U.S. prepares for further talks with Iran as Tehran blames Israel for attack on nuclear facility

Officials in Tehran described a blackout that damaged centrifuges at the Natanz facility as an act of “nuclear terrorism.”

Covid-19 live updates: CDC director says Michigan should ‘shut things down’ amid rise in cases, not bet on vaccines

More than 20 percent of the U.S. population has been vaccinated and deaths are declining steadily even while new cases are on the rise. So far, 561,000 people have died from the coronavirus in the country.

I.A. Rehman, Pakistani journalist and human rights activist, dies at 90

He was a strong voice for religious minorities and spoke out against a strict blasphemy law.
  • 6 hours ago

Scenes of crowded outdoor pubs and long shopping lines as Britain begins reopening

Crowds flocked to eat and drink outdoors as Britain began to ease restrictions after a third national lockdown.

What we know about the Natanz nuclear site attack

Iranian officials blamed Israel for a power outage at a key nuclear facility on Sunday.

Prince Harry returns to bury his grandfather — and, some hope, to heal rifts with the British royal family

He will be seeing his family for the first time since the Oprah interview.

How Prince Philip came to be worshiped on a remote South Pacific island

Before Philip’s death, villagers on the island prayed to the monarch daily, asking him to look over the staple yam and banana crops.

Roar of hope. Silence of despair.

A year after Iraq’s youth revolution, Baghdad’s streets and squares have been largely abandoned. But not the dreams.

Snow no barrier to Brits heading for newly reopened pubs after almost 100 days of covid closure

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged Brits to “behave responsibly” as pubs, gyms and hairdressers reopen.

As Singapore ages, single women pay the price of caring for elderly parents

Many give up careers to become carers — and face financial strain from escalating costs.

Tropical Cyclone Seroja flattens Australian town

The storm traveled unusually far south, bringing wind gusts over 100 miles an hour that wreaked devastation.

Should the U.S. boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in China?

Major sporting events — and especially international spectacles like the Olympics — always bear a political dimension.

After sleepless night, golf-mad Japan celebrates Matsuyama’s Masters triumph

The title — a first for the nation — comes 10 years after a devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Mexico’s new migrant policy adds to Biden’s border woes

Mexico says it has no room for many of the Central American families the Biden administration planned to expel.

Amid tensions with Iran, Pentagon chief says alliance with Israel is ‘ironclad’

The first visit to Israel by a Biden official comes as Iran reports a power outage at its main nuclear site.

As Britain mourns Prince Philip, palace announced private funeral for April 17

From 41-gun salutes to distanced moments of silence, Brits mourned the passing of Prince Philip in both traditional and pandemic-related ways.

Effectiveness of Chinese vaccines ‘not high’ and needs improvement, top health official says

The comments from the head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention have since been mostly censored.

Mexican migrant deaths in the U.S. have surged during the pandemic. Getting bodies home is a challenge.

Thousands of migrants have died of covid-19. Diplomats and loved ones are working to repatriate their remains.
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Altered photos of Cambodian torture victims stir controversy

Cambodians are condemning an Irish photo restorer for altering photographs of victims of their country’s 1970s genocide to show them smiling, saying his decision and that of an international media group to publish them showed horrible judgement
  • 7 minutes ago

Mexico’s navy turns over 30 marines in disappearances cases

Mexico’s navy says it has turned 30 marines over to civilian prosecutors to face justice in the cases of people who disappeared during anti-crime operations in the northern border city of Nuevo Laredo in 2014
  • 44 minutes ago

Ukraine’s leader requests a talk with Putin, gets no answer

Ukraine’s leader has ask to speak to Russian President Vladimir Putin about the Russian troop build-up along the Russian-Ukrainian border and the rising tensions in eastern Ukraine
  • 1 hour ago

Family of slain Mexican environmentalist refuses to flee

The wife and children of an environmental activist slain in the mountains of southern Mexico have refused to leave their village, despite threats against them
  • 1 hour ago

Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala deploy troops to lower migration

The Biden administration has struck an agreement with Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala to temporarily surge troops to their borders in an effort to reduce the tide of migration to the U.S. border
  • 1 hour ago
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