Tens of thousands protest in Hong Kong despite police ban and attack on key organizer

The movement, now in its fifth month, continues to have widespread support and momentum despite increasing violence and police threats.
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In Seoul, students scale wall outside U.S. ambassador’s residence to protest American military presence

The students used extension ladders to scale the walls of the secure embassy and unfurled banners demanding U.S. Ambassador Harry Harris leave South Korea.

Days after opening its first restaurant in Britain, Chick-fil-A says the location will close

The news came as an LGBTQ group held protests outside the site in Reading. But Chick-fil-A said it had always planned to operate there for only a limited time.

Unusual flurry of commentary exposes an internal debate over the military’s role in foreign policy and the responsibility of uniformed officials to speak out publicly.

“The cartel controls the city,” one resident said.

Leaving the European Union has been an agonizing process that has consumed and divided the country.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets as Boris Johnson lost a key vote in Parliament. 

The Central American nation is now a democracy. Why are disappearances soaring? 

Decades after a peace agreement in Northern Ireland, there are still concerns about changing the border.

The election commission said more time is needed to deal with potentially flawed ballots from last month’s voting.

Trump’s recent statements on the matter have been, to quote the office of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, “highly unusual.” Other comments have been downright wrong or misleading.

Trudeau’s Liberals are locked in a tight race with Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives as Canadians head to the polls Monday.

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Witnesses report shelling and gunfire, although President Trump has hailed the U.S.-brokered cease-fire deal as a victory for all parties.

One of Mexico’s most infamous drug traffickers was arrested and then released as the cartel overpowered government security forces. 

Speaking to an enraged country, Saad Hariri said he has set a three-day deadline for political parties to remove obstacles toward changes but did not offer solutions of his own.

The math looks tight. But the British leader has a chance of getting the agreement passed.

Local leaders caution the militant group could reemerge once troops depart. 

The attack comes as civilian casualties in the country have reached record-high levels.

He's not the most powerful of El Chapo's sons, but has emerged as an important leader in the Sinaloa cartel.

Some lawmakers have suggested that they might support Boris Johnson’s deal — on the condition that it is put to a public vote.

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Hong Kong protesters again flood streets on Sunday, ignoring a police ban on the rally and demanding the government meet their demands

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Voters in Switzerland are electing a new national parliament, with recent polls suggesting that green parties could fare well in a year when environmental concerns have swept across Europe

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Indonesia’s popular president who rose from poverty and pledged to champion democracy, fight corruption and modernize the world’s most populous Muslim nation is to be sworn in for his final five-year term

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A senior Syrian Kurdish official says his forces will pull back from a border area in accordance with a U.S.-brokered deal after Turkey allows the evacuation of its remaining fighters and civilians from a besieged town

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The Indian military says Pakistani soldiers have targeted a border post and civilian areas along the highly militarized frontier in disputed Kashmir, leaving two soldiers and a civilian dead

  • Aijaz Hussain | AP
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Botswana, calm for decades, faces surprising election fight after ex-leader turns on successor

  • Sello Motseta | AP
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