(Maxim Shemetov/Reuters)
(Maxim Shemetov/Reuters)

More than 2,700 arrested across Russia as protests swell for jailed opposition leader Navalny

Police made widespread arrests as protests took place from the Far East to Moscow in a powerful message to the Kremlin.

What to know about Navalny’s protest movement in Russia — and why it unnerves Putin

Since 2012, Vladimir Putin’s regime keeps getting tougher in trying to crush the president’s opponents. The protesters keep on coming back.

100 million doses in 100 days: How Biden’s coronavirus vaccine push compares with those of other countries

The United States is near the top of the pack, behind some of the fastest countries to vaccinate, including Israel and Britain, but ahead of most of the rest of the world.

Repeal of Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ offers new hope to frustrated immigrants and long-suffering families

There may be no regaining what was lost: precious moments with loved ones, money spent on visits to stranded partners, opportunities in the U.S. dangled and then dashed.

How the pandemic lifted the lid on the ‘Darwinian world’ of Japan’s sumo

In the tradition-bound sport, wrestlers facing coronavirus fears have two options: compete or leave forever.

Denmark is sequencing all coronavirus samples and has an alarming view of the U.K. variant

Cases are exploding exponentially and lockdowns may not be enough.

Twitter suspends account apparently linked to Iranian supreme leader, citing rules about ‘fake’ accounts

The account shared an image widely perceived as a threat to former president Donald Trump.

Boris Johnson says British coronavirus variant may be more deadly

The variant, already spreading around the world, was previously reported to be only more contagious.

Bemittened Bernie: The meme that resonated around the world

An image of the former presidential contender, seated at Biden's inauguration, found global resonance, transcending nationality, politics and context.

Canada’s embattled governor general resigns amid bullying, harassment allegations

Former astronaut Julie Payette was accused of verbally abusing and humiliating staffers.

Kremlin warns Russians against pro-Navalny protests, detains opposition activists

The warning and the arrests triggered an outpouring of support for the jailed opposition leader from prominent Russians who usually shun politics.

Virus surge puts ‘real pressure’ on Japan to cancel Olympics, Australia leader says

Japan and the IOC insist the Games are going ahead, but some members of the ruling coalition are reported to have developed cold feet.

Israel recommends coronavirus vaccine for pregnant women, marking a shift as some countries reassess risk

On Tuesday, Israel’s Health Ministry and council for gynecological health updated its guidance to recommend the coronavirus vaccine for pregnant women, especially those with preexisting health issues or who work in close contact with the public.

A year after Wuhan coronavirus lockdown, trauma runs deep in China’s ‘Hero City’

Relatives who lost loved ones early in the pandemic say they cannot move on without answers from authorities who failed to warn the public in a timely way.

Biden and the West face the threat of far-right extremism

In an inaugural address that pleaded for unity, President Biden identified an enemy.

Rare twin suicide bombings rock Baghdad market, killing at least 32

Although Iraqi security forces continue to fight ISIS militants in rural areas, attacks in the capital have been rare.

James Cross, British diplomat kidnapped by Quebec separatists, dies at 99 of covid-19

His kidnapping in 1970 precipitated what Canadians call the October Crisis and made headlines around the world.

E.U. leaders consider travel bans, faster vaccine rollout to contain coronavirus variants

European leaders fear the U.K. variant and others could overwhelm their medical systems.

British tabloids see snub in Biden’s rejection of Churchill bust amid Oval Office makeover

President Biden’s redecorating has caused a bit of a bust-up.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says ‘need to rebuild trust’ after Trump

The alliance leader said he looked forward to cooperation and calmer ties with the Biden administration.
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Tunisia extends curfew, ban on protests as virus cases jump

Tunisia is extending its virus curfew and banning demonstrations for three weeks as it tries to stem a rapid rise in infections
  • 6 hours ago

AP PHOTOS: Marchers rehearse for India’s Republic Day parade

Wielding a sword and wearing a turban in the colors of his regiment, Indian army Maj. Piyush Sharma thundered, “Troops, prepare to march.”
  • 13 hours ago

Top Lebanese hospitals fight exhausting battle against virus

Lebanon’s hospitals are on the brink: Unable to keep up with coronavirus patients, they have run out of beds, oxygen tanks, ventilators and medical staff
  • 16 hours ago

Denmark suspends Dubai flights amid doubts over virus tests

Denmark has temporarily suspended all flights from the United Arab Emirates for five days after suspicions arose that the coronavirus tests that can be obtained before leaving Dubai are not reliable
  • 17 hours ago

Wuhan returns to normal as world still battles pandemic

The city has been praised for its sacrifice in the service of the nation, turning it into a sort of Stalingrad in China’s war against the coronavirus.
  • 18 hours ago
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