Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Ukrainian leaders warn of dire situation in key eastern city of Severodonetsk

Severodonetsk looks set to be the war’s next major battlefield as Russia apparently deploys BMP-T “Terminator” tank support vehicles.

By Bryan Pietsch,  Julian Duplain,  Victoria Bisset,  Jennifer Hassan,  Lateshia Beachum and Paulina VillegasMay 22, 2022

Global health talks clouded by conspiracy theories about pandemic treaty

The unfounded theory accuses the World Health Organization of conspiring to take power from national governments.

By Adam TaylorMay 22, 2022

A grasp at diplomacy as fighting grinds on in Ukraine

The invasion by Russia continues to exact a toll on Ukraine, particularly in the eastern Donbas and Luhansk regions where Russian troops are concentrated.

By Fenit Nirappil,  Julian Duplain,  Annabelle Timsit and Paulina VillegasMay 22, 2022

Ahead of Biden visit, Israel launches biggest eviction of Palestinians in decades

Rights advocates say the mass expulsion, if completed, would be the largest since the aftermath of the 1967 war.

By Steve Hendrix and Shira RubinMay 22, 2022

Deadly thunderstorm complex cuts power to nearly a million in Canada

At least 5 people died as a probable “derecho” swept through Ontario and Quebec.

By Jacob FeuersteinMay 22, 2022

Russia bans 963 Americans, including Biden and Harris — but not Trump

The Russian Foreign Ministry's publication of a list of banned Americans is a largely symbolic move in response to U.S. support for Ukraine and historic sanctions on Russia.

By Timothy BellaMay 22, 2022

Who is Anthony Albanese, the new Australian prime minister?

At a summit in Tokyo on Tuesday, the new Australian prime minister will meet an American president who in many ways is his mirror image.

By Michael E. MillerMay 22, 2022

Biden signs $40 billion Ukraine aid bill

The aid package deepens the U.S. commitment to Ukraine amid signs of preparations for a longer conflict.

By Seung Min Kim,  Julian Duplain,  Amy Cheng,  Andrew Jeong,  Ellen Francis,  Marisa Iati,  Timothy Bella and Meryl KornfieldMay 22, 2022

Ukraine’s first lady details war’s toll on the Zelensky family

In a rare joint television interview, Ukraine’s first lady said: "Nobody takes my husband away from me, not even the war."

By Jennifer HassanMay 22, 2022

Biden visit tests new South Korean president, a foreign policy novice

Yoon Suk-yeol’s first leadership test: Forging a relationship with President Biden, the leader of his country’s most powerful ally.

By Michelle Ye Hee LeeMay 22, 2022

Inside the collapse of the Rajapaksa dynasty in Sri Lanka

How two powerful brothers fell out and took their country down with them.

By Gerry Shih and Hafeel FariszMay 22, 2022

In Cuba, a frantic search for milk

As Cuba careens through its worst economic crisis in 30 years, the staple is one of the most potent symbols of the country’s precarious state.

By Mary Beth SheridanMay 21, 2022

Russia tries to rebound in Ukraine as prospects for victory fade

After the deaths of thousands of Russian soldiers and an avalanche of failures since the invasion of Ukraine began, President Vladimir Putin has narrowed his objectives in a campaign increasingly viewed as unsustainable, unrealistic — and likely unwinnable.

By Dan Lamothe,  Ellen Nakashima and Alex HortonMay 21, 2022

‘Stocky’ Edwards, Canadian flying ace in World War II, dies at 100

He was heralded his nation’s “top gun” over the North African desert in 1942 and 1943.

By Phil DavisonMay 21, 2022

S. Korean president appears uneasy when pressed on gender inequality

The leader of South Korea was asked by a Washington Post reporter about what role he and his administration should play in helping the advancement of women and improving gender equality.

By Michelle Ye Hee Lee,  Seung Min Kim and Michael KranishMay 21, 2022

Australia ousts conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison

“Tonight the Australian people have voted for change,” Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese told supporters after the polls closed.

By Michael E. Miller and Frances VinallMay 21, 2022

In pictures: How the Mariupol siege unfolded

Here’s how Russia’s deadly siege of Ukraine's Mariupol took place, leaving much of the southeastern city in ruins.

By Victoria BissetMay 21, 2022

Biden’s charm offensive seeks to bolster ties with South Korea, Indo-Pacific

Biden began engaging personally with Korea's president on the 10th day of his tenure, part of an effort to exert more influence in the region.

By Seung Min Kim,  Cleve R. Wootson Jr. and Michelle Ye Hee LeeMay 21, 2022

The Black feminist activist who could be Colombia’s vice president

Francia Márquez, a political newcomer, is forcing Colombia to confront its racist, classist and sexist past and present.

By Samantha Schmidt and Diana DuránMay 21, 2022

Dodging shells, mines and spies: On the front with Ukraine’s snipers

A visit to the town of Maryinka brings a rare close-up look at the nature of the war in eastern Ukraine, described by Ukraine’s president as “hell.”

By Sudarsan RaghavanMay 21, 2022