Monsoon ‘fury’ batters India, leaving at least 125 dead

Floods in India submerged homes, triggered landslides and caused major accidents.

U.K. places sanctions on Equatorial Guinea president’s son after purchases including Michael Jackson’s glove

The move, along with a slate of other measures targeting corruption internationally, highlights a more aggressive British approach to sanctions.

Power outages cripple parts of the Middle East amid record heat waves and rising unrest

Electricity cuts are taking the greatest toll on businesses, hospitals and the poor in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.

Belarus once cultivated high-tech talent. Now those people are fleeing political crackdowns.

President Alexander Lukashenko sees the technology sector as an enemy, but it had been the bright spot of the economy.

Haiti buries a president, but its long-term crisis lives on

Escalating violence and wrenching poverty threaten to shatter the Caribbean country.

Canada to relocate Afghans who assisted in war amid ‘rapidly deteriorating’ security situation

The announcement follows weeks of mounting frustration from Canadian lawmakers and advocates, including veterans.

What are economic sanctions, and how did they become Washington’s foreign policy tool of choice?

The Biden administration Thursday imposed a substantial slate of economic sanctions on Russia. The move came as little surprise.

U.S. escalates airstrikes on Taliban, officials say, as Afghan military loses ground

Four of the strikes were carried out on Wednesday and Thursday, including some in Kandahar, one official said.

Xi Jinping first Chinese president to visit Tibet in 30 years

China has been accused by governments, rights groups and Tibetans in exile of widespread abuses in the mainly Buddhist mountain region, including religious and cultural oppression.

Haiti buries its slain president

The ceremonies are centered in the northern city of Cap-Haïtien, close to where Moïse was born.

Japan manages a forced smile at its lonely Opening Ceremonies, but Olympic joy is in short supply

The Tokyo Olympics' opening event, anticipated so eagerly 18 months ago, went off in an empty stadium and with a mix of protesters and interested residents gathered outside.

The Tokyo Olympics: 1964 celebrations and 2021 struggles

The 1964 Tokyo Olympics was an emotional celebration of Japan's triumphant post-war return to the global stage. This year, the postponed Tokyo Olympics looks and feels nothing like those Games — or any other Olympics of the past.

Covid-19 global updates: New restrictions, travel bans in Asia region as delta variant cases rise

Surging coronavirus cases — in places such as Australia, Malaysia and Thailand — have been blamed on the more contagious delta variant.

Tensions simmer in northern Haiti amid funeral for assassinated president

At least one death was recorded in protests outside of Cap-Haïtien, where the funeral of Jovenel Moïse will be held Friday.

Bolsonaro once said he’d stage a military takeover. Now Brazilians fear he could be laying the foundation for one.

Bolsonaro's increasingly brazen comments have escalated a months-long campaign to erode faith in the electoral system of Latin America's largest democracy.

On one street in Germany’s floods: Terror, survival, tragedy and the house that floated away

“It just kept getting worse and worse and worse,” said one resident.

‘A search for villains’: As Australia’s outbreak grows, so does covid shaming

The finger-pointing has intensified amid the largest coronavirus outbreak in almost a year, which has left half the nation in lockdown.

Delta variant outbreak pops travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand

New Zealand has suspended a travel corridor with Australia for eight weeks as a delta variant outbreak that began in Sydney imperils the nation's earlier success in containing the pandemic.

South Korea’s chicken joints have their wings clipped by coronavirus surge

Traditional summer chicken dinners were seen as a sign of recovery. Instead, restaurants are empty.

Japan’s Olympics kick off amid a cascade of disasters

The Tokyo Olympics begin with little fanfare and a surge of coronavirus cases.
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UN adopts first resolution on vision, aims to help 1 billion

The U.N. General Assembly has approved its first-ever resolution on vision
  • 3 hours ago

Nicaragua arrests 7th presidential contender in Nov. 7 vote

Nicaraguan police have placed under house arrest yet another presidential contender, the seventh so far
  • 3 hours ago

New floods hit Belgium amid stormy weather

New floods have again swamped areas of Belgium and washed away cars as a wave of thunderstorms and heavy rain hit the country on Saturday
  • 4 hours ago

Residents say flood-hit German towns got little warning

With the death toll and economic damage from last week’s floods in Germany continuing to rise, some residents are asking why systems designed to warn people of the impending disaster didn’t work
  • 4 hours ago

French protesters reject virus passes, vaccine mandate

Tens of thousands of people across France are protesting new virus measures
  • 5 hours ago
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