China is key to saving the planet from climate change. But it can’t quit coal.

Beijing’s approach could determine the outcome of a critical U.N. climate summit.

Far-right activists blamed for fueling anti-vaccine mobs in Melbourne

A federal lawmaker said “hard-right man-baby Nazis" aimed to rile up construction workers over the halt of all nonessential building work.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals win Canadian election, fall short of majority

The vote Monday capped a campaign that many felt was unnecessary, failed to inspire much enthusiasm and featured ugly scenes of protesters.

‘An iron curtain’: Australia’s covid rules are stranding people at state borders

Restrictions have displaced people across the country, with some setting up camp in the Outback while they wait — and wait — for permission to go home.

Biden goes to the U.N. needing to salvage his global agenda

This wasn't the atmosphere Biden hoped for before his first address to the United Nations as president.

Homeland security officials will investigate after images show agents on horseback grabbing migrants, Mayorkas says

Democratic lawmakers blasted the White House over the scenes in Del Rio, Tex., and the Biden administration’s deportation flights to Haiti.

Putin’s United Russia party holds big majority in Russia’s three-day parliamentary elections

The opposition has faulted a new online voting system that it says delivered the election to the ruling party in many areas.

N.Y. man arrested over threat to kill Dominican president during visit to city

Enrique Figueroa, 47, made menacing posts aimed at the leader, who is in New York for the U.N. meetings, prosecutors say.

U.S. to lift covid travel ban, allowing entry for vaccinated Europeans and others

European leaders had been incensed by the restrictions imposed by Trump and kept in place by Biden.

Shooting at Russian university leaves at least 6 dead, 24 injured

Such mass shootings are relatively rare in Russia, which has strict laws on civilian gun ownership.

‘Hotel Rwanda’ inspiration Paul Rusesabagina sentenced to 25 years in prison for terrorism-related charges

Rusesabagina's supporters have criticized the trial as unfair and not following international standards of due process.

Thousands flee La Palma volcano eruption as rivers of lava flow toward villages

Videos and photos showed streams of bright orange lava from the Cumbre Vieja volcano flowing through streets, engulfing houses and roads.

More than 1 million people watched the U.N. General Assembly online — when K-pop band BTS took to the podium

Nearly 1 million people tuned into what felt like the hottest event on the Internet Monday: A speech at the United Nations General Assembly meeting by the K-pop superstar boy band BTS.

India to resume vaccine exports next month as covid pressure eases

The announcement gives a fresh impetus to global vaccine supplies that had received a setback after India had halted exports earlier this year amid a crushing coronavirus wave.

What you need to know about Germany’s election

How Germans will pick the successor to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

North Korea says Australia’s submarine deal could trigger ‘nuclear arms race’

North Korea has lashed out at a new trilateral security pact among the United States, Britain and Australia, and a deal to supply sensitive nuclear submarine technology to Australia.

Canadians could make Trudeau pay for his gamble

By calling early elections, Trudeau hoped to win a decisive parliamentary majority. But he could now be on the brink of losing power.

Deportees land in Port-au-Prince: ‘Nobody told us we were going back to Haiti’

Many hadn’t seen their country in years, and now spoke better Spanish or Portuguese than Haitian Creole.
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European court: Russia responsible for Litvinenko killing

The European Court of Human Rights has backed the conclusion of a British inquiry that Russia was responsible for the killing of Alexander Litvinenko, who died in 2006 after drinking tea laced with a radioactive material
  • 14 minutes ago

Military general who ruled Egypt after Mubarak ouster dies

The Egyptian general who ruled the country following the Arab Spring uprising that removed longtime autocrat Hosni Mubarak from power, has died
  • 16 minutes ago

UK police charge 3rd Russian in 2018 poisoning of ex-spy

British police say they are charging a third Russian suspect in the 2018 nerve agent attack on a former Russian agent in England
  • 40 minutes ago

Taliban name deputy ministers, double down on all-male team

The Taliban have expanded their interim Cabinet by naming more ministers and deputies, but failed to appoint any women
  • 50 minutes ago

France rallies EU as trust in US, UK and Australia wanes

France is urging its European Union partners to consider delaying negotiations on a future EU trade agreement with Australia
  • 1 hour ago
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