Several activists who have been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for more than six months have been subjected to psychological or physical abuse while in custody, including sleep deprivation and beatings, according to four people familiar with the conditions.
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Venezuela is a country in crisis. Blackouts are common, water is scarce, and public transportation has all but stopped running. President Trump is threatening to label the country a state sponsor of terrorism but that would do little to help those suffering.
The State Department is set to invest millions to deradicalize fighters in Niger.
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The Post's Anton Troianovski traveled to South Ossetia, part of a growing network of separatist territories on Russia's southwestern frontier. (The Post)
Moscow has for years bankrolled an array of pro-Russian breakaway states within the former Soviet republics of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. For the Kremlin, the goals could not be bigger — rebuilding Russia’s influence and countering the region’s drift toward the West.
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The British prime minister sparked a backlash over her suggestion that E.U. workers in Britain had cut in line and don't belong. Her remarks were deemed deeply insulting, not only by the foreigners but by many Brits.

“Parents are having to witness their children wasting away, unable to do anything about it,” said the Save the Children report.

The British government urged UAE authorities to “reconsider” the decision.

It was the first abduction of a foreigner since a spate of al-Shabab attacks six years ago.

The American persuaded fishermen to take him to the remote North Sentinel Island, which is off-limits to visitors.

Viola Desmond, black woman who spurred end of segregation in Nova Scotia, now appears on Canada’s $10 bill

She becomes the first black person and first female non-monarch to appear on a Canadian banknote.

Japan wakes up to exploitation of foreign workers as immigration debate rages

Japan hosts hundreds of thousands of foreign workers but treats some of them very badly.

The snap election followed the shock arrest of the Chinese Interpol president. Washington had lobbied hard against the Russian candidate.

South Korea has led the way on outreach to Kim Jong Un’s regime. But conflicting demands between Washington and Pyongyang raise questions about how far the detente can go.

November 21, 2017 brought euphoric tears. November 21, 2018 is about stifled dreams.

The Columbia University institute seeks documents relating to agencies’ “duty to warn.”

The acting attorney general’s personal financial disclosure was made public Tuesday.

A growing number of Kremlin critics, plus Washington and London, have watched with alarm as a Russian is poised to take over the helm of the international police agency.

The attack in the Afghan capital was carried out by a suicide bomber, officials said.

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In Japan, allegations emerge that Nissan secretly spent huge sums buying Ghosn luxury homes around the world.

About 5,800 active-duty service members are deployed across the southern U.S. border, Pentagon officials said.

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Amnesty enlists thousands of online activists to help its probe of US-led campaign that drove IS from Syria’s Raqqa

  • Sarah El Deeb | AP
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  • 12 minutes ago
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While thousands of Uighur Muslims across China’s Xinjiang region are forced into re-education camps, Beijing’s vision for ethnic unity is taking shape in a village where Han Chinese work and live alongside Uighur minorities. But cracks show.

  • Emily Wang | AP
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  • 20 minutes ago
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South Korea’s Kim Jong Yang elected as Interpol’s next president, edging out veteran of Russia’s security services

  • Aya Batrawy and Angela Charlton | AP
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  • 24 minutes ago
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A major Ethiopian broadcaster says Facebook has shut 20 fake pages that falsely used its name

  • Elias Meseret | AP
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Voters have approved a constitutional change abolishing the death penalty in Hesse, the last German state to have capital punishment on the books

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  • 36 minutes ago
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The Latest: Interpol’s secretary general says nationality of organization’s president doesn’t affect its neutrality

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