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Covid-19 live updates: America hits 150 million fully vaccinated, White House says

The figure is still a long way from herd immunity and experts fear of the rise of new, more contagious variants in the United States.

The deadly black fungus striking India’s recovering covid patients

Mucormycosis has killed hundreds in India and forced many to have an eye removed.

Coronavirus cases surge in Cornwall, England, after G-7 summit, sparking backlash

The government insists that the influx of people during the summit has no direct link.

Two Catholic churches on Canadian Indigenous land destroyed in ‘suspicious’ fires, police say

The separate fires arrive less than a month after the remains of 215 Indigenous children were found at a former residential school in British Columbia once operated by the Roman Catholic Church.

An American lawyer tried to break up a scuffle in Hong Kong. Now, he’s in jail.

The case against Samuel Bickett shows how foreigners can become embroiled in Beijing’s crackdown.

Australia’s runaway mouse plague targets prisons, forcing mass evacuation

The mice aren’t just causing chaos in homes, farms and hospitals.

Pressure builds to open U.S.-Canada border

Ottawa says fully vaccinated Canadians returning to the country can skip some quarantine requirements next month. Americans remain out of luck.

Philippines’ Duterte threatens to arrest anyone refusing to get vaccinated

While vaccinations remain voluntary in the country, his spokesman said that could change.

Wuhan lab’s classified work complicates search for pandemic’s origins

The Wuhan Institute of Virology, at the center of the “lab-leak theory,” conducted secret research projects, public records show.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef should be listed as ‘in danger,’ U.N. body says

The world’s largest coral ecosystem is under threat from climate change.

Abiy Ahmed and the tarnishing of the world’s most famous prize

Ethiopia's prime minister won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019. Now, international observers say his government could be participating in war crimes.

Scientists moved Tasmanian devils to protect them. Now the predators are imperiling penguins.

Researchers tried to save Tasmanian devils from a face cancer years ago. Nearly a decade later, an entire population of penguins has been wiped out from an Australian island.

Raisi says Iran’s ballistic missiles are ‘not negotiable’ — and he doesn’t want to meet Biden

Ebrahim Raisi, a cleric and former judiciary chief, is a hard-line conservative who enjoyed the backing of Iran’s supreme leader and allied security services in last week’s presidential election.

They disappeared after encounters with Nigeria’s security forces. Where are their bodies?

Some families found their loved ones in mortuaries and anatomy labs.
  • 19 hours ago

Ethiopians vote in new era of division under Abiy Ahmed

Once seen as a unifier and peacemaker, the 44-year-old prime minister has presided instead over a series of crises.

British reality TV show ‘Love Island,’ linked to string of suicides, prepares to return — this time with a warning

Broadcaster ITV announced better care for contestants and is asking viewers to "think before you post."

Ethiopia’s historic election overshadowed by a cascade of crises and conflict

Ethiopia is set to hold a twice-delayed national election on Monday in what the government has heralded as a long-awaited emergence into multi-party democracy.

Spanish prime minister says Catalan separatists convicted of sedition will be pardoned

The move is a bid to defuse tensions in Spain’s deadlocked political crisis.

Japan to allow up to 10,000 domestic spectators at Olympic venues despite covid concerns

Organizers have also warned they could revisit the decision if the coronavirus infection situation changes dramatically.
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Palestinian Authority arrests activist over online criticism

The Palestinian Authority has detained a prominent activist and held him overnight after he criticized its policies in a series of online posts and accused it of detaining another individual for political reasons
  • 44 minutes ago

UAE's capital apparently offering COVID vaccines to tourists

The capital of the United Arab Emirates has apparently started offering free coronavirus vaccines to tourists flying into emirate, a move that could entice travelers and help revive the country’s struggling tourism industry
  • 49 minutes ago

Hong Kong police arrest man for sedition over protest flag

Hong Kong police have arrested a 40-year-old man on suspicion of using seditious words after a flag with a banned protest slogan was seen hanging outside his apartment
  • 2 hours ago

Australian prison to be evacuated after mice move in

A plague of mice that has ravaged vast swathes of eastern Australia has forced the evacuation of a prison while authorities repair gnawed electrical wiring and clear dead and decaying mice from wall cavities and ceilings
  • 3 hours ago

Duterte threatens to arrest Filipinos who refuse vaccination

The Philippine president has threatened to order the arrest of Filipinos who refuse COVID-19 vaccination and told them to leave the country if they would not cooperate to contain the pandemic
  • 4 hours ago
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