(Punit Paranjpe/AFP/Getty Images)
(Punit Paranjpe/AFP/Getty Images)

Covid-19 live updates: India reports record 200,000 new covid-19 cases as outbreak spreads

To date, more than 46 percent of the eligible U.S. population has received at least one vaccine dose, though the number of new cases continued to trend upward at an average of 9 percent over the past week. At least 563,000 people have died of covid-19.

Biden’s top diplomat makes unannounced stop in Afghanistan after president calls for troop withdrawal

Blinken’s trip follows a Wednesday speech by President Biden promising to end a conflict that has bedeviled his predecessors for the last two decades.

Brazil battles coronavirus with a Chinese vaccine even the Chinese concede could be better

The admission by a top Chinese health official was the latest pitfall complicating Brazil’s arduous journey to mass vaccination.

‘Kangaroos are not shoes’ campaign lands awkwardly in Australia’s Outback

Two U.S. representatives are pushing for an American ban on kangaroo products.

Amid royal infighting, Jordan’s sinking economy another forum for discontent

Criticism of King Abdullah II’s leadership is growing. At the same time, he is trying to quash dissent.

Olympics could be canceled because of virus, Japan ruling party figure admits

The country is battling an outbreak, including the spread of more-infectious variants, and has a low vaccination rate.

As Myanmar unravels after military coup, people flee cities for rural backwaters

Violence unleashed by the security forces prompts residents to head for ancestral villages — where they face bleak economic prospects.

U.S. could have 300 million extra vaccine doses by end of July, raising concerns over hoarding

The Biden administration is facing renewed pressure to facilitate equitable vaccine distribution around the world.

CDC vaccine advisers want more data before ruling on Johnson & Johnson vaccine’s future

To date, more than 45 percent of the eligible U.S. population has received at least one vaccine dose though the number of new cases continued to trend upward at an average of 11 percent over the past week. At least 562,000 people have died.

John Williamson, economist who devised ‘Washington Consensus’ model of reform, dies at 83

He was a leading economist who outlined ideas for international development and exchange rates.

Afghanistan became the graveyard of American hubris

One of the legacies of the Afghanistan war ought to be “greater humility about what the best military on the planet can achieve and more thoughtfulness about how we deploy it.”

Taliban issues warning over U.S. troop plan, demanding forces withdraw from Afghanistan by May 1 or risk ‘compounded’ problems

Biden’s new withdrawal timeline will keep thousands of American troops in Afghanistan months past the May 1 deadline negotiated by the Trump administration last year.

European nations warn that Iran’s increased uranium enrichment fulfills no ‘credible’ civilian purpose

The European statement reflected growing international alarm as a once-furtive conflict between Israel and Iran has burst into the open.

The war in Afghanistan: America’s longest conflict in photos

After two decades, tens of thousands of deaths and trillions of dollars in cost, the U.S. maps out its exit

Queen Elizabeth II was back at work four days after her husband’s death

The royal household is preparing for the funeral of Prince Philip on Saturday.

What we know about the Natanz nuclear site attack

Iranian officials blamed Israel for a power outage at a key nuclear facility Sunday.

Denmark abandons AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine after rare blood clots

The Danes became the first in Europe to give up on the vaccine in the face of virus spread.

China to Japanese official: If treated radioactive water from Fukushima is safe, ‘please drink it’

“The ocean is not Japan’s trash can,” a Chinese Foreign Ministry official said.

Everything you need to know about the Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics are on course to take place this summer. Here’s a complete guide to the Games.
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Blinken in Afghanistan to sell Biden troop withdrawal

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is making an unannounced visit to Afghanistan to sell Afghan leaders and a wary public on President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw all American troops from the country
  • 13 minutes ago

Ukraine seeks stronger Western backing amid Russian buildup

Ukraine’s top diplomat is asking for stronger Western backing amid escalating tensions in the country’s east and a Russian troop buildup across the border
  • 18 minutes ago

Turkish central bank maintains key rate unchanged at 19%

Turkey’s central bank has kept a key interest rate unchanged at 19%, in its first rate decision since the surprise appointment of a new governor that shook confidence in the country’s economy
  • 20 minutes ago

WHO: Europe has surpassed 1 million COVID-19 deaths

A top official from the World Health Organization says Europe has surpassed 1 million deaths from COVID-19
  • 21 minutes ago

France asks citizens to leave Pakistan amid violent protests

The French embassy in Pakistan is advising all of its nationals and companies to temporarily leave the country amid violent anti-France protests by supporters of a radical Islamist political party
  • 21 minutes ago
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