U.K. ‘Partygate’ probe ends with 126 fines for at least 8 government gatherings

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson received no fines in the last round issued for violations of covid lockdown rules. An internal report is still to come.

By William Booth and Karla AdamMay 19, 2022

Israeli lawmaker quits ruling coalition, citing journalist’s killing

The lawmaker, Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi, was the second Knesset member to quit Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s ruling coalition in the last two months.

By Shira RubinMay 19, 2022

Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Biden hosts Finland, Sweden leaders; Russian soldier confronted at trial

The war crimes trial of Russian soldier Vadim Shishimarin, 21, who pleaded guilty to killing a civilian, is set to resume.

By Paulina Firozi,  Brittany Shammas,  Ellen Francis,  Bryan Pietsch,  Steve Hendrix and Julian MarkMay 19, 2022

Russian soldier asks victim’s family for forgiveness in Ukraine court

Sgt. Vadim Shishimarin, the first Russian soldier to face a war crimes trial in Ukraine, addressed the widow of a Ukrainian civilian he admitted to killing.

By Steve Hendrix and Claire ParkerMay 19, 2022

Four maps explain how Sweden and Finland could alter NATO’s security

The countries offer key geographic advantages, which would enhance NATO’s defenses, should they join.

By Ruby Mellen and Dylan MoriartyMay 19, 2022

Pro-war Russians are increasingly critical of the Ukraine conflict

Pro-war Russians have greater leeway to speak out than those who oppose the war, but some of the criticisms of the military effort are brutal.

By Liz SlyMay 19, 2022

N. Korea readying ICBM or nuclear test for Biden visit, officials say

The provocation would also come as North Korea struggles with an escalating coronavirus outbreak among its vulnerable, largely unvaccinated population.

By Min Joo KimMay 19, 2022

Iran says it’s reviewing request to delay Swedish doctor’s execution

Ahmadreza Jalali, a disaster medicine specialist, was arrested in Iran in 2016.

By Miriam BergerMay 19, 2022

Shanghai faces mental health crisis as covid lockdown drags on

With official efforts focused on eradicating infections, mental trauma brought on by isolation and lockdown has gone largely untreated.

By Christian Shepherd and Vic ChiangMay 19, 2022

Russia touts new laser weapons, but Ukraine and U.S. are skeptical

Ukraine’s Zelensky mocked Russia’s announcement, comparing the laser to fictitious weapons concocted by Nazi propagandists.

By Amy ChengMay 19, 2022

George W. Bush called Iraq war ‘unjustified and brutal.’ He meant Ukraine.

The former U.S. president, who has faced criticism for the 2003 Iraq invasion, made an apparent verbal slip.

By Bryan PietschMay 19, 2022

In brutalized Bucha, a psychologist helps heal hidden wounds

The psychologically scarred want to know: Why did Russia do this to me?

By Max BearakMay 19, 2022

Senate confirms new ambassador to Ukraine; Russia displaying scaled-down ambition, U.S. says

Russian leaders are responding to the historic move by Finland and Sweden to apply to join NATO with talk of “retaliatory measures.”

By Reis Thebault,  Paulina Firozi,  Michael Birnbaum,  Rachel Pannett,  Andrew Jeong,  Jennifer Hassan,  Julian Mark and Alex HortonMay 18, 2022

Inside the global hunt for a culprit in mysterious hepatitis cases

About 520 cases have been reported, most in previously healthy kids under age 5

By Lena H. SunMay 18, 2022

Moscow casts doubt on prisoner swap; soldier pleads guilty in killing

The fate of Ukrainian fighters who emerged from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol remains uncertain. In Kyiv, a Russian soldier pleaded guilty to killing a civilian in Ukraine's first war crimes trial.

By Claire Parker,  David L. Stern,  Ellen Francis and Andrew JeongMay 18, 2022

Jill Biden’s six-day tour of Latin America is high-stakes diplomacy

This is first lady Jill Biden's second solo foreign trip this month, following her historic trip into western Ukraine on Mother’s Day to meet with refugees from Russia’s war in Ukraine.

By Jada YuanMay 18, 2022

The Orbanization of America: How to capture a democracy

Many experts fear the United States is coming to look like Hungary, where Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his allies have captured the mechanisms of democracy.

By Ishaan TharoorMay 18, 2022

Indictment describes alleged Chinese spying on dissidents

Chinese American and four MSS officers are accused of orchestrating a scheme of spying on and pressuring dissidents and human rights leaders in the United States and abroad.

By Ellen NakashimaMay 18, 2022