North Korea claims miraculous win over coronavirus, says Kim suffered a fever

Pyongyang said the victory had been led by Kim Jong Un. The claims were met with widespread international skepticism.

By Michelle Ye Hee Lee and Min Joo KimAugust 10, 2022

Ukraine Live Briefing: Russia ‘cannot feel safe in Crimea’ after air base blasts

A Ukrainian attack in Crimea would be a dramatic escalation in the war, demonstrating an ability by Ukrainian forces to strike at Russia far from the front lines.

By Adela Suliman, Isabelle Khurshudyan, Kendra Nichols, Karina Tsui, Sammy Westfall and Meryl KornfieldAugust 10, 2022

Chinese court rejects appeal in landmark sexual harassment case

When Zhou Xiaoxuan first went public with her accusations against a star TV presenter in China, her story inspired many other women to come forward.

By Karina TsuiAugust 10, 2022

Fearing a major climate setback, U.S. urges care of Congo River basin

Environmentalists worry that disturbing the ecosystem in pursuit of fossil fuels could produce up to three years worth of global carbon dioxide output.

By Missy RyanAugust 10, 2022

Raymond Briggs, creator of children’s book ‘The Snowman,’ dies at 88

“The Snowman,” a picture book that tells the story of a boy whose snowman comes to life, sold millions of copies worldwide and became an Oscar-nominated film.

By Jennifer HassanAugust 10, 2022

Crimea airfield blast was work of Ukrainian special forces, official says

The attack marked a dramatic escalation of the war, demonstrating Ukrainian forces' ability to strike deeper behind Russian lines than previously believed.

By Isabelle Khurshudyan, Liz Sly and Adela SulimanAugust 10, 2022

Antarctica’s ‘sleeping giant’ risks melting, threatens spike in sea levels

The East Antarctic Ice Sheet could add up to 16 feet to sea levels in the long term if Paris climate accord targets aren’t met, according to a new study.

By Rachel PannettAugust 10, 2022

WHO asks people not to attack monkeys over monkeypox

Monkeypox transmission "is happening between humans,” a World Health Organization official said, adding that people should "certainly not be attacking any animals."

By Jennifer HassanAugust 10, 2022

Beluga whale dies after French rescuers lift 13-foot mammal from Seine

Rescuers lifted the beluga out of the Seine river with a crane but euthanized the whale after his health deteriorated.

By Ellen FrancisAugust 10, 2022

Two weeks of chaos: A timeline of the U.S. pullout of Afghanistan

The U.S. withdrawal saw desperate Afghans try to flee the country as violence left nearly 200 dead.

By Ruby MellenAugust 10, 2022

Big Tech tried to quash Russian propaganda. Russia found loopholes.

Five months into the Ukraine war, new research backs up Ukrainian officials' concerns that Russian propaganda continues to spread via social media.

By Will Oremus and Cat ZakrzewskiAugust 10, 2022

New Langya virus that may have spilled over from animals infects dozens

Scientists detected another potential zoonotic spillover nearly three years into the coronavirus pandemic, though evidence suggests very low fatality rates.

By Amy ChengAugust 10, 2022

‘El Jefe,’ famed Arizona jaguar feared dead, spotted in Mexico

El Jefe was seen in photos captured in November by a Mexican nonprofit group, reviving hopes that his species can thwart the U.S. border wall.

By Bryan PietschAugust 10, 2022

In the Ukraine war, a battle for the nation’s mineral and energy wealth

Russia’s occupation of eastern Ukraine has given it control over some of the most mineral-rich lands in Europe.

By Anthony Faiola and Dalton BennettAugust 10, 2022

U.S. joins other democracies in investigating former leaders

Republican pearl-clutching over the FBI raid on former president Donald Trump’s private golf club residence ignores that it is absolutely normal for healthy democracies to investigate, convict and sometimes jail their former leaders.

By Ishaan TharoorAugust 9, 2022

Deadly Crimea blasts are ‘just the beginning,’ Ukraine warns Russia

Ukraine officials stopped short of claiming credit for the attacks on a base in Russian-controlled territory, which would mark a dramatic escalation in the war.

By Sammy Westfall, Dan Lamothe and Reis ThebaultAugust 9, 2022

‘Greek Watergate’ wiretap scandal throws government into turmoil

Greece's prime minister faces a growing political scandal after an opposition leader announced his phone was tapped by the national intelligence service.

By Karina TsuiAugust 9, 2022

At least 8 dead in Seoul-area flooding amid record rainfall

About 15 inches of rain hit southwestern Seoul on Monday, according to the Korean Meteorological Administration, and seven people were missing.

By Min Joo Kim, Andrew Jeong, Sammy Westfall and Jason SamenowAugust 9, 2022

Ukraine Live Briefing: Explosions rock Russian air base in Crimea

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia of "nuclear blackmail" following attacks on Europe's largest nuclear power plant.

By Reis Thebault, Jennifer Hassan, Sean Fanning, Adam Taylor, Robyn Dixon and Sammy WestfallAugust 9, 2022

Issey Miyake, designer known as the prince of pleats, dies at 84

The Japanese fashion designer was famous for his pleated designs and for making Steve Jobs's signature black turtlenecks.

By Adela Suliman and Julia Mio InumaAugust 9, 2022