(Andrew Kelly/Reuters)
(Andrew Kelly/Reuters)

Covid-19 live updates: Leader of top teachers union to call for schools to fully open in fall

Randi Weingarten's comments come after a year when teachers unions have resisted a return to in-person classes in many communities.

As rival gangs of Jews and Arabs clash on streets, fears mount of irreparable damage to Israeli society

Although there will be an eventual cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, it will be harder to stop the communal violence.

What’s behind the violence in Israel and Gaza?

Violence in Gaza Strip escalated Tuesday after a night of Israeli airstrikes.

Israel’s military assault on Gaza threatens to worsen the pandemic in the enclave

The violence could undo fragile gains against Gaza’s worst outbreak since the pandemic began.

Israeli jets strike Gaza; Hamas launches rockets as Israeli ground troops stand by

Hamas reported 83 killed in Gaza since Monday, rocket barrages continued in Tel Aviv and other communities, and officials pleaded with factions to halt street fighting.

What weapons do Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip have and how powerful are they?

The Gaza Strip militant group has fired rockets and shells at Israeli cities in recent days. Here's a look at what weapons the group has and how powerful they are.

This Siberian town lost everything when the mill closed. It’s now struggling to find a future.

Baikalsk is the Russian version of struggles in America's Rust Belt: idled mills, lost jobs and questions over how to reimagine a way forward.

Widespread blackouts hit Taiwan after power plant trips

Rotating electricity outages were instituted for millions of people islandwide, as the supplier said emergency repairs were underway.
  • 5 hours ago

Germany’s rising Green party echoes many U.S. policies. That could rattle pipeline plans from Russia.

The nearly completed Nord Stream 2 pipeline is backed by Angela Merkel, but her time as leader ends later this year.

The battle for Myanmar is far from over

And the pro-democracy movement has proven resilient.

Netanyahu says Israel will escalate military campaign against Hamas

Death toll climbs and Arab-Israeli unrest intensifies as Israel and Gaza slip toward war.

Covid-19 live updates: CDC endorses use of coronavirus vaccine for 12- to 15-year-olds

While numbers are declining in every other region globally, cases in India are still soaring and made up half the new cases worldwide over the last week.

For first time in two decades, mass protests erupt among Israel’s Arab citizens

Demonstrations in support of Palestinians in Jerusalem and Gaza are posing a new challenge on Israel’s home front.

Photos: Death toll climbs and Arab-Israeli protests intensify as Israel and Gaza slip toward war

Violence between Israelis and Palestinians entered its fourth day as rocket attacks on Israeli cities and airstrikes in the Gaza Strip continued into Thursday and casualties climbed on both sides.
  • 20 hours ago

Their parents were dying of covid in India. For 12 frantic days, two sisters tried to save them.

A husband and wife in India were partially vaccinated but died nine days apart.

Upsurge in violence could prove political boon for Netanyahu and Gaza’s Hamas leaders

The fighting has stalled talks over replacing Israel’s prime minister and boosted Hamas’s standing among Palestinians.

Uruguay, once a coronavirus model, struggles against a deadly wave

South America leads the world in new cases and deaths per capita. Uruguay leads South America in both.

CDC director urges parents to vaccinate children

In testimony before a Senate committee, the CDC director encouraged children to ask for the vaccine if their parents are hesitant.

A mysterious, devastating brain disorder is afflicting dozens in one Canadian province

Symptoms include hallucinations, muscle and brain atrophy and Capgras delusion, a belief that family members have been replaced by impostors.
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Russian admiral frets over 'provocative' NATO drills

A top Russian admiral has complained about increased NATO military activities near the country’s borders, describing them as a threat to regional security
  • 18 minutes ago

Hamas, Israel fighting escalates even amid truce efforts

Hamas sent a heavy barrage of rockets deep into Israel, and Israel pounded Gaza with more airstrikes and called up 9,000 more reservists
  • 22 minutes ago

17 migrants drown, 2 rescued in boat sinking off Tunisia

Authorities say 17 migrants have drowned and two have been rescued after a boat trying to carry them to Europe sank off the Tunisian coast
  • 28 minutes ago

Canada's largest province keeps ban on outdoor recreation

Ontario’s premier is keeping outdoor recreational activities like golf courses closed for at least two more weeks despite calls by health officials to resume them for physical and mental health
  • 54 minutes ago

Johnson 'anxious' over rise of Indian virus variant in UK

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he’s “anxious” about the rise in the U.K. of the coronavirus variant first identified in India
  • 1 hour ago
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