Morales, supporters reject interim president, deepening Bolivia’s crisis

Jeanine Añez met with military and police commanders at the presidential palace; former president Morales, in Mexico, said her swearing-in “confirms the coup.”
  • 10 hours ago
(Luca Bruno/AP)
(Luca Bruno/AP)

Venice is partially submerged by the highest tides in a half-century

The mayor said the flooding would leave “indelible marks” on the city, which is already threatened by climate change.

The deadliest form of plague has infected two people in China, and information is scarce

The pneumonic plague is considered to be the most severe and viral form of the disease.

Guaidó supporters take over Venezuelan Embassy in Brazil, forcing standoff with Maduro government

The leaders of China, Russia, India, South Africa and Brazil arrived in Brasilia to discuss the Venezuelan crisis, among other subjects.

Why Ukraine and Russia are still at war

Russian aid to separatists in eastern Ukraine has been keeping the conflict alive as low-level fighting continues.
Pyongyang has warned of a “new path” if the United States does not change its approach.
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Ousted president Evo Morales says he is a victim of a coup. His opponents are championing the restoration of democracy.
The latest “aqua alta” event has its roots in the Adriatic Sea, but it points to the precariousness of the historic city.
No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, which took place one day after the Afghan leader announced plans to release three high-profile insurgent commanders from prison.
The hearings are likely to shed light on politicians, aides and oligarchs in Kyiv and their influence in Washington.
Hamas, Gaza’s main authority, has not been targeted and has not launched its own rockets.
The 23-year-old said she comes from a long line of firefighters, including her parents, grandmother and great-grandfather.
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced a lowering of the maximum daytime speed limits on many highways from about 81 mph to 62 mph.
The months-long crisis reaches a critical moment as authorities tighten clampdown on pro-democracy protesters.
  • 18 hours ago
Russian historian Oleg Sokolev is facing charges for the gruesome murder of his young protege.
The High Court will hear his final appeal early next year, and the outcome will determine how the Vatican moves forward with its own case against Pell.
The extra payments and strong sales figures suggest the Chinese tech giant is holding up in the face of Washington’s pressure campaign.
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Analysts say the bond between both presidents is the only thing sustaining the U.S.-Turkey relationship. But that's also a problem.
The Jared Kushner proposal has been met by objections from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and border officials.
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Pakistani police: Gunmen fire on police vehicle, killing senior counter-terrorism officer, wounding 2
  • 21 minutes ago
Russian police investigate a college shooting in Blagoveshchensk, where a student killed one and wounded three more students, committing suicide shortly after
  • 49 minutes ago
Russian police say student kills 1 fellow student, wounds 3 more, takes his own life in college shooting
  • 53 minutes ago

Exiled Cambodian opposition leader Sam Rainsy has arrived in Indonesia to meet some of the country’s lawmakers as he considers when and how to make his long-awaited return to his homeland
  • 59 minutes ago
Israeli military spokesman says Gaza operation ‘is over,’ confirming cease-fire with Islamic Jihad militants
  • 1 hour ago
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