Israeli defense minister heads to France with Pegasus spyware on the agenda

The trip comes amid the fallout of revelations that a phone number for President Macron was found on a list that included people targeted through the Pegasus spyware tool.

In Peru, a rural schoolteacher rises from obscurity to the presidency

The rise of Pedro Castillo is the most glaring example yet of the power of the pandemic to upend politics in Latin America.

Covid-19 global updates: England to reopen borders to fully vaccinated visitors from U.S., Europe

The plan would allow immunized visitors to enter without having to quarantine, much the way E.U. treats visiting Americans.

Blinken pulls India closer amid challenges in Afghanistan, China

The U.S. secretary of state's visit to India was part of the Biden administration’s effort to strengthen ties with a diplomatic partner wedged between two of America’s largest geopolitical challenges, Afghanistan and China.

Something strange is happening in Britain. Covid cases are plummeting instead of soaring.

Could the drop mark the first real-world evidence that the pandemic in Britain is fading?

After an Afghan ‘comedian’ is killed by militants, videos of his treatment spark outrage nationwide

The death of Nazar Mohammad Khasha has galvanized Afghan citizens to speak out against Taliban violence.

Outcry in Pakistan over beheading of former ambassador’s daughter

Police arrested an acquaintance of the victim at the site of the attack, and later his mother and father on charges of trying to hide evidence.

China hosts Taliban leaders as U.S. withdraws troops from Afghanistan

Chinese foreign minister demanded that Taliban cut ties with separatist group in Xinjiang.

Beyond human endurance

Deadly heat waves sweeping the globe are prompting doomsday questions: Will parts of the world soon become too hot to live in?

Haiti’s evangelical leaders feel pressure after one of their own arrested in president’s killing

Evangelical leaders are denouncing a wave of vitriol against them in the aftermath of the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse — and distancing themselves from arrested pastor Christian Emmanuel Sanon.

Lawmakers in Ghana seek to outlaw advocacy for gay rights

On the list of potential offenses: organizing efforts to support sexual minorities, donating to such causes and posting encouraging messages on social media.

Want to skip the vaccine in Russia? You could be suspended from work.

When Russia’s vaccine campaign stumbled, authorities dumped the responsibility on companies.

Israel appears to have committed war crimes in May conflict with Hamas, Human Rights Watch says

The report renews scrutiny on this May’s deadly exchange of Israeli missiles and Hamas rockets in which over 250 Palestinians in Gaza, among them 67 children, and 13 residents of Israel, including two children, died.

After a Tanzanian opposition leader’s arrest, hopes for a democratic turn fade

The opposition leader had been campaigning for changes to Tanzania’s constitution that would lessen the central government’s power.

CDC change on masks brings U.S. back in line with WHO and foreign governments

The WHO had advised all people, vaccinated or not, to continue wearing masks when around others.

Europeans increasingly frustrated as White House maintains Trump-era covid travel restrictions

Whereas vaccinated U.S. tourists have been allowed to return to much of Europe for weeks, most Europeans continue to be unable to travel to the United States.

Spear gun slaying of Kostis, beloved Mediterranean monk seal, sparks outrage on Greek island

Animal was rescued as a pup from Cyclone Zorbas in 2018.

U.S. warns against travel to Israel, Portugal and Spain as delta fuels outbreaks

The White House said it had no plans to lift broad restrictions on visitors from Britain, countries in Europe’s Schengen region and other nations.

Explosion at chemical park shakes German city, kills 1

Residents were warned to stay inside after the explosion shrouded Leverkusen with black smoke.
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Tokyo sets another virus record days after Olympics begin

Tokyo has reported 3,177 new coronavirus cases, setting an all-time high and exceeding 3,000 for the first time days after the start of the Olympics
  • 25 minutes ago

Turkey: Homes evacuated as fire rages near town

Authorities have evacuated homes in southern Turkey as a wildfire fanned by strong winds raged through a forest area near the Mediterranean coastal town of Manavgat
  • 49 minutes ago

Youth focus of COVID-19 infections in Mexico's 3rd wave

Health officials say infected youth are a driving factor in Mexico’s third wave of COVID-19 cases
  • 59 minutes ago

Germany charges Syrian doctor with crimes against humanity

A Syrian doctor has been charged in Germany with crimes against humanity for allegedly torturing people in military hospitals in his homeland and killing one of them
  • 2 hours ago

Iran's supreme leader criticizes US as nuclear talks stalled

Iran’s supreme leader has called the U.S. “stubborn” in stalled nuclear talks in Vienna for discussing Tehran’s missiles and regional influence
  • 2 hours ago
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