistan into a political crisis ahead of crucial peace talks with the Taliban.
Chinese health officials confirmed that the pneumonialike coronavirus came from wild animals sold at a market in Wuhan, the city of 11 million people and capital of the Hubei province in China.
Coronavirus and Hong Kong unrest feature in Badiucao’s work. That’s enough to raise worries that pro-China forces could disrupt his show.
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Moscow will appeal the decision to the Dutch Supreme Court, setting up a final showdown in a 15-year saga involving Kremlin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
The 2,400-ton vessel washed ashore on the southern coast of Ireland, amid a bomb cyclone that has lashed the area with wind and heavy rain.
A dispute over Israeli beef has escalated into rival embargoes.
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As the death toll mounts in China, a Republican senator stokes fear over a Chinese bioweapon.
Health authorities are searching for passengers from a second cruise ship who could have been exposed to the virus.
Asylum seeker Mar�a Reynoso was sent back to Guatemala. Her 9-year-old daughter is in Florida. Theirs is a hidden separation — older, longer, unreported to Congress.
It is the Afghan movement’s first formal acknowledgment of the deal.
The coronavirus means that classrooms nationwide are closed indefinitely.
Fire officials dispute Paul Parker’s claim that he was dismissed from his rural brigade for his tirade against Prime Minister Scott Morrison.
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An extraordinary two-week quarantine of a cruise ship is ending in Japan, and many scientists say it has been a failure
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A 7-year-old Mexico City girl found murdered over the weekend has been buried as capital officials pledged to tighten rules for children leaving government schools on their own
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New virus cases in China continue to fall, with 1,749 new infections and 136 new deaths announced after China’s leader said disease prevention and control was at “a critical time.”
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The United Nations issued a scathing report on Tuesday that accused Haitian police of not protecting an impoverished neighborhood from corrupt officers and gang leaders they say shot at people and set fire to homes and cars in a recent three-day attack
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French President Emmanuel Macron has outlined measures intended to counter Islamic extremism in France by giving the government more authority over the schooling of children and the training of imams. Macron said Tuesday that the government wants to combat “foreign interference” in how Islam is practiced and organized in secular France
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