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Covid-19 live updates: In England, eating inside and hugs are allowed again as coronavirus restrictions ease

Top U.K. officials still warned people to be cautious amid fears that the new variant first identified in India could roll back the country’s progress.

Israel-Hamas conflict hurtles into its second week as cease-fire talks struggle

Israel launched its heaviest string of airstrikes to date overnight on nine targets throughout Gaza.

Devastation in Gaza

No end in sight as the Israel-Hamas conflict enters a second week. And, how will the Biden White House respond to the intensifying crisis?

In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, when is an attack a war crime?

Though war crimes have not been proved in a court, allegations have been made against both sides.

Cyclone Tauktae strikes India’s west coast, disrupting crucial battle against coronavirus

Thousands have been evacuated inland, and vaccine campaigns have been suspended.

Photos: Israel-Hamas conflict hurtles into second week with more strikes on Gaza

Israel struck the Gaza Strip again Monday and Hamas rockets continued to streak in the other direction as the conflict hurtled into its second week with little sign of relenting, despite increasing diplomatic efforts.
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Chinese businessman with links to Steve Bannon is driving force for a sprawling disinformation network, researchers say

Chinese businessman with links to Steve Bannon is the "linchpin" of a sprawling disinformation network that pushes election and covid-19 falsehoods, researchers say

Scientists unravel a mystery about a naked giant carved into an English hill

New research says the Cerne Giant predates Shakespeare and possibly the Battle of Hastings.

Two ultra-Orthodox Israelis killed, 160 injured in bleacher collapse in crowded West Bank synagogue

The incident occurred during prayers held in an unfinished synagogue with no occupancy permit, a space that police had deemed unsafe for worship.

India’s coronavirus vaccination drive is faltering just when the country needs it most

India’s vaccine program is being hobbled by supply shortages and an abrupt shift in procurement policy.

The U.S. conversation on Israel is changing, no matter Biden’s stance

Bipartisan support for Israel still endures, but analysts say the ground is perceptibly shifting in Washington.

Israeli airstrikes kill 42 in Gaza as Biden, regional partners push for cease-fire

Predawn Israeli airstrikes buried several Palestinian families beneath mounds of rubble; rockets bombarded Tel Aviv and southern Israel; and Arab-Israeli civil unrest has expanded into the West Bank.

The roar of an Israeli airstrike, buildings collapsed and a family buried under rubble

Sana’a al-Kulak and her son Mohammed survived hours in the wreckage; 17 family members did not. The Israeli military called the civilian casualties “unintended.”

An Israeli warning, an airstrike and then outrage over hit on Gaza media building

The Committee to Project Journalists expressed concerns that Israel was "deliberately targeting media facilities in order to disrupt coverage of the human suffering in Gaza."

At Britain’s Wembley Stadium, the venerable FA Cup is also a science study for post-pandemic crowds

Evidence of a negative coronavirus rest is required to enter the stadium.

China lands rover on Mars in ‘milestone’ achievement

China's space program joins NASA as the only nations to have rovers on the Red Planet.

What’s behind the violence in Israel and Gaza?

Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip ramped up Friday as the threat of all-out war loomed and hundreds of tanks and warplanes pounded the densely populated territory with artillery.

Top Democrat warns Biden he could miss rare diplomatic opening in Venezuela

Biden has continued Trump’s maximum-pressure campaign on Venezuela despite a softening of President Nicolás Maduro’s posture toward the West.

She was a transgender social media star in Cameroon. Now she faces five years in prison.

Police arrested Shakiro for dressing in women's clothing, her lawyer said.
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Tanzania experts suggest overhaul of COVID-19 denial policy

A committee of health experts formed by Tanzania’s new president has recommended an overhaul of the country’s approach to COVID-19, which until lately was to deny its existence
  • 48 minutes ago

Israel strikes Gaza tunnels as truce efforts remain elusive

The Israeli military has unleashed another heavy wave of airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, and says it has destroyed militant tunnels and the homes of nine Hamas commanders
  • 1 hour ago

ICC prosecutor hopes for new US relations after sanctions

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has expressed appreciation to the Biden administration for lifting sanctions against her and another ICC official, saying her office “hopes to establish a new relationship with the United States.”
  • 1 hour ago

Michigan flood victims may have to wait for accountability

An attorney representing nearly 300 clients affected by a flood in Midland County, Michigan, last year said Monday he doesn’t expect litigation to be resolved any time soon
  • 1 hour ago

Chileans favored independents to draft a new constitution

Chileans favored left-leaning independent candidates in electing an assembly that will draft a new constitution, replacing the one imposed in the 1980s during the military dictatorship
  • 1 hour ago
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