Pakistan reels after terrorist bombing kills almost 100, fears more to come

With 95 dead in police mosque attack, the nation is in shock as a political stalemate hampers the chance for a coordinated response.

By Haq Nawaz Khan and Pamela ConstableJanuary 31, 2023

Ukraine live briefing: Biden says no to F-16 jets for Kyiv; Russia likely eyeing Donetsk advance, U.K. says

The Pentagon announced the first shipment of Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Ukraine. France did not rule out sending fighter jets.

By Erin Cunningham, Bryan Pietsch and Leo SandsJanuary 31, 2023

Brazilians and dolphins work together to catch fish. Maybe not for long.

Local fishers and bottlenose dolphins have long worked together to catch mullets, a silvery fish. But climate change and commercial fishing may end the practice.

By Andrew JeongJanuary 31, 2023

Asked about sending weapons to Ukraine, South Korea doesn’t say no

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is on a Pacific swing, part of an effort to expand alliances as China engages in more "destabilizing" behavior.

By Karen DeYoungJanuary 31, 2023

Will Steffen, pioneering scientist who fought climate denialism, dies at 75

The scientist had advocated for official recognition of the Anthropocene epoch and warned of a "Hothouse Earth" of devastating, unstoppable climate change.

By Rachel PannettJanuary 31, 2023

Ukraine intel chief predicted Russia’s war. He says Crimea will be retaken.

Gen. Kyrylo Budanov was named head of Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence at age 34. In an interview, he would not confirm or deny his role in the killing of a Russian operative.

By Isabelle KhurshudyanJanuary 31, 2023

Death toll in Pakistan mosque blast skyrockets to at least 85

The explosion happened during afternoon prayers at a mosque inside a Peshawar police compound, authorities said.

By Haq Nawaz Khan and Pamela ConstableJanuary 31, 2023

U.S. struggles to face Israeli-Palestinian reality

Some Palestinians and Israelis want to see stronger public rhetoric from Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his colleagues, messages that would communicate the new gravity of the moment.

By Ishaan TharoorJanuary 31, 2023

U.S. freestyle skiing gold medalist killed in avalanche in Japan

Kyle Smaine, a world champion in the halfpipe, was backcountry skiing when he was killed.

By Bryan Pietsch, Cindy Boren and Julia Mio InumaJanuary 30, 2023

U.S. military poised to secure new access to key Philippine bases

The expansion is part of a broader push in the Indo-Pacific to buttress U.S. force posture, reinforce alliances and deter China.

By Ellen Nakashima and Rebecca TanJanuary 30, 2023

South Koreans don’t have to wear masks anymore. But many want to.

It was one of the first countries with a covid outbreak, and one of the last to end its indoor mask mandate. The change was met with shrugs.

By Kelly Kasulis Cho and Bryan PietschJanuary 30, 2023

Prospects for the global economy are improving, as worst fears fade

The outlook for the global economy in recent weeks has unexpectedly brightened, with the United States, Europe and China all outperforming expectations and avoiding — at least for now — some predicted stumbles.

By David J. LynchJanuary 30, 2023

China province to offer benefits to single parents as birth rate drops

Sichuan, one of China’s most populous provinces, is expanding benefits to unmarried parents amid a looming demographic crisis.

By Meaghan TobinJanuary 30, 2023

Putin threatened to kill me, Britain’s Boris Johnson says

In a BBC documentary, former prime minister Boris Johnson says Russia's Vladimir Putin threatened the U.K. in an offhand way after he was warned not to invade Ukraine.

By Karla AdamJanuary 30, 2023

Blinken reaffirms ‘vision’ for two states as Israeli-Palestinian violence surges

America’s top diplomat visited the region at a time of cascading attacks, urging Israelis and Palestinians to restore calm.

By William Booth, Shira Rubin and Missy RyanJanuary 30, 2023

Catholic cardinal twice accused of sexual assault is allowed to resign

A brief Vatican note on the resignation of Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Quebec made no mention of the allegations against him.

By Adam TaylorJanuary 30, 2023

Ukraine live briefing: France and Australia to produce artillery shells for Ukraine; Zelensky calls for faster weapons deliveries

Former British prime minister Boris Johnson claimed the Russian president threatened him with a missile strike in the run-up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

By Rachel Pannett, Jennifer Hassan, Adam Taylor and Sammy WestfallJanuary 30, 2023

Bobby Hull, hockey’s ‘Golden Jet’ of the ice, dies at 84

His speed and showmanship made him one of the most popular hockey players of all time. But allegations of spousal abuse and racism tainted his public persona.

By Ben SumnerJanuary 30, 2023

Photos: Explosion kills dozens at mosque in northwest Pakistan

An explosion ripped through a mosque in a police compound in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar, bringing down the roof and killing at least 32 people, according to a hospital.

By Washington Post StaffJanuary 30, 2023

Why is a U.S. general predicting war with China by 2025?

"My gut tells me we will fight in 2025,” a four-star U.S. Air Force general predicted. What's happening in China that year that makes him think war is likely?

By Christian Shepherd and Pei-Lin WuJanuary 30, 2023