Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Western artillery ‘working very powerfully’; U.S. senators visit Bucha

Two U.S. lawmakers who have urged Washington to accelerate the pace of weapons deliveries to Kyiv arrived in the Ukrainian capital Thursday.

By Isabelle Khurshudyan, Annabelle Timsit, Andrew Jeong, Amy Cheng and Robyn DixonJuly 7, 2022

Who could replace Boris Johnson as British prime minister?

Ben Wallace, Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are among contenders to lead the Conservative Party.

By Adela SulimanJuly 7, 2022

WNBA star Brittney Griner pleads guilty to drug charge in Russian court

Griner was arrested during severe tension between Washington and Moscow, which has worsened with Russia’s war on Ukraine

By Robyn DixonJuly 7, 2022

Live updates: Boris Johnson resigns as party leader

The flamboyant politician said he would stay on as prime minister until a replacement is chosen.

By Adela Suliman, Jennifer Hassan, Ellen Francis, Karla Adam and William BoothJuly 7, 2022

Boris Johnson blames ‘the herd’ as he resigns to make way for new U.K. prime minister

Johnson offered no apologies for the leadership that led to a party revolt.

By Karla Adam and William BoothJuly 7, 2022

Art of dissent: How Russians protest the war on Ukraine

Russia’s antiwar movement has found creative ways to express dissent despite President Vladimir Putin’s hard line crackdown.

By Robyn Dixon, Mary Ilyushina and Natalia AbbakumovaJuly 7, 2022

Boris Johnson has resigned. How did he get to this point?

More than 20 members of Johnson’s government have resigned since top ministers Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid quit, amid a growing revolt against the prime minister within his party.

By Annabelle Timsit, Karla Adam, William Booth and Adela SulimanJuly 7, 2022

The cringe of Boris Johnson

The British prime minister's shamelessness was once celebrated by his supporters. Now it hangs around their necks.

By Adam TaylorJuly 7, 2022

Boris Johnson expected to quit amid flood of government resignations

In just two days 53 have resigned from the government, including people appointed after the first wave of resignations.

By Karla Adam and William BoothJuly 7, 2022

Russia’s offensive gains pace in Donetsk; focus shifts to Slovyansk

Donetsk’s governor urged the eastern region’s 350,000 residents to evacuate as Russia intensifies its bombardment and Slovyansk becomes a key battleground.

By Amy Cheng, Andrew Jeong, Adela Suliman, Jennifer Hassan, Karina Tsui and Sammy WestfallJuly 7, 2022

Why has North Korea stopped boasting about its missile tests?

The silence from Pyongyang may reflect Kim Jong Un's focus on responding to a coronavirus outbreak.

By Michelle Ye Hee LeeJuly 7, 2022

Accessing an abortion in Australia just got a bit easier

Changes to decriminalize the procedure took effect in South Australia state, part of a wave of liberalization that contrasts with recent U.S. moves.

By Frances VinallJuly 7, 2022

Boris Johnson defies calls to resign amid mass exodus from his government

Johnson, who helped the Conservative Party win a historic landslide election in 2019, has become a liability after scandals eroded public trust.

By Karla Adam and William BoothJuly 6, 2022

Iran says former British diplomat among several foreigners detained

Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps has accused the detainees of collecting soil samples in a prohibited area.

By Erin Cunningham and Kareem FahimJuly 6, 2022

Bishops suspend priest convicted of child sex abuse, reopen probe

The Rev. Luis Alberto Mosquera was sentenced to prison for sexually abusing a 6-year-old boy. After an early release, he was allowed to resume his ministry in Venezuela.

By Ana Vanessa HerreroJuly 6, 2022

A rescue mission outside of Kyiv

Many of those who are covering the war in Ukraine also call it home. Today on Post Reports, the story of a reporting trip to Chernihiv that also became a rescue mission for one of our colleagues.

By Maggie Penman, Alexis Diao, Reena Flores, Jordan-Marie Smith, Rennie Svirnovskiy, Ariel Plotnick, Emma Talkoff, Sabby Robinson and Sean CarterJuly 6, 2022

FBI director suggests China bracing for sanctions if it invades Taiwan

In a rare speech alongside his London counterpart, FBI Director Christopher Wray amps up warnings about Chinese hacking and influence operations.

By Devlin BarrettJuly 6, 2022

Amid energy crisis, E.U. says gas, nuclear can sometimes be ‘green’

The closely watched decision by the European Parliament could shape Europe’s climate policy for years to come.

By Emily Rauhala and Quentin ArièsJuly 6, 2022

Pope announces plans to expand women’s role in Vatican

The pope said he would include two women on committee advising him on selection of bishops.

By Stefano PitrelliJuly 6, 2022

Wealthy Mideast nations boost spending to protect citizens from inflation

Though the region's two biggest economies have been trying to trim their generous social services, the sudden rise in inflation has prompted renewed spending.

By Sarah DadouchJuly 6, 2022