Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Kyiv sees Odessa strike as retaliation for Moscow’s Snake Island withdrawal

The attack on civilian infrastructure in the Odessa region killed at least 21 and wounded dozens.

By Amy Cheng and Andrew JeongJuly 2, 2022

Ukraine war’s collateral damage: Britain’s beloved fish and chip shops

Caught in a price squeeze for both oil and fish, thousands of "chippy" shops could go out of business this year in Britain.

By William BoothJuly 2, 2022

Egypt’s historic houseboats are demolished as Cairo is remade

The houseboats have been scenes of history, hosting diplomats, German spies, belly dancers and generations of residents trying to escape Cairo's noise and heat.

By Heba Farouk Mahfouz and Paul SchemmJuly 2, 2022

Rare clouds that glow in the dark are the most vibrant in 15 years

Sky watchers in Oregon, Washington, England and Canada have spotted "noctilucent clouds," the rarest on Earth

By Kasha PatelJuly 1, 2022

Kyiv says at least 21 dead in strike near city of Odessa

The attack on a resort town near the port of Odessa hit a high-rise apartment building and a recreation center, Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs said, and at least one child was among the dead.

By Cate Cadell, Karoun Demirjian, Alex Horton and Ellen FrancisJuly 1, 2022

More than 20 dead in Odessa strikes, Kyiv says

American WNBA star Brittney Griner is standing trial in Moscow, but experts on Russia’s legal system expect the proceedings will be a show trial.

By Ellen Francis, Andrew Jeong, Amy Cheng, Julian Duplain, Karina Tsui, David L. Stern and Meryl KornfieldJuly 1, 2022

U.S.-supplied HIMARS changing the calculus on Ukraine’s front lines

Soldiers love system's superior range and accuracy but say that they arrived too slowly and that many more are needed.

By Isabelle Khurshudyan and Kostiantyn KhudovJuly 1, 2022

Ex-leader of Mexico’s search for disappeared convicted in DNA scandal

A judge said Roberto Cabrera helped a firm that “merchandized the suffering of families” searching for loved ones. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

By Mary Beth SheridanJuly 1, 2022

War in Ukraine may threaten a Syrian lifeline for aid

The aid lifeline for millions of people in northern Syria is up for debate in the Security Council, during worsening tensions over war in Ukraine.

By Kareem FahimJuly 1, 2022

Who is Viktor Bout, Russian arms dealer eyed in rumored prisoner swap?

Viktor Bout, whose wild exploits once inspired a Hollywood film starring Nicolas Cage, is serving a 25-year sentence in a U.S. prison.

By Adam TaylorJuly 1, 2022

Tropical Storm Bonnie forms on path toward Nicaragua and Costa Rica

A separate tropical rainstorm is drenching parts of the upper Texas coast and southwest Louisiana.

By Jason SamenowJuly 1, 2022

GOP officials back Hungary’s resistance to global tax deal, bucking Biden

Viktor Orban’s foreign minister says he is ‘constantly’ consulting Republican lawmakers on opposition to plan to tax multinational firms

By Jeff SteinJuly 1, 2022

Brittney Griner appears in Russian court over drug charges

Griner could face 10 years in jail if convicted for possessing a “significant amount” of hashish.

By Robyn Dixon and Mary IlyushinaJuly 1, 2022

Ukrainian borscht gets a spot on U.N. protection list

A simmering spat with Russia over the placement predates this year’s conflict.

By Julian Duplain and Karina TsuiJuly 1, 2022

Resistance builds in Tunisia as populist leader seeks more power

In the year since the president made a power grab, he has implemented a slow-burn rollback of Tunisia’s democratic gains and opposition is growing.

By Claire ParkerJuly 1, 2022

Congo buries gold-crowned tooth, only remains of independence hero Lumumba

Thousands lined the streets of Kinshasa as a relic of assassinated former prime minister Patrice Lumumba was brought to a mausoleum.

By Amy ChengJuly 1, 2022

India imposes ban on single-use plastics. But will it be enforced?

India is the world’s third largest producer of plastic waste, trailing only the United States and China.

By Niha Masih and Anant GuptaJuly 1, 2022

China marks Hong Kong handover anniversary, as doubts hang over city

The display of national pride comes as the city is struggling to maintain its position as a cultural and financial powerhouse.

By Christian Shepherd and Theodora YuJuly 1, 2022

Biden pledges $800 million in new weapons for Ukraine, says U.S. gas prices will remain high

Russia says its forces have withdrawn from Snake Island, a highly contested island in the Black Sea that Russia occupied soon after its February invasion.

By David Walker, Jennifer Hassan, Bryan Pietsch, Amy Cheng, Adam Taylor and Lateshia BeachumJuly 1, 2022

‘Alien things’ brought covid into North Korea, regime says

The announcement suggested Pyongyang is looking to blame Seoul for its outbreak, as South Korea's new leader takes a harder line toward Kim Jong Un.

By Michelle Ye Hee Lee and Min Joo KimJuly 1, 2022