A Bolivian police officer hurls tear gas at backers of former President Evo Morales during clashes, in La Paz, Bolivia, on Wednesday. (AP)
A Bolivian police officer hurls tear gas at backers of former President Evo Morales during clashes, in La Paz, Bolivia, on Wednesday. (AP)

How to make sense of the many protests raging across South America

Some call it a Latin Spring, but demonstrators are rising up against a range of governments, for a variety of reasons. Here’s what the protests have in common.

Delhi is engulfed by toxic pollution. Why isn’t anyone wearing masks?

“I’ll look like a fool if I wear a mask,” said R.L. Khattar, ­a ­92-year-old resident. The Delhi government is distributing 5 million pollution masks to try to change behavior.
Pyongyang has threatened “shocking punishment” if the allies’ joint maneuvers go ahead.
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Trump's thirst for Middle Eastern oil may be illegal. But he keeps invoking it anyway.
The volley of insults came after Biden called North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a “murderous dictator.”
There’s a sense that life in one of the world’s most improbable and spellbinding cities is becoming unviable.
The overall number of migrants taken into custody at the southern border continues to decline, according to U.S. officials.
A new report says senior State Department officials early in the Trump administration grew suspicious of a career staffer after an article in a conservative publication questioned her loyalty.
Dunya, 10, and Hadis, 7, were among the 12 dead in Wednesday’s suicide bombing in Kabul.
Northwestern Europe has already experienced worsening floods since 1960. That trend is likely to continue.
“The worst thing we can do is become a bargaining chip,” Ukraine's foreign minister said of the impeachment hearings. “Unfortunately, we are such a chip now.”
The man, whom Turkish media have identified as a 39-year-old American of Jordanian origin, has been stuck at the Greek-Turkish border since Monday.
As Hong Kong's protests against China's influence continue, here's an explanation of how it got to this point.
The 23-year-old said she comes from a long line of firefighters, including her parents, grandmother and great-grandfather.
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Strike begins at South Africa’s state-owned airline as workers fear nearly 1,000 job cuts
  • 25 minutes ago
U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper says South Korea is wealthy enough to pay a bigger share of the cost of having U.S. troops on its soil
  • 2 hours ago
The death toll for wildfires raging across Australia’s most populous state has risen to four as authorities warn of worsening conditions to come
  • 3 hours ago

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó is calling people across the crisis-torn nation to flood the streets for protests nearly a year since launching an urgent campaign to push President Nicolás Maduro from power
  • 3 hours ago
Key facts on Sri Lanka as it prepares to elect new president
  • 3 hours ago
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