Ukraine live briefing: ‘Reduced tempo’ of war to continue in coming months, U.S. intelligence chief says

Both Russia and Ukraine will likely “try to refit, resupply, in a sense, reconstitute” in the spring, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said.

By Meryl Kornfield, Kendra Nichols and Annabelle TimsitDecember 4, 2022

European officials object to Biden’s green subsidies as protectionist

The White House has little appetite for changes to the Inflation Reduction Act, but officials say the rulemaking process may help accommodate concerns.

By Emily Rauhala and Ellen NakashimaDecember 4, 2022
The Washington Post

Ethiopian guards massacred scores of Tigrayan prisoners, witnesses say

The most egregious killings by Ethiopian guards occurred at the Mirab Abaya prison camp, where current and retired Tigrayan soldiers were detained.

By Katharine HoureldDecember 4, 2022

A more pragmatic Xi Jinping launches a global charm offensive for China

HIs newly personable approach with world leaders is a departure from a combative style in recent years. But it's being challenged at home by pandemic protests.

By Lily KuoDecember 4, 2022

Ukraine live briefing: Russian defense minister meets with Belarusian president; Kremlin decries price cap on oil

Moscow has denounced a price cap on Russian oil agreed by Western nations as "dangerous." The Biden administration has called the cap “welcome news.”

By Samantha Schmidt, Erin Cunningham, Katerina Ang, Adela Suliman, Emily Rauhala, Andrea Salcedo and Meryl KornfieldDecember 3, 2022

Kandinsky sale halted after Poland claims artwork was stolen in 1984

The work by Russian artist Kandinsky was allegedly stolen from Poland's National Museum. German auction house Grisebach tried to sell it this week.

By Andrew JeongDecember 3, 2022

After Kherson, Ukraine’s military ponders new push south and east

A logical step for Ukraine would be to press south through the Zaporizhzhia region and sever the "land bridge" between Russia and Crimea.

By Samantha Schmidt and Serhii KorolchukDecember 3, 2022

Ukraine live briefing: E.U. agrees to $60 price cap on Russian oil; Scholz speaks with Putin

Up to 13,000 Ukrainian troops have been killed in the war, a presidential adviser said. President Biden said he has no plans to meet Vladimir Putin until Russia signals an intention to end the war.

By Claire Parker, Emily Rauhala, Andrew Jeong, Ben Brasch, Adela Suliman and John HudsonDecember 2, 2022

‘Zombie’ viruses are thawing in melting permafrost because of climate change

'Zombie' viruses are buried in the Arctic permafrost. European researchers warn they may increasingly be unleashed as global warming thaws it.

By Michael Birnbaum and Ellen FrancisDecember 2, 2022

List of world’s most expensive cities altered by war in Ukraine

Moscow and St. Petersburg, the most populous cities in Russia, saw the most drastic jumps in rank of any city included.

By Claire HealyDecember 2, 2022

Western nations agree to cap price of Russian oil at $60 a barrel

The idea of the cap, pitched hard by U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen, is to limit how much Russian President Vladimir Putin can make on the oil he diverts elsewhere in the world without creating a massive disruption in global supply.

By Emily Rauhala, Catherine Belton, Karen DeYoung and Beatriz RíosDecember 2, 2022

A Sunni cleric in Iran inspires protesters, challenges the government

There are few public figures in Iran who have the temerity to challenge the authorities in Tehran, but Molavi Abdol Hamid is among them.

By Babak DehghanpishehDecember 2, 2022

Scholz phones Putin after diplomatic overture by Biden and Macron

A call to Moscow by the German chancellor on Friday was the first by an E.U. leader since Russia suffered a string of battlefield defeats in its war against Ukraine.

By Robyn Dixon, Loveday Morris and Emily RauhalaDecember 2, 2022

South African president’s future uncertain over cash-in-couch scandal

South Africa’s ruling party said it is still considering whether to allow legislators to start impeachment proceedings against President Cyril Ramaphosa,

By Lesley Wroughton and Katharine HoureldDecember 2, 2022

Edward Snowden swears allegiance to Russia and receives passport, lawyer says

Edward Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor, is still wanted by the United States on espionage charges.

By Natalia Abbakumova and Adela SulimanDecember 2, 2022

Ukrainian embassies in Europe receive ‘bloody packages’

The packages, some containing animal eyeballs, follow a spate of letter bombs in Spain.

By Chico Harlan and Stefano PitrelliDecember 2, 2022

Woman, 72, allegedly turned off patient’s oxygen because its noise annoyed her

The 79-year-old victim had to be resuscitated after a fellow patient, 72, allegedly turned off her ventilator twice at a hospital in Mannheim, south-western Germany.

By Victoria BissetDecember 2, 2022

Biden to meet Prince William, Catherine as race controversy roils royals

The controversy over William’s godmother asking a Black British woman where she was “really from” could overshadow the royal visit to the United States.

By Jonathan Edwards and Annabelle TimsitDecember 2, 2022

Netanyahu’s far-right allies could escalate West Bank crisis, critics fear

The opposition fears that giving ultranationalist parties control of the restive West Bank could result in even more violence with the Palestinians

By Shira RubinDecember 2, 2022

Trudeau is coming for Canadians’ guns. Some provinces refuse to help.

One Alberta official says the mandatory buyback is not “an objective, priority or goal” and the province is “not legally obligated to provide resources for it.”

By Amanda ColettaDecember 2, 2022