(Melina Mara/The Washington Post/POOL)
(Melina Mara/The Washington Post/POOL)
But America’s role and influence remain an open question.

The world is watching as Biden assumes office, Trump era ends

“Good Riddance, Donald Trump!” China’s state news agency Xinhua wrote on Twitter.

California plaintiffs sue Chinese tech giant Tencent, alleging WeChat app is censoring and surveilling them

The lawsuit claims that the company’s practices violate the plaintiffs’ free-speech and privacy rights and “unjustly enrich Tencent at the expense of California WeChat users.”

What’s reopened and what’s still restricted in 16 cities around the world

Post correspondents and contributors check on the progress of reopening from lockdowns in cities across Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Even in jail, Russia’s Navalny knows how to enrage his rival Putin. This time it’s with a viral video.

A video shows a Black Sea palace with an ice rink and “aquadisco.” It was built for Putin, Navalny claimed. The Kremlin denies it.

China turbocharges bid to discredit Western vaccines, spread virus conspiracy theories

With a WHO team in the country probing the pandemic’s origins, officials have gone into overdrive to propagate the fringe view that the virus came from elsewhere.

Most world leaders have pardon power. Few use it the way Trump has.

Executive pardons are a common power across the globe. But Trump’s approach to the pardon stands out on the world stage.

In Iran, hopes for Biden era are tempered by years of hardship and broken U.S. promises

“If they return to their commitments, we will also fulfill our commitments,” President Hassan Rouhani said on the day of Biden’s inauguration.

Europe’s growing mask ask: Ditch the cloth ones for medical-grade coverings

Facing new virus mutations, European countries are tightening mask regulations.

The world will never forget Trump’s trips abroad

Here is a look back at some of President Trump’s most memorable foreign travel.

Alibaba’s Jack Ma reemerges from three-month absence after clash with Beijing

The entrepreneur gave a speech on rural education, his first appearance since his public criticism of China’s financial regulators.
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The Biden doctrine is still taking shape

For all the talk of reversing Trump's legacy, there may be signs of foreign policy continuity.

Lubomir Kavalek, international chess grandmaster, dies at 77

A two-time Czech champion, three-time U.S. champion and assistant to Bobby Fischer, he penned a regular chess column for The Washington Post from 1995 until 2010.

Italy’s Conte survives no-confidence vote to stave off government collapse

The country’s ruling coalition was in chaos after the defection of a junior party led by former prime minister Matteo Renzi.

U.S.-bound caravan thwarted in Guatemala as pressure against migrants continues

The group formed in Honduras days before Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Biden’s plan to cancel Keystone pipeline signals a rocky start with Canada

Relations are expected to improve with Trump’s departure. But the pipeline project, supported by Canada, is a “toe stubber.”

After historic unpopularity of Trump in Western Europe, new poll suggests broad approval of Biden

Approval of the U.S. president in France, Germany and Italy is likely to jump by roughly 50 percentage points on Wednesday.

China rushes to build coronavirus quarantine center for 4,000 as it battles local outbreaks

The government is on edge ahead of the Lunar New Year in mid-February, when millions of people in China typically travel to celebrate with friends and family.

Qatar urges dialogue between Persian Gulf states and Iran as Biden heads to White House

Relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia reached a nadir over the past five years, stoking regional tensions.

Protests mount in Tunisia over economic woes; hundreds arrested

Discontent is rising among a new generation of Tunisian youth, fueled by the unfulfilled promises of a revolution a decade ago.

The China legacy Trump leaves Biden

Trump and his allies hail their hawkish strategy, but the trade war failed and tensions remain high.
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World hopes for renewed cooperation with US under Biden

World leaders welcomed into their ranks the new U.S. President Joe Biden, noting their most pressing problems, including the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, require multilateral cooperation, an approach his predecessor Donald Trump ridiculed
  • 35 minutes ago

Australian PM rebuffs Cricket Australia over Jan 26 plans

Cricket Australia has run afoul of the country’s prime minister for refusing to refer to the national holiday in it marketing of three matches on January 26
  • 1 hour ago

Biden’s first Cabinet member to lead battered intel agencies

The Senate has confirmed Avril Haines as director of national intelligence, giving President Joe Biden the first member of his Cabinet
  • 2 hours ago

Brazil receives oxygen from Venezuela for COVID-19 patients

Five trucks carrying oxygen from Venezuela have arrived at Manaus, a city of 2 million people in the Brazilian rainforest where the local health system has collapsed amid a devastating second wave of COVID-19 and a severe shortage of oxygen for breathless patients
  • 5 hours ago

World hopes for renewed cooperation under new US president

Leaders across much of the world expressed relief for the arrival of U.S. President Joe Biden and the end of the often confrontational and erratic presidency of Donald Trump
  • 7 hours ago
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