(Tom Brenner/AFP/Getty Images)
(Tom Brenner/AFP/Getty Images)

Covid-19 live updates: Jill Biden tours Southern states to encourage vaccination as cases among the young mount

Biden’s visits to Mississippi and Tennessee come as health experts warn that young people in the South are increasingly being hospitalized and concerns over the delta variant grow.

Footage of Amazon destroying thousands of unsold items in Britain prompts calls for official investigation

One ex-employee told ITV that workers were expected to get rid of an estimated 130,000 items a week.

Footage of Amazon destroying thousands of unsold items in Britain prompts calls for official investigation

One ex-employee told ITV that workers were expected to get rid of an estimated 130,000 items a week.

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy Apple Daily newspaper to shut under government pressure

The effort to silence the newspaper is emblematic of Beijing’s broader crackdown.

Japan’s LGBT community cheers soccer player’s coming out as trans man

President Biden has also congratulated 27-year-old Japan international and Washington Spirit forward Kumi Yokoyama for their “courage” in coming out.

Man sentenced for rape — two years, two continents and a faked death later

Kim Avis began a 15-year sentence for rape and other crimes in Scotland last week — after an investigation in the American West that involved police and the U.S. Marshals Service.

Other countries use ranked-choice voting. Has its moment in the U.S. arrived?

New Yorkers are voting in a system that finds parallels in other Western democracies. Its advocates believe the rest of the country should follow suit.

U.S. to miss July 4 vaccine goal; Fauci calls delta variant country’s ‘greatest threat’

The delta variant, which was first detected in India, is “unquestionably” more transmissible than other common coronavirus variants and linked to increased hospitalizations, Fauci said.

Kim Jong Un, fearing loss of control, has grooming and parenting advice for North Korean women

Kim's renewed efforts to regulate how North Korean citizens think and look comes as South Korean and Western pop culture continue to seep into the country.

Activists see George Floyd parallels in video of Czech police officer kneeling on Roma man who later died

Roma community members are calling for an investigation, but police say that drugs, not the police, caused the man’s death.
  • 16 hours ago

Militias in Afghanistan’s north are taking up the fight against the Taliban

With government forces stretched thin, officials are appealing for help from local fighters.

Dead turtles, dolphins on Sri Lanka beaches renew fears of environmental damage after ship disaster

The Sri Lankan government has said that the links to the ship are only “provisionally” confirmed and that more testing is being conducted.

Italy is debating an LGBT anti-hate law. The Vatican just took a rare step to protest it.

Church figures commonly take stances on affairs in other countries. But this time, the Vatican is using a diplomatic channel and testing its clout as a state.

China calls for Canada human rights inquiry, preempting demand for investigation into abuse of Uyghurs

At the U.N. Human Rights Council, China preempted a Canadian-led call for a Xinjiang probe by demanding an investigation into missing Indigenous children.

Pressure builds to open U.S.-Canada border

Ottawa says fully vaccinated Canadians returning to the country can skip some quarantine requirements next month. Americans remain out of luck.

The deadly black fungus striking India’s recovering covid patients

Mucormycosis has killed hundreds in India and forced many to have an eye removed.

Coronavirus cases surge in Cornwall, England, after G-7 summit, sparking backlash

The government insists that the influx of people during the summit has no direct link.

Two Catholic churches on Canadian Indigenous land destroyed in ‘suspicious’ fires, police say

The separate fires arrive less than a month after the remains of 215 Indigenous children were found at a former residential school in British Columbia once operated by the Roman Catholic Church.

An American lawyer tried to break up a scuffle in Hong Kong. Now, he’s in jail.

The case against Samuel Bickett shows how foreigners can become embroiled in Beijing’s crackdown.

Australia’s runaway mouse plague targets prisons, forcing mass evacuation

The mice aren’t just causing chaos in homes, farms and hospitals.

Philippines’ Duterte threatens to arrest anyone refusing to get vaccinated

While vaccinations remain voluntary in the country, his spokesman said that could change.
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Rights group says Greece deports registered asylum seekers

Human rights group Amnesty International says the practice of migrant pushbacks in Greece has become so bad that even people who have applied for asylum are being deported
  • 40 minutes ago

Israel approves demolition of Palestinian home after attack

Israel’s Supreme Court has upheld the decision to destroy the family home of an alleged Palestinian attacker
  • 55 minutes ago

Europe seeks disabled astronauts, more women in space

The European Space Agency says it was “blown away” by the record number of applicants hoping to become the continent’s next generation of space travelers
  • 59 minutes ago

Witnesses say airstrike in Ethiopia's Tigray kills dozens

Health workers in Ethiopia’s Tigray region say an airstrike has hit a busy village market and soldiers have blocked medical teams from travelling to the scene
  • 1 hour ago

Iran: 'Sabotage attack' on civilian nuclear center foiled

An Iranian news site close to security services says that authorities have thwarted a “sabotage attack” on the country’s civilian nuclear program, without providing further information
  • 1 hour ago
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