(Soichiro Koriyama/Bloomberg)
(Soichiro Koriyama/Bloomberg)

Covid-19 live updated: Tokyo set to lift state of emergency ahead of Olympics

Japan's slow vaccine rollout is gathering pace and infections are starting to fall but some kind of “quasi-emergency” will likely be in force during the Olympics.

Hong Kong raids newspaper offices, arrests editor, executives under security law

The raid on Apple Daily and the arrests show how dramatically space is shrinking for the city’s once-free press.

The delta variant adds a speed bump to the pandemic escape route

A fast-spreading variant may slow global reopening and recovery from the pandemic.

United States surpasses 600,000 coronavirus deaths

The nationwide death rate has dropped sharply since vaccinations became widely available.

What to know about Ebrahim Raisi, the front-runner in Iran’s presidential election

The 60-year-old hardline cleric is a close confidant of Iran's supreme leader.

Floods in Australia sent spiders scrambling for dry land. A town is now covered in webs.

A town in Australia is covered in spider silk following severe flooding.

How Biden’s meeting with Putin differed from Trump’s

Here’s how Biden's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin differed from Trump’s norm-shattering encounters.

Putin’s rocky relationship with American presidents

Ahead of Biden's meeting with Putin, here's a look at how other U.S. presidents have gotten along with the Russian leader.

With election fraud claims, Peru’s Keiko Fujimori takes a page from the Trump playbook. She’s not alone.

Fujimori’s approach, following Trump’s effort to discredit the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election over false fraud claims, could signal the emergence of a trend.

Who is Alexei Navalny, the Kremlin critic in a Russian penal colony?

Days after he ended a hunger strike, a Russian court ordered Navalny's organization to suspend activities while it considered a proposed ban.

Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza in retaliation for incendiary balloons, in first flare-up since May truce

The exchange highlights the fragility of a cease fire in the region and poses a first test to Israel’s new government.

Man charged by British police after U.K. anti-lockdown protesters chase BBC editor

Footage showed journalist Nick Watt being chased and verbally abused by a group of protesters on Monday.

What offenses did Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, commit in Britain? New report forces police to review claims.

Scotland Yard said it would "review" allegations of serious sexual assault and trafficking of girls and women in Britain.

An unmarked gravesite drags a not-so-distant horror back into the spotlight. Is this a real reckoning?

The discovery of the remains of 215 children at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School draws new attention to Canada's treatment of First Nations people — for now, at least.

North Korea’s Kim calls food situation ‘tense’ as reports of shortages mount

But Kim Jong Un says industrial production has risen this year, after a pandemic-induced slump in 2020.

‘Like a murder’: South Korean women face widespread online sex abuse, rights group says

There has been a rise in crimes involving intimate images that are captured and shared without consent or manipulated to impersonate the victim in a sexually degrading manner.

An emboldened Biden meets an unbothered Putin

There are low expectations for the U.S.-Russia summit in Geneva, but the geopolitics remains high stakes.

Biden, E.U. end 17-year Airbus-Boeing trade dispute, seek to calm relations after Trump

President Biden met E.U. leaders in Brussels on Tuesday, but all the Trump-era disputes will not be resolved immediately.

Hungary passes law banning LGBTQ content for minors

The law prohibits sharing any content portraying homosexuality or sex reassignment with minors. Rights groups denounced it as discriminatory.
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China launches first crew to live on new space station

China has launched its first crewed space mission in five years, sending three astronauts to a new space station that marks a milestone in the country’s ambitious space program
  • 19 minutes ago

Resident: Junta burns Myanmar village in escalating violence

Government troops have burned down most of a village in Myanmar’s heartland in an apparent attempt to suppress local resistance against the ruling military junta
  • 32 minutes ago

Power outage hits 337K in Puerto Rico amid growing outrage

A sudden power failure left more than 337,000 clients in the dark across Puerto Rico, enraging many who were recovering from a massive outage that hit the U.S. territory just days ago
  • 58 minutes ago

EXPLAINER: The significance of China's new space station

Adding a crew to China’s new orbiting space station is another major advance for the burgeoning space power
  • 2 hours ago

UN chief criticizes Central African Republic forces' actions

The U.N. chief is strongly criticizing the Central African Republic’s security and allied forces in a new report for an “unprecedented increase in hostile threats and incidents” targeting U.N. peacekeepers and alleged human rights abuses
  • 2 hours ago
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