The Chinese Commerce Ministry appeared to suggest that Apple and Google could be targeted if they complied with the U.S. government’s takedown order.

Tens of thousands rally against the government in Thailand, inspired by student leaders

Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak has emerged as a leading figure in the pro-democracy movement, stepping forward to openly criticize the monarchy.

As infections ebb, Japan hopes it has cracked the covid code on coexisting with the virus

Sharp science and peer pressure without a lockdown helped Japan tame the coronavirus, offering a possible model for the “pandemic era.”
Despite abductions and expulsions, activists — including many women — are holding their ground.
Beijing and Moscow are gambling on a rushed rollout, with big risks but potentially valuable payoffs.
Invented by the Soviet Union, it acts as a cholinesterase inhibitor, blocking an enzyme the nervous system needs to function.
Around the world, TikTok is widely considered a problem.
Officials announced targeted measures in England, France, Spain and elsewhere, and other countries appeared to be on the brink of doing the same.
Israel, Spain and France show even with strong policies, it’s hard to keep the coronavirus at bay.
The menacing tone from Beijing came as a senior U.S. official visited Taipei and as military tensions escalate in the flash point region.
Fears are growing that the president could recognize Taiwan or order a military strike against islands in the South China Sea.
The struggle of the Ghattas family and their humble manousheh is the story of Lebanon.
In the United States and abroad, experts link the rise of extreme conspiratorial thinking to a broader atmosphere of political polarization, the insulating algorithms of social media and the relative success of demagogic, nationalist politicians.
Critics see a rush judgment; Vizcarra remains popular despite the country’s pandemic performance.
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They’re trying to reach the grave of their movement’s founder for Rosh Hashanah. Ukraine has closed the border to foreigners.
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The figures are disproportionate: Data collected by the WHO suggests that health workers represent less than 3 percent of the population in the majority of countries.
Qantas, among the latest to advertise a flight that departs and arrives at the same airport, said its flight had sold out within 10 minutes.
Small, isolated towns, cut off by the pandemic, are asking authorities to declare border bubbles.
Blamed for two major outbreaks of covid-19, religious services are now lonely affairs.
Kremlin has denied that the prominent opposition leader was the victim of a state-ordered toxic attack.
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Ethiopia has charged its most prominent opposition figure, Jawar Mohammed, and 23 others with terrorism-related offenses and other crimes that could bring life in prison
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Moroccans staged a protest outside parliament to denounce Arab countries’ agreements to normalize ties with Israel
  • 8 hours ago
Change can come slowly to Italy’s centuries-old wine industry, but the coronavirus pandemic has radically altered the path from vine to table in a matter of months, beginning with the fall harvest
  • 9 hours ago
China has sent 19 more warplanes toward Taiwan for the second day as the island’s leader, senior government officials and a high-level U.S. envoy have paid tribute to the man who led Taiwan’s transition to democracy, former President Lee Teng-hui
  • 11 hours ago
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has visited the small nation of Guyana looking to shore up support for Trump administration efforts to oust Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and build ties with the booming oil producer
  • 13 hours ago
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