U.S. blacklists Iraqi militia leaders over killing of anti-government protesters

The Treasury Department enacted the designation for leaders of three Iraqi militias considered proxies for Iran.

Boris Johnson breaks tradition by dodging interview with BBC’s top Rottweiler, Andrew Neil

On Thursday night, Neil issued a remarkable, unprecedented on-air challenge to the British prime minister where he suggested that Johnson might be a coward or a fabricator.

If the U.S. had Samoa’s current level of measles cases, there would now be more than 7 million infected Americans

The expanding measles outbreak in Samoa comes amid a global surge in new cases, according to a new report.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky meets with servicemen while visiting the Donetsk region. (AFP/Ukrainian Presidential Press Service)
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky meets with servicemen while visiting the Donetsk region. (AFP/Ukrainian Presidential Press Service)

Ukraine’s president, a political novice, will meet Putin face to face. Is he up to the task?

Volodymyr Zelensky goes into next week's meeting weakened by President Trump’s suspicions of Ukraine. The stakes: Ending the war that has cost more than 13,000 lives.

Merkel visits Auschwitz for the first time in her 14 years as German chancellor

The visit to the Holocaust site comes just two months after a deadly synagogue shooting in Halle. “This is a story and a history that has to be told time and again, to ensure that we remain vigilant,” the German chancellor said.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is expected to meet Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The White House is mum on a Trump meeting.
Former New York mayor’s trip to the country at the center of the impeachment scandal sends a brazen signal of disregard for House proceedings.
Unknown assailants fired on protesters and threw molotov cocktails, killing at least a dozen, officials said.
The president has routinely spoken to Giuliani and others on cellphones vulnerable to monitoring, according to current and former officials.
Activists assailed the deaths of the four men as extrajudicial killings, though others praised the officers’ actions.
Russia could finally be moving toward a law combating abuse against women.
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The plight of climate refugees seems anathema to a Trump administration defined by its hostility to migrants and skepticism of climate change.
Giuliani later said some U.S. aid to Ukraine could face “major obstacles” without investigations into Joe Biden.
Teens in Argentina are rewriting the rules of the Spanish language to eliminate gender in order to change what they see as a deeply gendered culture. Their efforts are at the center of a global debate over gender, amid the growing visibility of non-binary identities and a wave of feminist movements worldwide.
Officials detained nearly 2,100 pregnant women in 2018 after ending an Obama administration policy ordering the release of expectant mothers due to health concerns.
State Department official’s descriptions of demonstrations come as Trump administration considers increasing military presence in the region.
The U.S. attorney general met with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador as Trump considers designating drug rings terrorist organizations.
A strike by union workers protesting President Emmanuel Macron’s proposed changes to the country’s retirement system crippled transportation across the country and forced the shuttering of some of Paris’s most popular tourist sites.
The introduction of this instruction is another way the North African nation is leading relatively progressive policies in a conservative part of the world, experts say.
A photograph seemingly taken with the phone was shared on the prime minister’s personal Instagram account.
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Iraqi officials have raised Friday’s death toll to 25 protesters killed and over 130 wounded, after a bloody night of attacks by unknown gunmen that targeted anti-government demonstrators in the capital city
  • 48 minutes ago
Anti-government protests that broke out across Lebanon in October over a plunging economy and widespread corruption have had repercussions on journalists covering the unrest
  • 3 hours ago
AP Exclusive: Government list shows 629 Pakistani girls from across the country sold as brides to China
  • 3 hours ago

A 23-year-old Indian woman who alleged she was gang-raped has died from burn injuries sustained in an attack that took place while she was on her way to a court hearing
  • 3 hours ago
Mexico says it has made the biggest oil discovery in the country since 1987 at the Quesqui field in the Gulf coast state of Tabasco
  • 4 hours ago
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