(Amit Sharma/AP)
(Amit Sharma/AP)

Covid-19 live updates: India shatters global record as cases surge again

Chinese vaccine-maker Sinopharm was listed for emergency authorization by the World Heath Organization Friday in a move expected to bolster the global supply of coronavirus vaccines.

WHO grants emergency use authorization for Chinese-made Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine

The step means that the vaccine, developed by Sinopharm with the Beijing Institute of Biological Products, can be used to bolster WHO-backed efforts such as the Covax initiative to share doses equitably around the world.

Spain cracks down on saffron crime ring, arresting 17 in raid

By importing Iranian saffron and labeling it as Spanish saffron, a shadowy organization "caused enormous economic damage to the Spanish saffron sector,” authorities said.

China says out-of-control space rocket booster probably won’t cause any harm

It’s almost impossible to predict where the trail of debris will hit until hours before its projected reentry Saturday.

Liechtenstein prince accused of poaching Europe’s largest bear

Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein was granted a permit to kill a female bear who had been menacing a village in the Carpathian Mountains, according to environmental groups. But somehow Arthur, who lived in a nature reserve nearby, ended up getting killed instead.

Australian basketball star threatens Tokyo boycott over ‘whitewashing’ in country’s Olympic promotions

Australian basketball star Liz Cambage has blasted her country's Olympic officials over "whitewashing" in their promotional materials.

Former Maldives president injured in bomb attack in capital

Police are calling the attack “a deliberate act of terror” targeting one of the nation’s most prominent politicians.

From V-E Day in Paris to Berlin’s black market: An American GI and his camera in the wake of war

Pfc. Sam Jaffe’s camera had a winding journey at the end of World War II. Decades later, the negatives turned up at a yard sale in the United States and then were auctioned off on eBay.

Protests have spread across Colombia. Here’s why.

At least two dozen people have been killed and hundreds injured in a week of antigovernment protests.
  • 13 hours ago

Locked down during Cambodia’s virus outbreak, people are running out of food

Unable to leave their homes because of coronavirus restrictions, families in “red zone” areas tell of increasing desperation and government inaction.
  • 14 hours ago

His language is dying. This Senegalese singer is fighting to save it with music.

Menik is one of Senegal’s 25 recognized native languages but one that had only about 3,000 speakers left at last count.
  • 15 hours ago

We’re still living in the age of Napoleon

"Napoleon was a harbinger of the modern world, with all its terrors and abuses, but also all its progress and possibilities."

An Australian mom was convicted of killing her 4 babies. Scientists say she’s innocent.

Ninety prominent scientists argue that genetics, not murder or manslaughter, may explain the deaths that haunted an Australian family.

Here’s just how unequal the global coronavirus vaccine rollout has been

Rich countries have done a far better job of obtaining doses of covid-19 vaccines and administering them than lower-income ones.

Covid reached Everest base camp. Now climbers are trying to prevent its spread amid a record season.

Coronavirus cases are skyrocketing in Nepal, raising concerns about the safety of climbers and locals summiting the world’s tallest mountain.

Hopes surge for boosted vaccine supply after U.S. voices support for waiving patents, even as uncertainty remains

The United States announced support for a short-term waiver, infusing hope into global health efforts to ramp up coronavirus vaccine production.

What it means for the U.S. to back waivers on coronavirus vaccine patents

After months of deadlock, the United States has reversed course, coming out in favor of a proposal to waive intellectual property protections for coronavirus vaccines at the World Trade Organization.

Brazil shocked by warlike police raid that leaves 25 dead in Rio de Janeiro favela

Even in a city accustomed to extraordinary police violence, the death toll was stunning.

Germany lets the vaccinated have a bit more fun. Teens shut out from the jabs are not happy.

Having a vaccine lifts curfew rules and allows bigger gatherings. But many younger Germans have a long wait.
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Antonio Guterres lays out vision for second term as UN chief

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has laid out his vision for a second term as U.N. chief
  • 29 minutes ago

Ethiopian Orthodox Church patriarch blasts Tigray 'genocide'

The head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in his first public comments on the war in the country’s Tigray region is sharply criticizing Ethiopia’s actions, saying he believes it’s genocide
  • 1 hour ago

Palestinians, Israel police clash at Al-Aqsa mosque; 53 hurt

Palestinian worshippers have clashed with Israeli police at the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, a major holy site sacred to Muslims and Jews
  • 1 hour ago

Ex-Guatemalan soldier deported, faces 1982 massacre charges

The United States has deported to Guatemala a former Guatemalan soldier suspected of helping carry out a massacre during the country’s civil war
  • 1 hour ago

Corruption, economic woes spark deadly protests in Colombia

Deep social discontent that has festered throughout the coronavirus pandemic is driving thousands of Colombians into the streets to protest, and some of the demonstrations have turned deadly
  • 2 hours ago
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