Proxy war in Libya deepens as Europe, U.S. prep for talks

The U.S. and Europe are hoping to regain their credibility and have a greater say in Libya’s future — as their rivals Russia and Turkey extend their influence into North Africa and the Mediterranean Sea.

Fake drugs kill people and fund terror. African leaders hope to do something about it.

Dignitaries flocked to Togo for a summit, where the presidents of three countries proposed laws to aid a collective crackdown on trafficking of counterfeit drugs.
A staff member takes care of newborns at the Lake Malaren International Postpartum Care Center in Shanghai. (AFP/Getty Images)
A staff member takes care of newborns at the Lake Malaren International Postpartum Care Center in Shanghai. (AFP/Getty Images)

China’s birth rate hits its lowest point in decades. Other nations face same trend.

China, Cuba, Germany, Hungary and Japan are responding differently to their demographic changes.

Blizzard buried cars and homes with more than 12 feet of snow in parts of Newfoundland

The historic blizzard that slammed Canada’s easternmost province is headed for Greenland — but it left snow-buried neighborhoods, a slew of power outages and shattered records in its wake.
En una extensa entrevista exclusiva con The Washington Post, el asediado l�der se mostró seguro de s� mismo, desafiante y reacio a negociar su salida.
In an exclusive, extensive interview with The Washington Post, the embattled leader appeared confident, defiant and unwilling to negotiate his exit.
The couple also plan to pay back taxpayer money used to refurbish their “cottage” near Windsor Castle.
Officials previously said the attack, which flung some U.S. troops from towers with powerful blasts, did not cause injuries.
Approval of USMCA could lead to better relations between the wary neighbors.
The two sides are meeting in Doha, Qatar, for informal talks.
The storm just underwent bombogenesis — and it's still strengthening.
The new virus has sickened dozens in China, and two people have died. Cases have spread to Thailand and Japan. There are no known cases in the United States, but health experts are concerned.
“I’m afraid that we’re going into a very difficult 2020,” a German economist said of U.S.-E.U. trade ties.
The supreme leader spoke in Tehran, where he led Friday prayers for the first time in eight years.
Oleksiy Honcharuk said President Volodymyr Zelensky ‘doesn’t understand how the economy works.’ But Zelensky rejected the resignation offer.
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Members of a religious sect who believed themselves “anointed by God” allegedly killed seven people and tortured more in a remote indigenous community of Panama
  • 4 hours ago
Yemeni officials say a missile attack launched by Shiite rebels in Yemen hit an army camp on Saturday, killing at least 25 troops
  • 8 hours ago
A British police chief has requested an urgent meeting with a U.S. military commander after learning of two more traffic incidents in the area where a teenage motorcyclist died in a collision with a car driven by an American diplomat’s wife
  • 9 hours ago

Sweden’s government has summoned the Chinese ambassador in Stockholm to discuss his comparing Swedish media coverage of China to a lightweight boxer who “provokes a feud” with a heavyweight
  • 10 hours ago
The National Oil Corporation in Libya says a decision by east-based forces to choke off oil exports from its territory has threatened to throttle much of the country’s oil production
  • 14 hours ago
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