U.K. government backs bill criminalizing street harassment

After consulting experts, Britain's government said Friday it will support legislation that introduces harsher penalties for public sexual harassment.

By Erin CunninghamDecember 9, 2022

George ‘Johnny’ Johnson, last ‘Dambuster’ of World War II, dies at 101

He was a “bomb-aimer,” or bombardier, in a storied Royal Air Force raid on three German dams in 1943.

By Phil DavisonDecember 9, 2022

Enduring images of 2022

The journey through this year, like too many of late, was a push across too much treacherous terrain.

By Washington Post StaffDecember 9, 2022

Ukraine live briefing: Putin says Griner talks have not led to further dialogue

Brittney Griner arrived in San Antonio after Viktor Bout landed in in Moscow; Putin threatened to continue strikes on energy infrastructure.

By Ellen Francis, James Bikales, Natalia Abbakumova and Claire HealyDecember 9, 2022

Russian court sentences war critic to eight years for spreading ‘fake news’

Ilya Yashin, a longtime critic of President Vladimir Putin, was convicted under harsh new laws prohibiting criticism of the Russian military or the war in Ukraine.

By Mary IlyushinaDecember 9, 2022

Dozens of Americans are being detained abroad. Here are some of their stories.

Even as Brittney Griner made her way home, dozens of Americans are still imprisoned abroad, including those wrongfully detained by U.S. adversaries.

By Erin CunninghamDecember 9, 2022

Who is Viktor Bout, Russian arms dealer swapped for Brittney Griner?

Viktor Bout, whose wild exploits once inspired a Hollywood film starring Nicolas Cage, was serving a 25-year sentence in a U.S. prison.

By Adam Taylor and Claire ParkerDecember 9, 2022

Public execution, whippings in Afghanistan mark revival of Taliban punishments

The Taliban has been stepping up the pace and severity of Islamic punishments, drawing international condemnation.

By Pamela ConstableDecember 9, 2022

Destroying Maya treasures to build a tourist train

Mexico is building a $15 billion tourist train that will barrel over and through the relics of Maya civilization. The destruction is now coming into view.

By Kevin Sieff and Whitney LeamingDecember 9, 2022

China prepares for exit wave of infections as it relaxes covid policies

"Zero covid" was never officially declared over but the goal now appears to be safeguarding vulnerable groups and minimizing deaths rather than trying to stop the virus.

By Christian Shepherd, Lyric Li and Lisa MoviusDecember 9, 2022

Who is Paul Whelan, the former U.S. Marine held in Russia?

Convicted of espionage charges that both he and U.S. officials say are baseless, the American remains imprisoned in Russia despite two high-profile exchanges this year.

By Paulina Villegas and Kelsey AblesDecember 9, 2022

Steve Aoki, K-pop star T.O.P to fly around moon with Japanese billionaire

Space enthuasiast and entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa on Friday announced the eight people who will join him on a trip around the moon.

By Andrew JeongDecember 9, 2022

How political will often favors a coal billionaire and his dirty fossil fuel

The tale of Gautam Adani's giant power plant reveals how political will in Modi's India bends in favor of the dirty fuel.

By Gerry Shih, Niha Masih and Anant GuptaDecember 9, 2022

Fuel made from ramen, dishes from coffee grinds: Japan rethinks food waste

Some Japanese companies are using discarded foodstuffs to make entirely different products — and help save a bit of the planet in the process.

By Michelle Ye Hee Lee and Julia Mio InumaDecember 9, 2022

After missile strikes, Ukrainians persist without electricity, water, heat

Ukrainians are adopting survival skills as Russian bombing disrupts critical infrastructure services, but some wonder if they will have to leave the country for winter.

By David L. SternDecember 9, 2022

Qatari identity comes into focus amid Gulf tensions

The National Museum of Qatar, which opened in 2019, conveys an idealogical project of nation-building amid the legacy of the crisis within the Gulf Cooperation Council.

By Ishaan TharoorDecember 9, 2022

Brittney Griner freed in swap for Russian ‘Merchant of Death’

The deal left in Russian custody another American prisoner, Paul Whelan, who U.S. officials had hoped to free as well in exchange for arms dealer Viktor Bout.

By Missy Ryan, Mary Ilyushina, John Hudson and Claire ParkerDecember 8, 2022

Russia wanted Viktor Bout back, badly. The question is: Why?

Many U.S. officials and analysts believe that Russia was motivated by Bout’s links to military intelligence.

By Adam Taylor and Claire ParkerDecember 8, 2022

Brittney Griner to land in San Antonio after release in prisoner swap

WNBA star Brittney Griner has been released from Russian detention in a prisoner swap for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout.

By Mary Ilyushina, John Hudson, Ellen Francis, Missy Ryan, Jennifer Hassan, Claire Parker, Maham Javaid and Alex HortonDecember 8, 2022

Don Luce, activist who exposed Vietnam War horrors, dies at 88

Mr. Luce brought attention to a secret "tiger cage" prison run by South Vietnam, stirring outrage that helped turn U.S. public opinion against the war.

By Brian MurphyDecember 8, 2022