(Alastair Grant/AP)
(Alastair Grant/AP)

Queen Elizabeth II discharged from hospital after overnight stay, Buckingham Palace says

Earlier this week, the 95-year-old monarch canceled a two-day visit to Northern Ireland after “reluctantly” accepting medical advice to rest for the next few days.

Gang leader reportedly threatens to kill kidnapped American missionaries

The head of 400 Mawozo, a street gang notorious for violent mass abductions, did not outline the demands or provide a deadline.

Austin at NATO to discuss China and Afghanistan, as defense ministers reimagine the alliance’s goals

The two-day meeting of NATO's defense ministers is the first in-person encounter since the pandemic — and the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Leslie Bricusse, Oscar-winning composer and lyricist for ‘Doctor Dolittle,’ dies at 90

He co-wrote hit stage musicals, worked on James Bond scores including ‘Goldfinger’ and composed music for the Hollywood film ‘Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.’
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One of the world’s last two northern white rhinos to ‘retire’ from giving eggs to save the species

After the retirement of Najin, 32, only one rhino egg donor remains in the program, which aims to implant artificially developed embryos into another rhino subspecies.

E.U. debates withholding billions of euros from Poland as punishment for democratic backsliding

With Poland flouting E.U. rules and court orders, the integrity of the 27-nation bloc and its liberal values is under threat.

China wipes Boston Celtics from NBA broadcasts after Enes Kanter slams abuses in Tibet

Chinese social media was filled with angry fans calling for a boycott.

Researchers date earliest known Viking settlement in North America to 1021

In the 1960s, scientists uncovered the earliest known North American Viking settlement at L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland.

Judge rules Afghan militant has been held in Guantánamo illegally, in what lawyers say is the first such ruling in 10 years

Asadullah Haroon Gul, the last ‘low-value’ Afghan detainee, is asking to be freed, citing the end of the U.S. war in Afghanistan.

Taliban tells Kabul’s female city government employees not to come to work

The order excludes women in the health and education sectors.

Prosecutors say man charged with killing U.K. lawmaker considered himself affiliated with ISIS

Ali Harbi Ali, a 25-year-old man from London, had been charged with murder and preparing acts of terrorism, the Crown Prosecution Service announced before his court appearance on Thursday.

Russia’s Navalny awarded prestigious European human rights Sakharov Prize

The E.U.’s top human rights award went to the Russian opposition leader for fighting “tirelessly against the corruption of Vladimir Putin’s regime,” said E.U. parliament president David Sassoli.

Japan and South Korea never did full lockdowns. It left lessons on how to coexist with the virus.

For many countries, the goal is balancing life and the coronavirus. Japan and South Korea have been at it for a while.

A robot is displaying art at the pyramids. Egypt detained it over spying fears, its maker says.

The robot, that goes by Ai-Da, will showcase artwork at an exhibition at the Giza pyramids opening Thursday.

Moscow prepares for a return to lockdown as covid cases — and deaths — soar

Government officials previously said they wouldn’t return to a lockdown. Russia’s death toll of more than 225,000 is by far Europe’s highest.

Prosecutors to challenge ‘Hotel Rwanda’ hero’s 25-year prison sentence

Prosecutors had sought a life sentence for Paul Rusesabagina, whose heroism during the 1994 Rwandan genocide inspired the Hollywood movie. His trial was widely condemned as flawed by international observers.

South Korea successfully launches its first rocket, fails to place test satellite

The nation's space plans include launching satellites for communication, surveillance, navigation and lunar probes.

Climate change is turning the cradle of civilization into a grave

Between the Tigris and Euphrates, intense heat and drought are poisoning the land, emptying the villages.

Scarred by mass shooting, Britain to check social media, medical records of gun license applicants

Two months after a shooting rampage in England, London is tightening firearms licensing procedures.

Putin and Xi look set to disengage as world leaders meet on climate

Low turnout at the COP26 climate summit would also place Britain under the pandemic spotlight once again.
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Over 180 people killed after heavy rains in Nepal and India

Floods and landslides triggered by days of torrential rains have killed at least 99 people in Nepal since Monday
  • 2 hours ago

Desperate Haitians suffocate under growing power of gangs

Gangs across Haiti’s capital and beyond are wielding power like never before
  • 2 hours ago

2 foreigners killed in shootout in Mexico's Tulum resort

Two foreigners were killed and three wounded in a shooting in the Mexican Caribbean resort town of Tulum
  • 2 hours ago

Haiti gang leader threatens to kill kidnapped missionaries

The leader of the 400 Mawozo gang that Haitian police say kidnapped 17 members of a missionary group is seen in a new video saying he will kill them if he doesn’t get what he is demanding
  • 3 hours ago

UN envoy: Myanmar is now in conflict, could be failed state

The U_N_ special envoy for Myanmar is warning that the country is already facing “an internal armed conflict” and if power isn’t returned to the people in a democratic way “we will go in the direction of a failed state.”
  • 3 hours ago
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