A statue of Henri Francois Xavier de Belsunce de Castelmoron, a bishop of Marseille known for his fight against the 1720 plague. (Emilienne Malfatto for The Post)
A statue of Henri Francois Xavier de Belsunce de Castelmoron, a bishop of Marseille known for his fight against the 1720 plague. (Emilienne Malfatto for The Post)
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The site of Europe’s last plague escapes the worst of this pandemic

As France emerges from its coronavirus lockdown and life returns to almost-normal, the historic port city of Marseille considers itself lucky.
Four generations of an Indian family — from 3 months to 90 years old — battled the pandemic.
Surveys show Canadians support border restrictions to slow the spread of the coronavirus, amid a sense they’ve handled the pandemic better than the United States.
With rising coronavirus numbers in Southern California, Texas and Arizona, leaders in Sonora and Tamaulipas are seeking tighter border restrictions and pleading for Americans not to cross.
Charities and aid groups are seeing something new: families never before in financial trouble seeking help, food and even a place to live.
The suspects are all Saudi nationals. The Saudi government has refused to extradite them.
The World Food Program says it needs to reach more people than ever before.
The prime minister’s raid on Kataib Hezbollah was the boldest move yet against the armed groups.
Health experts worry that even if a vaccine works, refusals could bring a resurgence.
Zheng Yanxiong is known for putting down an anti-corruption uprising in neighboring Guangdong province.
Not long ago, Hong Kong was seen as the city that would prefigure a more liberal, prosperous future for China.
Washington is targeting Iran’s use of private shippers used by to evade nuclear program sanctions and bolster the Maduro regime.
A soon-to-be-published government study will show a much larger toll than previously reported, according to Mexico’s coronavirus czar.
About 135 pounds of explosives and 48,000 rounds of ammunition are missing.
The administration is to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to use a high-tech detection system at same time it spends billions on an actual concrete-and-steel wall.
Democracies such as Britain and Australia are formulating measures to help, while risking blowback from a furious Beijing.
The free fall in confidence is among the steepest in the world.
The country with the world’s second worst outbreak is hosting one major trial, with two more likely to follow.
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More than 2 million people have gathered in northern India while trying to practice social distancing to plant 250 million trees as part of a government plan to tackle climate change
  • 29 minutes ago
Sudan’s state media says a government delegation has arrived in Central Darfur province for talks with hundreds of protesters camped outside a government building
  • 1 hour ago
Iran has instituted mandatory mask-wearing as fears mount over newly spiking reported deaths from the coronavirus, even as its public increasingly shrugs off the danger
  • 2 hours ago
Ethiopian police were patrolling the country’s troubled Oromia region and the capital, Addis Ababa following a week of unrest in which 166 people were killed and more than 2,000 arrested, after a popular singer was shot dead
  • 2 hours ago
The United Arab Emirates has announced a wide-ranging government shakeup
  • 3 hours ago
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