Militants fire rockets from Gaza after filming Israeli army bulldozer dragging body

The increase in tension comes a week before Israelis return to the polls for the third time in less than a year.

Putin as Russia’s supreme leader? A constitutional rewrite brings out some ‘crazy’ ideas.

But it’s all about keeping Vladimir Putin in control.
The Chinese leader warned that the outbreak was a test that would inevitably shake the country’s economic development.
President Trump will spend just 36 hours in India, the world’s largest democracy.
  • 26 minutes ago
The WikiLeaks founder’s trial begins Monday.
The move, a product of a decades-old rivalry between the prime minister and his anointed successor, appeared to undercut one of the region’s most promising democratic transitions.
Move saved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from having to make a no-win decision.
Those who flee the clampdown on pro-democracy protests don’t know who they can trust in Taipei, raising pressure on the government to formalize protections.
  • 6 hours ago
Hundreds face quarantine after members of a South Korean tour group tested positive.
Chinese health officials confirmed that the pneumonialike coronavirus came from wild animals sold at a market in Wuhan, the city of 11 million people and capital of the Hubei province in China.
Authorities were having difficulty locating members of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus. President Moon Jae-in called the closing a “fair and inevitable step.”
The Alberta project would generate jobs and money, but it would also have “significant adverse environmental effects.”
Containment is still possible, but the window ‘is narrowing,’ the WHO chief said.
The move is aimed at reducing violence ahead of a possible peace deal.
Coming after intense international pressure, the move is seen as a the most serious chance yet at ending years of war.
U.S. and West African officials warn the partnership could grow into a global threat.
They are gainfully employed but need to find fresh ways to spread their rival messages.
The IRGC faces new dangers abroad and a backlash at home over the downing of a Ukrainian airliner and the handling of protests.
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Police are manning checkpoints around sealed-off towns in Italy’s north as authorities seek to contain the virus from China
  • 31 minutes ago
Four experienced Sherpa guides are attempting to climb to the top of Mount Everest in less than a week during the final days of winter to set a new climbing record on the world’s highest peak
  • 3 hours ago
Togo’s electoral commission says the country’s president has easily won a fourth term, extending the grip his family has had on power since 1967
  • 3 hours ago

The Army, for the first time, will send soldiers from one of its new training brigades to Africa in the coming weeks, expanding the use of the new specialized units as the Pentagon looks at possible troop cuts on the continent
  • 4 hours ago
Lionel Messi had already demanded that Barcelona settle its inner turmoil and regain the focus needed for a successful title run
  • 4 hours ago
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