Rocket attacks at Zaporizhzhia power plant raise fears of ‘nuclear catastrophe’

“This time a nuclear catastrophe was miraculously avoided, but miracles cannot last forever,” Ukraine’s state nuclear power company Energoatom said Sunday.

By John Hudson and Jennifer HassanAugust 7, 2022

Ukraine Live Briefing: Fresh shelling at nuclear plant as U.N. warns of possible ‘disaster’

Kyiv says the "grain corridor" is working while the U.N. warns against strikes around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

By Jennifer Hassan and Praveena SomasundaramAugust 7, 2022

Israel kills second militant leader in Gaza; rockets target Jerusalem

Israel said it killed Khaled Mansour, a senior Islamic Jihad official, after a similar airstrike against Tayseer Jabari.

By Shira Rubin, Steve Hendrix and Hazem Balousha August 7, 2022

China expands military drills, escalates threats against Taiwan

China announced additional live-fire drills in the Bohai and Yellow seas, as Beijing broadcasts its fury over a visit to Taiwan by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

By Christian ShepherdAugust 7, 2022

Amnesty International’s Ukraine chief resigns after report criticizes Kyiv

Oksana Pokalchuk's resignation comes after Amnesty International released a report accusing Ukraine of endangering civilians.

By Bryan PietschAugust 7, 2022

Another blast in Kabul targets Shiite community

A bombing in the heart of Kabul’s Shiite minority community Saturday killed at least two people and wounded 22.

By Pamela ConstableAugust 6, 2022

Ukraine Live Briefing: Russia and Ukraine accuse each other of shelling Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

Russia and Ukraine are accusing one another of shelling the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, as fighting continues in the south on Saturday.

By Hari Raj, Adela Suliman and Praveena SomasundaramAugust 6, 2022

What we know about the blast that killed Ukrainian POWs in Olenivka

A Washington Post review of satellite imagery, videos, and interviews with former detainees and experts casts doubt on the Russian claim that a Ukrainian HIMARS-launched attack killed at least 50 people at a prison on the outskirts of Olenivka on July 29.

By Joyce Sohyun Lee, Samuel Oakford, Claire Parker and Mary IlyushinaAugust 6, 2022

Militants keep firing rockets at Israel as strikes in Gaza kill at least 24

Israeli forces and militants in Gaza continued to exchange air and rocket attacks Saturday following Israeli airstrikes that killed 12 inside the enclave Friday.

By Steve Hendrix and Hazem BaloushaAugust 6, 2022

U.N. watchdog warns of ‘nuclear disaster’ from shelling at Zaporizhzhia plant

The International Atomic Energy Agency director general urged Russia and Ukraine to allow a mission of experts access to the facility to help secure it.

By Praveena SomasundaramAugust 6, 2022

Russian men, dying in war, leave many families sad, angry and silent

Few are brave to ask about the true toll as the number of war dead is a state secret.

By Robyn DixonAugust 6, 2022

Gerald Nagler, leading human rights activist since Cold War, dies at 92

He lent support to dissidents including Andrei Sakharov of the Soviet Union and Vaclav Havel of Czechoslovakia.

By Brian MurphyAugust 6, 2022

Colombia wants him adopted. But he has a family — and they want him back.

The 6-year-old is one of hundreds of Venezuelan minors in Colombia's child-welfare system. Colombia is seeking permission to begin putting them up for adoption.

By Samantha Schmidt, Ana Vanessa Herrero and Diana DuránAugust 6, 2022

From the one-China policy to the Taiwan Relations Act, here’s what to know

After House Speaker Pelosi's visit to Taiwan raised tensions, here's a look at the U.S. policies, communiques and assurances regarding China and Taiwan.

By Andrew JeongAugust 6, 2022

Ukraine Live Briefing: Three grain ships set sail; Moscow mulls Griner swap

Three ships are exporting grain from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports. President Biden described Brittney Griner’s sentencing as “unacceptable.”

By Ellen Francis, Grace Moon, Robyn Dixon, Karina Tsui and Meryl KornfieldAugust 5, 2022

Russia turns to Turkey, other trading partners to blunt sanctions’ impact

In a meeting in Sochi, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan agree for their nations to work more closely but release few specifics.

By Catherine Belton and Kareem FahimAugust 5, 2022

Israeli strikes in Gaza kill senior militant leader, at least 9 others

The attacks followed threats from militants inside Gaza after Israel arrested an Islamic Jihad leader in the West Bank. Israel said it was targeting the group's leaders in the strikes.

By Steve Hendrix, Hazem Balousha and Shira RubinAugust 5, 2022

Roy Hackett, British civil rights pioneer, dies at 93

Inspired in part by the Montgomery bus boycott, he led a successful 1963 campaign for civil rights in Bristol, England.

By Phil DavisonAugust 5, 2022

Brazil gets tough on Crackland, and the drug market spreads

The São Paulo drug market is one of the world’s oldest and largest. Now police pressure is pushing it beyond its traditional boundaries.

By Gabriela Sá Pessoa and Marina LopesAugust 5, 2022

Canada to ban handgun imports

The ban, to take effect in two weeks, will allow Ottawa to stop imports without waiting for Parliament to pass legislation. But critics say it doesn’t get at the real problem: Firearms smuggled illegally from the United States.

By Amanda Coletta and Karina TsuiAugust 5, 2022