(Thomas Kienzle/AFP/Getty Images)
(Thomas Kienzle/AFP/Getty Images)

Germany, France and U.K. prepare for covid vaccine boosters starting in September

The decision by wealthy countries to give booster shots to their own people rather than donating those doses to poorer nations is deeply controversial.

Why Biden’s push to share vaccines with the world could be ‘too little, too late’

“We need 11 billion doses. This is really just a drop in the ocean," one expert said.

Bionic arms and blue-eyed bots: How Russia aims to nurture a tech hub in its Far East

On Russia's Pacific shores, the Kremlin is trying to build a beachhead among the Asian tech powers.

Jamaican police probe allegations woman’s dreadlocks were cut in custody

The case is the latest test in Jamaica between Rastafarian culture and authorities.
  • 2 hours ago

For some athletes, the Olympics aren’t just a chance to compete — they’re an opportunity to defect

Belarusian sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaya will seek asylum in Poland. It isn't the first time Olympic athletes have walked away from their countries at the Games.

Prominent Belarusian activist, who helped others flee Lukashenko regime, found dead in Ukraine

Vitaly Shishov’s death has rattled Belarusian exiles who fear that even countries considered havens are no longer safe from strongman Alexander Lukashenko.

The eviction moratorium in the U.S. expired. Here’s how other countries handled such bans.

Housing advocates in Europe have warned that millions of households could be at risk of of losing their homes in the coming months as rent moratoriums start to be rolled back.

Kim Jong Un’s mysterious head bandage fuels further speculation about his health

The health of the leader of reclusive North Korea has long been a topic of global fascination.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed seeks to cut influential clerics down to size

Some Saudis cheer the liberalizing changes. Some see them as part of larger power grab by the prince.

Iraqi authorities denying prisoners their rights from arrest to prosecution, U.N. says

A U.N. report alleges a labyrinth of unfairness, with detainees denied rights at every turn.

New restrictions sweep China as officials race to contain delta outbreak

Clusters have emerged in almost 30 cities, including Beijing, Wuhan and flood-hit Zhengzhou.

Germany says wife of man believed to be double agent also helped spy for China

Authorities say the woman and her political scientist husband were recruited by Chinese intelligence when they went on a lecture trip to Shanghai in 2010.

A year after Beirut’s blast, Macron’s Lebanon gambit is a dud

The French president wanted to help usher in Lebanon's "rebirth" after the devastating blast in Beirut. A year later, the country is in worse shape and Macron has little to show for his efforts.

Roberto Calasso, Italian writer of dazzling erudition, dies 80

Known as one of his country’s foremost intellectuals, he also presided over the influential publishing house Adelphi Edizioni.

Belarusian Olympic sprinter who sought protection in Japan granted Polish visa

Krystsina Tsimanouskaya refused to fly back to her country out of fear for her safety after she criticized Belarusian Olympic officials.

As wildfires rage in Turkey and southern Europe, local officials plead for help

The European Union and neighboring countries sent planes to assist with firefighting on Monday.

What you need to know about Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko

The Belarusian president of nearly 27 years has faced international criticism for imprisoning activists and journalists.

Israeli Supreme Court offers Palestinians facing eviction a deal to avert another conflict

The court hearing marked the four families’ last chance to fight eviction orders in the politically charged East Jerusalem neighborhood.

Giant panda on loan to France gives birth as world cheers reproduction effort

Staff at the French zoo celebrated the event, describing the two babies as “very lively, pink and plump.”

An English castle stood for centuries. Climate change is prompting its collapse.

All nations stand to lose cultural monuments to climate change, but Britain is especially vulnerable.
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Ethiopia suspends work of 2 aid groups active in Tigray

Two international aid groups say the Ethiopian government has suspended part or all of their operations
  • 13 minutes ago

Egypt president vows to increase price of subsidized bread

Egypt’s president has vowed to raise the price of government-subsidized bread
  • 33 minutes ago

British navy group: 'Potential hijack' of ship off UAE coast

The British navy has warned of a “potential hijack” of a ship off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in the Gulf of Oman, without elaborating
  • 35 minutes ago

Thousands flee homes as heat wave fuels Greek wildfire

Thousands of people have fled their homes north of Athens fled their homes as a wildfire reached residential areas and Greece grappled with its worst heat wave in decades
  • 42 minutes ago

Afghan official: Acting defense minister targeted in attack

A powerful explosion rocked an upscale neighborhood of Afghanistan’s capital in an attack that apparently targeted the country’s acting defense minister
  • 52 minutes ago
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