A mushroom cloud rises over Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands after the first U.S. test of a full-scale thermonuclear device on Nov. 1, 1952. (Los Alamos National Laboratory/AP)
A mushroom cloud rises over Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands after the first U.S. test of a full-scale thermonuclear device on Nov. 1, 1952. (Los Alamos National Laboratory/AP)

In the 75 years since Hiroshima, nuclear testing has killed untold thousands

In the decades since 1945, the United States, the Soviet Union and at least six other countries have set off a total of more than 2,000 nuclear tests.

Why the Kremlin cares about protests on the other side of Russia

The former governor in the Far East Khabarovsk region faces murder charges. Protesters see it as a Kremlin ploy.
Lebanese are asking why officials allowed tons of explosive chemicals to be stored at Beirut’s port for years.
Authorities are investigating the blasts, which reduced a section of the city to rubble.
The explosions that ripped through Lebanon's capital Tuesday altered in an instant the face of the Mediterranean city.
When blasts tore through Beirut on Tuesday, a Post correspondent scrambled to find her friends and reach safety.
Ceremonies marking the 75th anniversary of the bomb have been drastically scaled back due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Footage captured in the moments before deadly explosions shows how quickly any semblance of normal life disappeared.
The deadly explosion in Beirut, and the reddish plumes of smoke that followed, showed telltale signs of an ammonium nitrate blast, experts said.
Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar will travel to the island in coming days, and Taiwanese officials say he will meet with President Tsai Ing-wen.
The country’s supreme court had ruled that the school could bar the child for her hair. Prime Minister Andrew Holness said his government will update the law.
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More than 4,000 people were injured after at least two huge blasts shook the city
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The blast in Lebanon’s capital shattered sections of buildings, and the shock wave knocked people to the ground.
Spanish papers said Juan Carlos, 82, was in the Dominican Republic. But the Dominican foreign minister said he hadn't entered the country.
India promised Kashmiris a “new dawn” for the troubled region. They got repression instead.
Suppressing transmission of the virus is “the single most significant step” leaders can take toward reopening schools.
Potential members are using twin crises of coronavirus and floods to prove their allegiance to the party.
China’s Internet industry for the first time attained the triple threat of engineering know-how, marketing sheen and multicultural sensibility to deliver an international hit.
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The United States and seven European countries are marking Friday’s 12th anniversary of the conflict between Russia and Georgia with a call to Moscow to withdraw forces from Abkhazia and South Ossetia and allow medical evacuations and aid deliveries, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic
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The Trump administration is pressing ahead with efforts to extend a United Nations arms embargo on Iran despite widespread opposition to such a move at the world body
  • 3 hours ago
The rift over former Colombia President Álvaro Uribe, and the broader rift in Colombian society, flared in a country in pandemic lockdown after the ex-leader was placed under house arrest in an alleged witness tampering case
  • 3 hours ago
At a time of tightening U.S.-Brazil relations, a diplomatic dilemma of sorts has emerged for the American ambassador: how much to embrace a polarizing leader
  • 6 hours ago
Cyprus’ foreign minister says the European Union must do more to fill a power vacuum in the eastern Mediterranean brought on by a perceived U.S. disengagement from the region
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