Britain braces for bumpy ride after Johnson’s win

The newly elected prime minister predicted a "wonderful adventure" after Labour voters crossed party lines to propel him to a thumping victory. But his clever strategy in England and Wales did not erase nationalist sentiments in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Painting of Emiliano Zapata in a pink sombrero and heels divides Mexico

The country was in an uproar after its most prestigious art center featured the painting of the national icon. The controversy comes as Mexico’s traditionally macho culture is being challenged by women and gay couples fighting for more rights and respect.
The island’s famous tapioca-ball drink has taken on political significance as consumers boycott chains seen as supporting Beijing’s agenda.
What pronouns do you use? There are, in fact, many non-binary ways to answer in historically gendered-languages.
The verdict was a step toward addressing alleged crimes during Bashir’s rule. But the two-year sentence is unlikely to appease opponents.
The explicit linkage of the test to North Korea’s nuclear weapons marks another escalation in rhetoric.
Leaders gathered in Brussels embraced Johnson’s sweeping mandate to get Brexit done.
Protests against the measure continued in India’s northeast and spread across the country.
The country’s auto industry faces new restrictions. But at least there’s a trade deal.
Ex-prime minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune won with 40 percent voter turnout, but his links to the Bouteflika regime have marred his candidacy and political stability.
The skin from cadavers temporarily covers the burns to allow patients to heal.
He is one of six men charged in the brutal rape of a 23-year-old woman in 2012. She died from her injuries two weeks after the assault.
A mob killed and hanged Haitham Ali Ismail from a traffic light after he attempted to disperse demonstrators camped out near his home.
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"In Britain, you can have a strong single-party government that represents only a minority of [voters]," one researcher said.
European leaders said they would resume efforts to convince Poland at a summit next year.
World leaders congratulated Johnson as #notmygovernment trended in top place in the United Kingdom on Twitter.
The people of Bougainville voted overwhelmingly for independence from Papua New Guinea, but the path ahead is pocked with pitfalls.
  • 2 days ago
The remark came just hours after news of a breakthrough in the protracted trade war.
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Memories are fading of the Battle of the Bulge and the sacrifice U.S. soldiers made to rid Europe of Nazi armies
  • 4 hours ago
There are the anti-government protesters in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square, demonstrating for a better future for Iraq
  • 6 hours ago
Iran’s telecommunications minister is saying his country has defused a second cyberattack in less than a week, this time “aimed at spying on government intelligence
  • 6 hours ago

A bus carrying Hindu pilgrims has driven off a highway in Nepal, killing 14 people
  • 7 hours ago
Passengers on a Qantas flight from Sydney to Perth have used slides to evacuate the Airbus A330 after it was forced to return as the cabin filled with smoke
  • 8 hours ago
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