Russia-Ukraine live updates: At NATO summit, Biden announces increased U.S. military presence in Europe

President Biden will meet with Turkish President Erdogan after Turkey agreed to stop blocking the NATO bids of Sweden and Finland.

By Ashley Parker, Emily Rauhala, David Walker, Annabelle Timsit, Rachel Pannett, Amy Cheng and Claire ParkerJune 29, 2022

Brutal killing in India stirs fears of escalating religious violence

The grisly murder of the Hindu tailor in Udaipur sent shockwaves through a country already struggling to contain religious tensions.

By Gerry Shih and Niha MasihJune 29, 2022

Potential tropical storm could douse northern South America and Aruba

A second tropical rainstorm could bring localized flooding to southeast Texas this weekend

By Matthew CappucciJune 29, 2022

Wives of Russian soldiers plead for their return from war

The women recorded an extraordinary video appeal to local authorities to bring their men home alive.

By Robyn Dixon and Mary IlyushinaJune 29, 2022

Pelosi receives Communion at Vatican after earlier U.S. bishop refusal

Pope Francis has said that the decision on granting Communion to politicians who support abortion rights, as Pelosi does, should be made from a pastoral point of view, not a political one.

By Stefano Pitrelli and Amy B WangJune 29, 2022

Putin’s ‘toxic masculinity’ to blame for Ukraine war, Boris Johnson says

“If Putin was a woman … I really don’t think he would’ve embarked on a crazy, macho war of invasion,” the British prime minister told German broadcaster ZDF.

By Jennifer HassanJune 29, 2022

Fossils in South African cave reignite debate on origins of humankind

The study of Australopithecus fossils from the Sterkfontein Caves found that hominins in South Africa existed around the same time as others in East Africa.

By Ellen FrancisJune 29, 2022

Slain journalist’s brother seeks U.S. help holding Israel to account

President Biden will visit Israel on July 14, and Shireen Abu Akleh's brother said he hopes the issue will be addressed in talks with the Israeli government.

By Shira RubinJune 29, 2022

On China-Russia border, new bonds are forged against U.S. over Ukraine

Relations between the giant neighbors haven't always been easy. But locals in northeast China have no doubt over whose team they're on when it comes to Ukraine.

By Eva DouJune 29, 2022

25 years of China’s slow takeover of Hong Kong in pictures

At the handover, the leaders of China and Britain promised that Hong Kong self-governance, Beijing has since tightened its grip on the once semiautonomous city.

By Theodora Yu and Karina TsuiJune 29, 2022

More than 100 animals found in luggage at Thai airport; 2 women arrested

Porcupines, turtles and lizards were among the wildlife discovered after an X-ray scan at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok.

By Andrew JeongJune 29, 2022

Turkey drops opposition to Finland, Sweden joining NATO

The U.N. Security Council will discuss the deadly attack on a mall in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, during a meeting Tuesday.

By Emily Rauhala, Amy Cheng, Andrew Jeong, David Walker, Annabelle Timsit, Karina Tsui and Reis ThebaultJune 29, 2022

Near Kherson, Ukrainians regain territory in major counteroffensive

With Russian forces focused mainly in the east, Ukraine is retaking occupied towns in the south.

By Isabelle KhurshudyanJune 29, 2022

A grisly tragedy shows there are no ‘open borders’ for migrants

For the Republican establishment, let alone its more extremist wing, any discussion of more humane policies at the border or the inefficacy and waste of spending billions of dollars on things like a wall is tantamount to an “open borders mentality.”

By Ishaan TharoorJune 29, 2022

Turkey drops opposition to Finland and Sweden joining NATO

The NATO summit follows a meeting of the Group of Seven leaders, who pledged to stand by Ukraine but stopped short of imposing new energy sanctions on Russia.

By Emily Rauhala, Loveday Morris, Rick Noack and Matt ViserJune 28, 2022

Zelensky calls on world leaders to punish Russia after deadly mall strike

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky increased calls on Tuesday for Washington to designate Moscow a state sponsor of terrorism.

By David L. Stern and Reis ThebaultJune 28, 2022

Biden, Macron, Scholz, Johnson: Allies abroad, struggling at home

The four leaders seeking to forge a powerful alliance against Russia--Biden, Macron, Scholz and Johnson--each face serious political weaknesses at home.

By Ashley Parker, Matt Viser, Rick Noack and Karla AdamJune 28, 2022

Colombia truth panel calls for move toward ‘legal regulation’ of drugs

The truth commission, appointed as part of the 2016 peace deal between the government and rebel groups, recommended authorities stop focusing on prohibiting illicit drugs.

By Samantha Schmidt and Diana DuránJune 28, 2022

Scotland’s leader seeks new independence vote in October 2023

Nicola Sturgeon hopes to move forward on another referendum, bypassing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson if he refuses.

By Karla AdamJune 28, 2022

Ex-Nazi guard convicted of over 3,500 counts of accessory to murder

The former concentration camp guard was sentenced to five years in prison by a German court.

By Annabelle TimsitJune 28, 2022