(Chris Mcgrath/Getty Images)
(Chris Mcgrath/Getty Images)

Pope Francis flies to Baghdad, beginning the first-ever papal trip to Iraq

It is his first international trip since the start of the pandemic.

China pushes for tech pre-eminence as U.S. rivalry intensifies

Big increases in research and development spending, and manipulating elections in Hong Kong are part of the latest plans.

The incredible courage of Myanmar’s protesters

After a day of hideous bloodshed, demonstrators returned to the streets.

Covid-19 live updates: Target, CVS among stores keeping mask mandates as Texas lifts restrictions

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has drawn ire for his decision to lift the statewide mandate for face coverings.

How future generations will judge humanity’s performance against the coronavirus

Archivists are assembling a global time capsule that chronicles what we got right — and what we got wrong.

After third large quake near New Zealand, tsunami concerns rise from South Pacific to Central America

A rise in water levels is possible as far away as Hawaii and South America

Nedzib Sacirbey, a ‘founding father’ of independent Bosnia, dies at 94 of the coronavirus

A longtime Washington-area psychiatrist, he became a confidant, adviser and right-hand-man to Bosnia’s first president, Alija Izetbegovic.
  • 8 hours ago

Toko Shinoda, Japanese artist who merged the age-old and the avant-garde, dies at 107

A painter and lithographer, she worked in the ancient tradition of calligraphy, using ink that was centuries old, to produce gems of modern abstract expressionism.

Italy blocks export of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine to Australia, amid E.U. anger over delivery shortfalls

This is the first time an E.U. country has used a new export control power.

Fake coronavirus vaccine seizures in several countries are ‘tip of the iceberg,’ Interpol warns

Interpol said that police in China and Russia have seized thousands of fake vaccines.

Four cats saved from sinking ship by Thai sailor who swam to save them

The four small cats trapped on a sinking boat needed a miracle.

Meghan says royal family can’t expect her silence if palace is ‘perpetuating falsehoods’

The latest teaser from the upcoming Oprah Winfrey interview comes as the palace announced an investigation into possible bullying by the duchess.

After marathon bail hearings, Hong Kong pro-democracy activists find themselves back in detention

A judge granted bail to 15 of the 47 opposition leaders arrested under the national security law, but an immediate appeal sent the whole group back to detention.

Yemen’s Houthis claim missile attack on Saudi oil facility

The Iran-linked group said it struck an Aramco facility in Jiddah early in the morning, one of three attacks that day.

Most coronavirus deaths have occurred in countries where majority of adults are overweight

A report by the World Obesity Federation found that 88 percent of deaths due to covid-19 in the first year of the pandemic were in countries where more than half of the population is classified as overweight.

He told the world about his brutal torture in Syria. Then, mysteriously, he went back.

Mazen al-Hamada's decision left friends and family to agonize over why he'd returned to the arms of his tormentors. The answers go to the heart of Syria's tragedy.

A precious metal that costs 15 times more than gold is driving a surge in thefts of catalytic converters

A troy ounce of rhodium now costs more than a brand new Toyota Prius.

Still making the case for Islam and democracy in a Tunisia battered by crises

Rachid Ghannouchi, an enduring figure in Arab politics, argues that “the revolution is still here.”

U.N. says at least 38 dead in Myanmar anti-coup protests as security forces shoot to kill

Shooting protesters has emerged again as a crowd-control tactic, along with tear gas and stun grenades.

Why hasn’t Biden reversed one of Trump’s most controversial sanctions orders?

One of Trump's most contentious sanctions decisions remains firmly in place: the use of measures usually reserved for dictators and terrorists against the staff of the International Criminal Court.
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Quake-ravaged part of Croatia sees gaping sinkholes emerge

After the deadly earthquake came the sinkholes
  • 30 minutes ago

AP PHOTOS: Madrid hospital staff learn to cope with virus

A voice shouts “Red Alert!” from the end of the corridor. An ambulance has just delivered the latest resident of an elderly care home in the Spanish capital. He’s in a critical condition and time is of the essence.
  • 54 minutes ago

US: Russia blocks Syria chemical weapons use accountability

The United States is accusing Syrian President Bashar Assad and his close ally Russia of trying to block all efforts to hold Damascus accountable for using chemical weapons during attacks on civilians
  • 5 hours ago

Mexico City launches Latin America’s latest cable car line

Mexico City has launched the first of what it hopes will be several cable-car lines in the poorer outskirts of the city of 9 million
  • 7 hours ago

Little damage from huge Pacific quake; tsunami threat passes

One of the strongest earthquakes to hit the South Pacific in modern history triggered tsunami warnings across the ocean and forced thousands of people in New Zealand to evacuate
  • 8 hours ago
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