Live updates: Xi and Putin sign agreements as Japan’s leader visits Ukraine

The visit by Chinese Presiden Xi Jinping's is Beijing's strongest show of support yet for Russian President Vladimir Putin since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

By Adela Suliman, Rachel Pannett, Andrew Jeong, Miriam Berger, Robyn Dixon and Natalia AbbakumovaMarch 21, 2023

Xi’s cocoon in Moscow: A Chinese-owned hotel over Red Square opulence

Sino-Russian relations have grown substantially closer since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the West’s imposition of punishing sanctions.

By Mary Ilyushina and Francesca EbelMarch 21, 2023

Xi and Putin showcase their alliance but offer no path to peace in Ukraine

On the second day of a state visit, the leaders-for-life emphasized economic ties, which have grown far stronger between their countries since Russia's invasion of Ukraine

By Robyn Dixon and Lily KuoMarch 21, 2023

Boris Johnson lays out his ‘Partygate’ defense ahead of Parliament grilling

The former prime minister plans to tell Parliament on Wednesday that he told the truth about the lockdown parties according to what "he believed at the time."

By William Booth and Karla AdamMarch 21, 2023

Another art museum chief quits as Russia pressures cultural institutions

As war rages in Ukraine, museum officials in Russia are being told that their exhibitions must reflect the nation's spiritual and moral values.

By Francesca EbelMarch 21, 2023

U.K. scientists plead for return of rare shark’s head, promise ‘no judging’

The smalltooth sand tiger shark was called a “once-in-a-lifetime find in British waters” — but the head and tail were chopped off before scientists could see them.

By Victoria BissetMarch 21, 2023

U.S. pushing Canada to lead international force to Haiti

The Biden administration wants Ottawa to assume a "leadership role." Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Washington needs to do "much more" on sanctions.

By Amanda Coletta and Widlore MérancourtMarch 21, 2023

Taiwan’s president to stop in U.S., raising prospect of friction with China

Tsai Ing-wen will stop in New York and Los Angeles on her way to and from Central America, and is expected to meet House Speaker Kevin McCarthy during the trip.

By Meaghan Tobin and Ellen NakashimaMarch 21, 2023

Saudi Arabia frees U.S. citizen imprisoned over tweets about crown prince

Saad Almadi, a 72-year-old living in Florida, was arrested in Riyadh in 2021 after posting tweets critical of Mohammed bin Salman's government.

By Leo SandsMarch 21, 2023

Visit by Japan’s Kishida to Kyiv gives sharp contrast to Xi in Russia

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is in Kyiv to see Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as China's Xi Jinping meets Russia's Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

By Michelle Ye Hee LeeMarch 21, 2023

U.S. finds Ethiopian troops committed crimes against humanity

Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced the Ethiopia assessment as he unveiled the State Department’s annual report on global human rights.

By Missy RyanMarch 21, 2023

China portrays Xi’s Russia trip as bid for leadership of non-Western world

Chinese media was awash with coverage of the visit as evidence of China’s mettle when it comes to standing up to Washington and offering a model to the rest of the world.

By Lily KuoMarch 21, 2023

Racism, misogyny rampant in London police force, ‘damning’ report finds

Louise Casey's report recommended that specialized units be vetted again or disbanded and said that if progress in reforms wasn't made, options should include breaking up the Met.

By Bryan PietschMarch 21, 2023

As G-20 meetings come to India, Modi launches a public relations blitz

The campaign seeks to hammer home a message that the prime minister is winning clout and respect for India internationally.

By Karishma Mehrotra and Gerry ShihMarch 21, 2023

Xi meets Putin in show of anti-West unity, but there’s unease, too

The Russian and Chinese presidents will tout their countries’ great friendship. But in reality, the Kremlin is turning into Beijing’s de facto vassal.

By Ishaan TharoorMarch 21, 2023

Sailboat crew rescued in Pacific after abandoning ship sunk by whale

Raindancer owner Rick Rodriguez and his three friends escaped the sinking ship and sent out a distress signal after an encounter with a massive whale.

By Karen SchwartzMarch 20, 2023

Somalia drought caused 43,000 deaths in 2022, report estimates

Somalia has endured five consecutive failed rainy seasons, and may soon see its sixth.

By Sammy WestfallMarch 20, 2023

Xi and Putin hold talks in Russia, trading compliments, amid war in Ukraine

With war raging in Ukraine, Chinese leader Xi Jinping landed in Russia for a three-day state visit that Russian officials have billed as the most important diplomatic event of 2023.

By Francesca Ebel and Lily KuoMarch 20, 2023

Xi and Putin end initial meeting in Moscow, affirm ties amid Ukraine war

Chinese leader Xi Jinping's visit, billed by Beijing as a peace mission, is playing out as a show of solidarity with an increasingly isolated Vladimir Putin.

By Rachel Pannett, Leo Sands, Kelly Kasulis Cho, Robyn Dixon, Lily Kuo, Miriam Berger and Adam TaylorMarch 21, 2023

Earthquake-battered parts of Turkey hit by severe flooding

Piles of debris, cars, and in some cases, people, were carried away by fast-racing floodwater, after heavy rains last week.

By Joe SnellMarch 20, 2023