After feeling Trump’s wrath, Mexico breathes a sigh of relief at USMCA

That’s not to say the country was thrilled with all of the changes in the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. Mexico’s flourishing auto industry will face new limits, and some executives were nervous about toughened enforcement of labor rights. But at least there was an accord.

Over objections from Trump and Turkey, Senate passes Armenian genocide remembrance measure

The unanimous vote condemning Turkey’s mass slaughter of 1.5 million people early last century came after three previous attempts, each of which was blocked by a Republican senator.

U.S. military’s Afghanistan food supplier stays in picture despite $45 million fraud settlement

Dubai-based logistics company Anham is at least the third supplier to be involved in massive fraud allegations for the Defense Logistics Agency’s primary Afghan troop supply contract.
Chimpanzees that live on Monkey Island wade into the water to catch food thrown to them by a team of caretakers. (Danielle Paquette/The Washington Post)
Chimpanzees that live on Monkey Island wade into the water to catch food thrown to them by a team of caretakers. (Danielle Paquette/The Washington Post)

U.S. lab chimps were dumped on Liberia’s Monkey Island and left to starve. This caretaker saved them.

Chimps aren’t supposed to be stuck on their own island — especially one with no food — or mingle with much-weaker humans. But nothing about Liberia’s Monkey Island is normal. It’s a spectacle, an increasingly costly burden and the enduring legacy of American scientists who set out to cure hepatitis B in 1974.

Hodeida is most dangerous place for Yemeni civilians despite cease-fire deal, aid groups say

The much-heralded agreement was centered on the strategic city, but the deal has not been fully implemented, and the port city's population continues to suffer.
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Controversies surrounding an old laureate and a new one cast the prestigious prize in shadow.
Another eruption could destroy or entomb the bodies that are still believed to be on the island.
The president has urged military officials to hire a North Dakota company whose CEO is a GOP donor.
Johnson won Uxbridge and South Ruislip with a relatively small margin last time.
Although dogs clearly won a solid majority Thursday, there was an unexpected turnout of other animals.
Rights groups say countries including Egypt, Turkey and Cameroon are really just imprisoning journalists for publishing news they don't like.
The world has yet to address the fact that poorer countries suffer the most from the richer ones’ emissions.
Bangladesh restored Internet connectivity to the sprawling refugees camps hours after the hearings over genocide charges began.
The message speaks to voter exhaustion while avoiding messy details.
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Disinformation is once again on top of the news agenda, but this time Western politicians might be themselves to blame.
Trump has said he will sign the $738 billion national defense policy bill, which the Senate is expected to take up for a vote next week.
Defense leaders said U.S. troops are still needed in Syria to avert an Islamic State resurgence.
The ambush bore the hallmarks of Islamist groups operating in the region.
This time, Netanyahu faces leadership challenge in his own Likud party.
If Boris Johnson's Conservatives win a solid parliamentary majority, they will plow ahead with a January withdrawal from the E.U.
Canadians count victories on biologics and the dispute process. But mostly they’re glad the negotiations are over.
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The torch relay for the Tokyo Olympics this summer will kick off in Fukushima
  • 3 hours ago
Leaders from across the European Union have posed together for a “family photo” for the first time in years
  • 11 hours ago
The Pentagon says it conducted a flight test Thursday of a missile that had been banned under a treaty the United States and Russia abandoned last summer
  • 11 hours ago

The U.S. government has sent the first non-Guatemalan migrant families to that nation
  • 11 hours ago
Cuba’s government has announced that visitor numbers will only reach slightly more than 4 million this year, dealing a blow to a faltering economy heavily dependent on income from the sector
  • 11 hours ago
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