Iran’s Revolutionary Guards wrestle with new reality after killing of their chief military strategist

The IRGC is facing new dangers abroad, as well as a backlash at home over the downing of a passenger plane and the handling of protests.

South Sudan forges ‘unity government’ in bid to end civil war that has killed 400,000

Coming after intense international pressure, the move is seen as a the most serious chance yet at ending years of war.

U.S. halts offensive military operations in Afghanistan as part of Taliban deal

The move is aimed at reducing violence ahead of a possible peace deal.
Containment is still possible, but the window “is narrowing,” the WHO chief said.
U.S. and West African officials warn the partnership could grow into a global threat.
They are gainfully employed but need to find fresh ways to spread their rival messages.
The ventures include four luxury residential projects and an office tower, all branded with the Trump name under licensing deals.
Health authorities connected more than half of South Korea’s known coronavirus cases to the church.
Extradition of ‘El Menchito’ comes after pressure from the Trump administration
Whether they can call themselves ‘royal’ has been a contentious question.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the deal would be signed provided that a week-long reduction in violence across the country holds.
Police said they believe Sean Karl Grebinger, 48, committed suicide Thursday night.
The country’s wider health system is breaking down, leading to the sacrifice of some to save others.
The hospitals are monitoring hundreds of people for potential infection after a sudden spike in cases.
Chinese health officials confirmed that the pneumonialike coronavirus came from wild animals sold at a market in Wuhan, the city of 11 million people and capital of the Hubei province in China.
The vote follows the disqualification of thousands of candidates, including pro-reform politicians.
A total of eight front-line health workers have died, while as many as 3,000 have been infected.
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Syria’s transportation minister says the highway that links the Syrian capital with the northern city of Aleppo is open for public use for the first time in nearly eight years
  • 3 hours ago
Japanese Emperor Naruhito, marking his 60th birthday, has offered his sympathy to those affected by the new virus that emerged in China and said he hopes to see the outbreak contained soon
  • 5 hours ago
A violent police strike in northeastern Brazil has shed light on dissatisfaction among cops elsewhere in the country, with some forces threatening to protest as rowdy Carnival celebrations start
  • 6 hours ago

The top diplomat in eastern Libya says the shutdown of vital oil facilities in the country would come to an end “when Libyans are guaranteed of the fair distribution of their resources.”
  • 6 hours ago
Japanese officials say a passenger who got off the Diamond Princess after completing the cruise ship’s quarantine has tested positive for the new virus, becoming the first known case of infection among those released at the end of the ship’s containment period
  • 7 hours ago
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