(Amr Nabil/The Associated Press)
(Amr Nabil/The Associated Press)
Hosni Mubarak

Egyptian ruler whose reign reached a bloody climax with Arab Spring dies at 91

Hosni Mubarak had kept a tight grip on his country through three decades of repression, corruption and cronyism, only to be deposed by the military after massive street protests.

Did Neanderthals bury their dead with flowers? Iraq cave yields new clues.

Scientists said they had discovered the well-preserved upper-body skeleton of an adult Neanderthal who lived about 70,000 years ago.
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As Yemen’s war intensifies, an opening for al-Qaeda to resurrect its fortunes

The death of its leader Qasim al-Rimi in a U.S. drone strike further weakened the group's Yemen branch, but it has bounced back before.
At least 13 people were killed in Delhi on Monday and Tuesday when clashes broke out between Hindus and Muslims in the northeastern part of the city.
The clampdowns adopted by China are not on the menu in South Korea or Japan.
U.S. stock indexes appeared set to avoid a repeat of Monday’s heavy losses. Elsewhere, worries were growing about Tokyo’s ability to host the Olympics.
Human rights advocates and friends say the case against Gui, who was kidnapped in 2015 and later emerged in Chinese custody, was politically motivated.
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A U.N. study warns that at least a third of the country is suffering malnutrition.
U.S. health officials warned Americans to avoid all nonessential travel to South Korea as the country grappled with a wave of new infections.
The president and his family made stops in Ahmedabad and Agra before traveling to New Delhi.
Those who flee the clampdown on pro-democracy protests don’t know who they can trust in Taipei, raising pressure on the government to formalize protections.
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Move saved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from having to make a no-win decision.
In a country cleaved along racial, class and geographic lines, the mass gathering has become a vehicle for Brazilians to express their divisions.
Cases spiked from three to more than 200 in days; European neighbors are bracing for outbreaks of their own.
Chinese health officials confirmed that the pneumonialike coronavirus came from wild animals sold at a market in Wuhan, the city of 11 million people and capital of the Hubei province in China.
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As the WikiLeaks founder’s long-running legal drama resumed Monday, his team argued that the prosecution by the U.S. Justice Department was politically motivated.
The flare-up came after video showing an Israeli army bulldozer dragging the body of a Palestinian militant stirred outrage in the Gaza Strip.
President Trump will spend 36 hours in India, the world’s largest democracy.
The move, a product of a decades-old rivalry between the prime minister and his anointed successor, positioned the political veteran to once again play kingmaker.
Authorities said Ayasel Slay's video was offensive to Mecca, the holiest city in Islam. Others say she is being unfairly targeted as a black woman.
It’s not just offensive, it’s a matter of health and safety: Authorities blame the practice for the deterioration of Brazil’s infrastructure, including a deadly 2007 stadium collapse.
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A former independence fighter in Kosovo says he won’t submit to questioning by a investigating crimes against humanity during and after the country’s 1998-99 war
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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is hitting out at China and Iran for their response to the outbreak of coronavirus
  • 42 minutes ago
Officials in Somalia say a U.S. military airstrike has killed a worker for a telecom company
  • 2 hours ago

Malawi is expected to go to the polls for a fresh presidential election on May 19 after a court overturned last year’s vote, citing widespread irregularities
  • 3 hours ago
French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said his government is backing Greece’s request to make emergency spending on the migrant crisis exempt from official fiscal calculations
  • 3 hours ago
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