A woman marches with her children in Bogota. (AP)
A woman marches with her children in Bogota. (AP)

With nationwide strike, Colombia joins South America’s season of protest

Waving flags and banners, the protesters represented a range of disgruntled sectors of society — students, unions and leftist and indigenous groups — who share rising anger against the increasingly unpopular government of conservative President Iván Duque.

China says Trump is on ‘edge of precipice’ as Hong Kong rights bill hits his desk

Protesters in the Asian financial center called for the U.S. president to sign a bill designed to safeguard the territory’s freedoms.
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Ukraine is an afterthought in Washington’s impeachment drama

For Ukrainian officials, the best thing to do may be to stand back and try to avoid the crossfire.

Argentine prosecutors seek abuse-related arrest of bishop who worked with Pope Francis

Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta is reported to have gone dark inside Vatican City.
(Oli Scarff)
(Oli Scarff)

Beyond the U.S., these countries are immersed in their own election dramas

The U.S. isn't alone: Catch up on Israel, Britain, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Algeria and Afghanistan.
Not only is a close Trump ally in legal jeopardy, but Netanyahu's situation also echoes that of the American president.
Telecom companies reeling from bruising competition are planning to raise prices.
Sunday’s district council vote looms as a test of support for the pro-democracy movement after months of anti-government unrest.
Israel's embattled prime minister was formally indicted Thursday, after months of speculation.
After a nearly three-year investigation, Israel’s attorney general brought charges as Netanyahu clings to power in a political stalemate.
Caviar, a matcha latte or a $250 bottle of Grand Cru? All were on the menu at a key site referenced in the impeachment hearings.
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For much of the week, Iran’s Internet connectivity was at 5 percent of usual levels.
From Prince Charles's “whatever in love means” comment to Princess Diana's “there were three of us in this marriage.” The monarchy is no stranger to explosive interviews.
Ukrainians are much more concerned about war in the east, the economy and the anniversary of their revolution.
Terrorists are plotting and launching attacks in Africa’s troubled Sahel region.
Wolf said the Trump administration will continue to push Mexico to do more to stem the flow of migrants seeking to reach the U.S. border.
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Breaking world records has become something of an obsession for the world’s second most-populous country.
Emails and conversations link secretary of state more closely to the effort to pressure Ukraine to investigate President Trump’s political rivals than previously known.
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Turkey’s interior minister has identified a key Islamic State suspect captured by the country’s forces in Syria as the alleged mastermind behind attacks in Russia and Germany
  • 17 minutes ago
Somali Canadian peace activist was killed by stray bullet in Mogadishu, African Union says
  • 1 hour ago
An international trade union wants IOC President Thomas Bach to intervene and investigate alleged labor and safety violations at venues being built for next year’s Tokyo Olympics
  • 1 hour ago

Chinese leader Xi Jinping says Beijing wants a trade deal with the U.S. but if need be will ‘fight back’
  • 1 hour ago
An underpass running beneath Baghdad’s Tahrir Square has become an ad hoc museum chronicling Iraq’s massive anti-government protests
  • 1 hour ago
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