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Covid-19 live updates: India breaks its own records again with 412,000 new cases and nearly 4,000 deaths in 24 hours

The WHO said that over the past week, India made up half the world's new cases and a quarter of its deaths, but experts warn the true figures are much higher.

‘Pivotal in our fight’: World reacts with hope over U.S. move to waive vaccine patent protections

The U.S. announced support for a short-term waiver, infusing hope into global health efforts to ramp up coronavirus vaccine production.

Vaccination of populist cleric Moqtada al-Sadr blow to Iraq’s vaccine hesitancy

The photo of the cleric getting vaccinated prompted hundreds to get doses of their own amid Iraq’s faltering immunization efforts.

Man’s barbecue binge sparks new virus curbs in Sydney after month without cases

A grill enthusiast roamed the city while infected, sparking concerns of wider outbreak.

Facebook’s battle with errant world leaders has only just begun

The Oversight Board's ruling on Trump is a warning for other world leaders.

Biden administration will support lifting vaccine patent protections

According to the World Health Organization, of the 832 million vaccine doses administered around the world by mid-April, just 0.2% were given in lower-income countries.

Italian jury convicts 2 Americans of murder, with a punishment of life in prison, in 2019 killing of police officer

Finnegan Lee Elder and Gabriel Natale-Hjorth had been on vacation in Rome at the time of the slaying.

Canada authorizes coronavirus vaccine for children ages 12 to 15

Canada has authorized the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for the age group; the United States is expected to follow next week.

On the 200th anniversary of Napoleon's death, his legacy divides France

French President Emmanuel Macron’s participation in a commemoration Wednesday was a balancing act.

The U.S. birthrate is falling. Here’s how other countries have tried to persuade people to have more children.

The United States is facing a dilemma with which many wealthy nations have long grappled.

Indonesian airport workers accused of reusing nasal swabs for coronavirus testing

One of the thousands of passengers affected says he was 'violated through his nose.'

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid gains chance to form government, oust Netanyahu

The former TV news anchor has 28 days to broker a deal among diverse anti-Netanyahu parties.

What to expect from a possible June summit between Putin and Biden

What Putin wants — and wants to avoid — if the two leaders meet.

French journalist kidnapped by radical Islamists in Mali appears in video pleading for his life

Dubois was kidnapped in early April, but the French government held off announcing it in hopes of securing his release.

He faked a coronavirus certificate to fly to Argentina, officials say. He was infected all along.

Santiago Solans Portillo had traveled to Miami to get vaccinated, but likely exposed more than 200 people to the virus on his flight back to Buenos Aires.

Strongmen who got cozy with Trump get the cold shoulder from Biden

Russia’s Putin and China’s Xi get tougher treatment, while many of the former president’s favorites just get ignored.

Scottish independence 'front and center' in May 6 election

Brexit and the pandemic have propelled the independence movement.

Instagram fuels rise in black-market sales of maids into Persian Gulf servitude

The social media platform says such human exploitation is “horrific” and has deleted 200 accounts identified by The Post.
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Interpol joins land and sea search for 2 Spanish children

Interpol has posted on its website the photographs of two Spanish children who allegedly were taken by their father from the Canary Islands off West Africa
  • 32 minutes ago

Flash mobs in Myanmar's biggest city avoid deadly response

A flash mob of mostly young people in Myanmar’s biggest city have staged a brief protest march against military rule, the latest in a series of actions aimed at reducing the chances of a deadly response by the authorities
  • 35 minutes ago

Int'l Court sentences Ugandan to 25 years for war crimes

The International Criminal Court has sentenced a Ugandan former child soldier who turned into a brutal rebel commander to 25 years’ imprisonment, with judges saying that his own abduction as a schoolboy and history as a child soldier prevented him being sentenced to life
  • 41 minutes ago

EU Court advisor: Poland's handling of judges against EU law

A top European Union legal advisor argued that Poland’s way of disciplining judges is contrary to EU law
  • 45 minutes ago

Play it again, Sam: Polish city recruits new bugle players

Ready to welcome tourists back, the Polish city of Krakow has recruited two more trumpeters to play the city’s trademark bugle call every hour from the tower in St. Mary’s Basilica
  • 48 minutes ago
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