(Courtesy of HBO Max)
(Courtesy of HBO Max)

Brits outraged by U.S. animated series depicting royal family as egotistical tea drinkers controlled by mafia-boss queen

The HBO Max series has been slammed by critics in Britain as "wrong" and "disgusting."

Johnny Ventura, Dominican singer who helped modernize merengue, dies at 81

He was one of the Dominican Republic’s most beloved musicians, known for up-tempo hits including “Patacón Pisao” and “¿Pitaste?”

Attack on oil tanker off the coast of Oman kills two crew members

The incident was the deadliest in a string of recent attacks on shipping attributed to Iran or Israel.

Ruth Pearl, seeker of justice for her murdered journalist son, Daniel, dies at 85

Mrs. Pearl, who survived a pogrom against Iraqi Jews in her youth, helped establish a foundation in memory of her son, a Wall Street Journal reporter abducted and beheaded by Islamic militants in Pakistan in 2002.

He is known as Nigeria’s ‘super cop.’ The FBI says he supported a cybercrime ring.

He received a presidential medal for courage. Now he's accused of supporting a global fraud ring.

As American cities reimpose mask mandates, Moscow lifts its glove requirements

The Russian capital had required gloves in public places. Masks will still be required.

Europe has caught up to the U.S. on coronavirus vaccinations — and is deploying near-mandates to get further

Italy and other major European countries are requiring health passports in everyday life.

Romans mastered aqueducts. Now Italy is just trying to fix its leaky pipes.

With an enormous sum of European recovery money, Italy is directing much of it to environmental issues — including the leaks.

About 200 Afghan interpreters and family members arrive in U.S., in first wave of evacuations

The evacuees escaped the clutches of Taliban militants who have targeted interpreters, in some cases killing them as retribution for their work with U.S. troops on the front lines and as crucial workers for diplomats and humanitarian agencies.

Why Africa is perilously far behind on coronavirus vaccination

“There is no other word for it but a betrayal of trust, the consequences of which are now playing out in Africa, in lives lost that should not have been, had the wealthiest countries allowed poorer countries access to their fair share of vaccines,” WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told The Washington Post.

A 40-year-old slice of Princess Diana’s royal wedding cake is going under the hammer in Britain

"We advise against eating it,” the auction house said of the slice decorated in a royal coat of arms.

China built the world’s largest facial recognition system. Now, it’s getting camera-shy.

Authorities are putting the freewheeling industry on notice, amid a broad crackdown on Big Tech.

New Zealand moves to outlaw LGBTQ conversion therapy

If passed, the legislation could result in prison terms of up to five years for practices intended to change a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

The pandemic leads to another summer of anger

Though quieter in the United States than a year ago, this month has seen a dramatic spasm of protest in other parts of the world.

Biden urges state, local governments to give $100 to newly vaccinated

With the extra-contagious delta variant spurring some renewed restrictions, governments are under new pressure to get shots into reluctant arms.

Under a rust brown sky: Lethal wildfires menace Turkish resorts

A rash of dramatic fires has forced the evacuation of villages, towns and popular tourist areas.

In shadow of Japan’s Fukushima disaster, the Olympic message of ‘recovery’ rings hollow

A decade later, many people remain displaced from the devastation left by the an earthquake, tsunami and meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Here’s how countries around the world have approached vaccine mandates

The announcement Thursday is part of a growing trend around the world to require — or nearly require — vaccinations for certain groups as the delta variant continues to spread.

Israeli Health Ministry approves covid booster shot for older population

The move kick-starts a third-dose inoculation campaign for adults over 60 that will launch on Sunday.

The best place to ride out a global societal collapse is New Zealand, study finds

The study looks for potential "nodes of persisting complexity” in the face of a period of worldwide “de-complexification.”
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US Navy says drone strike hit oil tanker off Oman, killing 2

U.S. Navy explosive experts believe a “drone strike” targeted an oil tanker that came under attack off the coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea, killing two on board
  • 21 minutes ago

Hong Kong police arrest man for booing national anthem

Hong Kong police have arrested a man on suspicion of insulting the national anthem
  • 1 hour ago

UN warns hunger is expected to rise in 23 global hotspots

Two U.N. agencies are warning that hunger is expected to rise in 23 global hotspots in the next three months with the highest alerts for “catastrophic” situations in Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray region, southern Madagascar, Yemen, South Sudan and northern Nigeria
  • 4 hours ago

Canada official: 4th virus wave possible if steps not taken

Canada’s chief public health officer says the country could face a fourth wave of COVID-19, driven by the delta variant, by the end of summer if restrictions are eased too quickly and before enough people have been vaccinated
  • 5 hours ago

Iraq military: Many feared dead in terrorist attack in north

Iraq’s military says a terrorist attack on a funeral procession has claimed many victims in the country’s northern province of Salahaddin
  • 6 hours ago
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