(Bito Family Collection)
(Bito Family Collection)

Laszlo Bito, scientist who gave hope to glaucoma sufferers, dies at 87

After a heralded scientific career in the United States, he returned to his native Hungary, where he had endured forced labor during the Communist era, and became a noted novelist and writer.

As Biden calls Putin, threat of Russian invasion of Ukraine mounts

The ominous threat of ground war in Europe hangs over President Biden’s call with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday.

Far-right French presidential candidate put in headlock by protester at rally

Éric Zemmour, who has drawn comparisons to Donald Trump, was grabbed around the neck at his first rally for the French presidency.

Putin expected to demand guarantee in Biden call that NATO won’t expand east

President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will be talking as Russian troops mass along the border with Ukraine.

Japanese police stop foreigners in ‘suspected racial profiling incidents,’ U.S. embassy in Tokyo warns

The embassy also advised U.S. citizens to carry their immigration papers and notify consular authorities if detained.

Taiwan is racing to contain a cane toad invasion

The infamous amphibian, in areas where it is an invasive species, is feared for its toxicity and rapid proliferation.

‘Rife’ cocaine use reported in U.K. Parliament — just as Boris Johnson announces crackdown on drug crime

The prime minister dressed as a police officer to promote his anti-drug strategy as #cocaine trended on Twitter.

Three more kidnapping victims freed in Haiti, U.S. missionary group says; 12 still held

The notorious gang 400 Mawozo abducted 16 Americans and one Canadian outside Port-au-Prince in October. Haiti is suffering a surge in kidnappings.

Prominent underground theater troupe quits Belarus, citing dangers under Lukashenko

Belarus Free Theater, championed by the likes of Tom Stoppard and Jude Law, said it had become too risky to remain.

Photos of Indonesia’s volcano eruption show life covered in ash as rescue workers scramble

Mount Semeru's volcanic eruption led to at least 15 deaths in East Java province, emergency authorities said.

Myanmar court sentences Suu Kyi in trial condemned as political

The ruling is the first in a series of criminal cases that could see the 76-year-old Nobel laureate detained for the rest of her life.

British vaccine developer Sarah Gilbert says next pandemic ‘could be worse’ than coronavirus

Gilbert, one of the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine inventors, said the world should prepare now.

Omicron identified in Hong Kong quarantine hotel cases, likely spread through hallway

The lack of contact between the travelers, confirmed by a review of surveillance camera footage, suggested that “airborne transmission” in the hallway was the most likely way the virus spread between the two people.

Indian troops kill 14 civilians in weekend incidents, spurring demands for repeal of special powers in some regions

The killings have escalated demands for the repeal of an act that grants special powers to the armed forces and that critics say has led to excesses.

In India, as the virus abates, a hunger crisis persists

With high unemployment and a record contraction in the economy during the pandemic, many families in India can scarcely afford three meals a day.

With North Korea snubbing talks, Seoul makes long-shot bid for pope’s help

South Korean President Moon Jae-in leaves office in May, and he wants to see channels of communication open.

Return to Iran nuclear deal remains an elusive prospect

If talks in Vienna lead nowhere, U.S. diplomats have suggested they would consider other options.

Denmark sees ‘concerning’ jump in omicron cases — a warning sign for Europe

The country is a leader in the sequencing of variants, acting as an early warning system for the continent. Omicron cases in Denmark rose from 18 on Friday to 183 on Sunday.

Pope Francis, visiting Greek razor wire-fenced migrant camp, challenges Europe to live up to its human rights ideals

The pontiff, who has long advocated for migrants, vented his frustration at the bloc’s treatment of asylum seekers.

Snotty-nosed hippos test positive for coronavirus in Belgium, the first known cases in species

It is unclear how Imani, 14, and Hermien, 41, contracted the virus.
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Cambodia's premier to visit military-led Myanmar next month

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen plans to pay an official visit early next month to military-ruled Myanmar, seeking to patch up the generals’ battered relationship with Southeast Asia’s regional bloc of nations
  • 6 minutes ago

Syria says Israeli warplanes hit Latakia port containers

Syria’s military says Israeli warplanes fired missiles on the port of the coastal city of Latakia, causing fire without inflicting any human losses
  • 56 minutes ago

Indonesian leader visits eruption survivors, vows to rebuild

Indonesia’s president has visited areas devastated by a powerful volcanic eruption that killed at least 22 people and left thousands homeless, and vowed that communities would be quickly rebuilt
  • 1 hour ago

US plans diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

The White House says the U.S. will stage a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing to protest Chinese human rights abuses
  • 4 hours ago

Panama uncovers extensive presence of Colombian cartel

The Colombian drug gang known as the Gulf cartel controls almost half the cocaine shipments that travel through Panama, and had established an extensive logistics and money laundering network in the global transportation hub
  • 6 hours ago
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