(Nam Y. Huh/AP)
(Nam Y. Huh/AP)

Covid-19 live updates: Reopening cities and states isn’t ‘synonymous with stopping the push to vaccinate,’ Fauci says

CDC director Rochelle Walensky also noted the seven-day average of daily deaths linked to covid-19 is below 300 for the first time since March 27, 2020.

World Bank declines to help El Salvador adopt bitcoin, citing environmental and transparency concerns

The global development organization cited "environmental and transparency shortcomings."

Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia’s founding father, dies at 97

He helped lead the country to independence and served for 27 years as its first president.

To Russians, Putin got what he wanted from Biden: Some ‘great power’ respect

For Putin, there can be no U.S.-Russia reset. But there was hope of an end to the downward spiral.

With deck stacked for hard-line candidate, Iranians debate whether to vote at all

Ultraconservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi is widely favored to prevail in presidential election on Friday.

U.K. ends restriction on gay and bisexual men donating blood

Critics say that restrictions, still in place in the United States, discriminate against LGBTQ individuals and are not scientifically sound.

These twins are 5 years old. They lost both parents to covid-19.

Perhaps no phenomenon encapsulates India's losses like the number of children orphaned in the surge.

Books by one of Britain’s most famous children’s authors branded racist

Enid Blyton's books have long been considered classics and beloved by generations, but also reflect the attitudes of almost a century ago.

Bitcoin miners exit China, beat a path to the U.S. as crypto climate shifts

Beijing appears uneasy not only about the industry’s carbon footprint, but also the intrinsically uncontrollable nature of cryptocurrency.

China launches first astronauts to its new space station, as race with U.S. heats up

A trio of Chinese astronauts will spend three months in space testing equipment, conducting experiments and preparing the station for future expansions.

Hong Kong police raid newspaper offices, arrest editors, executives under security law

The raid on Apple Daily and the arrests show how dramatically space is shrinking for the city’s once-free press.

The delta variant adds a speed bump to the pandemic escape route

A fast-spreading variant may slow global reopening and recovery from the pandemic.

United States surpasses 600,000 coronavirus deaths

The nationwide death rate has dropped sharply since vaccinations became widely available.

What to know about Ebrahim Raisi, the front-runner in Iran’s presidential election

The 60-year-old hardline cleric is a close confidant of Iran's supreme leader.

Floods in Australia sent spiders scrambling for dry land. A town is now covered in webs.

A town in Australia is covered in spider silk following severe flooding.

How Biden’s meeting with Putin differed from Trump’s

Here’s how Biden's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin differed from Trump’s norm-shattering encounters.

Putin’s rocky relationship with American presidents

Ahead of Biden's meeting with Putin, here's a look at how other U.S. presidents have gotten along with the Russian leader.

With election fraud claims, Peru’s Keiko Fujimori takes a page from the Trump playbook. She’s not alone.

Fujimori’s approach, following Trump’s effort to discredit the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election over false fraud claims, could signal the emergence of a trend.
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Palestinian teen shot by Israeli troops in West Bank dies

A Palestinian teenager has died after being shot by Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank during a protest against a settlement outpost
  • 22 minutes ago

Militants kill soldier near airport in southwestern Pakistan

Pakistan’s military says suspected militants have opened fire on troops at a security post near an airport in the country’s southwest, killing a soldier before fleeing the scene
  • 45 minutes ago

2 killed in shooting in western German town

Police say two people have been killed in a shooting in western Germany
  • 50 minutes ago

UN alarmed by abuse of civilians in Myanmar conflict

The United Nations’ office in Myanmar has expressed concern about escalating human rights abuses after reports this week that a group opposed to the country’s ruling military may have executed 25 civilians and that government security forces burned a village
  • 1 hour ago

Journalist shot to death in southern Mexico, 2nd this year

Prosecutors in southern Mexico say journalist Gustavo Sánchez Cabrera has been shot to death, at least the second such killing in the country so far this year
  • 1 hour ago
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