U.S. says Iran may have killed 1,000 protesters

As the Trump administration weighs increasing U.S. military presence in the Mideast, a State Department official said the United States has received video that shows troops firing machine guns mounted on trucks at protesters in one incident.

Barr’s meeting in Mexico could be prelude to greater U.S. involvement against drug cartels

The U.S. attorney general met with Mexico's president as President Trump considers designating drug rings terrorist organizations, an issue of bitter disagreement.
Commuters and protesters are seen at the Gare du Nord train station in Paris on Thursday. (Cyril Zannettacci/Agence VU for The Washington Post)
Commuters and protesters are seen at the Gare du Nord train station in Paris on Thursday. (Cyril Zannettacci/Agence VU for The Washington Post)

Unions protesting pension changes disrupt transport, shutter schools with crippling strikes in France

The Eiffel Tower was closed, hospitals were left understaffed, trains and flights were cancelled, and many daily activities in Paris ground to a halt as thousands took to the streets to protest plans to overhaul the nation's retirement system.

Suspects in rape and murder case that shocked India are shot and killed by police

Activists assailed the deaths of the four men as extrajudicial killings, though others praised the officers’ actions.
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The plight of climate refugees seems anathema to a Trump administration defined by its hostility to migrants and skepticism of climate change.
The president has routinely spoken to Giuliani and others on cellphones vulnerable to monitoring, according to current and former officials.
Giuliani later said some U.S. aid to Ukraine could face “major obstacles” without investigations into Joe Biden.
A strike by union workers protesting President Emmanuel Macron’s proposed changes to the country’s retirement system crippled transportation across the country and forced the shuttering of some of Paris’s most popular tourist sites.
The introduction of this instruction is another way the North African nation is leading relatively progressive policies in a conservative part of the world, experts say.
A photograph seemingly taken with the phone was shared on the prime minister’s personal Instagram account.
The politicized history of the now-completed Danish-German border fence.
The account, launched this week, called the United States a "moral loner" and LOLed about U.S. investment in China.
The insult marks a rare personal attack on the U.S. president since he met Kim Jong Un in 2018.
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Private ridicule comes with the territory, but for the current U.S. president, it's a particularly bitter pill.
Whether he can achieve any of them as the leader of a minority government is a different question.
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The question of Scotland’s independence from the rest of the United Kingdom is not on the ballot, but it’s uppermost in the minds of many voters in Scotland as they make their final choices
  • 5 minutes ago
Climate activist Greta Thunberg has arrived by train in Madrid, where a global, U
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Hong Kong’s much-maligned police force has provided a rare behind-the-scenes look at its bomb disposal squad
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New Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy travels to Paris next week for a summit meeting with the leaders of Russia, France and Germany
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An explosion of a heating gas pipe has killed at least 11 people and injured 42 others during a wedding ceremony in western Iran
  • 36 minutes ago
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