Russians push to encircle Ukrainian troops, Pentagon says

Russia could soon make a direct assault on Severodonetsk, one of the largest eastern cities still under Ukrainian control.

By Ellen Francis,  Rachel Pannett,  Amy Cheng,  Jennifer Hassan,  Mary Ilyushina,  Paulina Firozi,  Alex Horton and Sammy WestfallMay 26, 2022

Police in Brazil gas man to death in trunk of car, video appears to show

Relatives of Jesus Santos, 38, say a video shared widely on social media captures his brutal death at the hands of police.

By Gabriela Sá Pessoa and Miriam BergerMay 26, 2022

Russia’s grain blockade may require U.S. intervention, general suggests

The Kremlin said commercial ships carrying Ukrainian grain would not be allowed to leave from any of Black Sea ports until Western governments lifted their sanctions on Russia. Western officials have accused Moscow of using food as a form of blackmail.

By Karoun Demirjian,  Alex Horton and Stefano PitrelliMay 26, 2022

Ukrainian volunteer fighters in the east feel abandoned

In a rare interview, a Ukrainian military commander and his top lieutenant describe disillusionment, deprivations and a sense of certain death among their troops on the front lines in Donbas.

By Sudarsan RaghavanMay 26, 2022

Sandstorm wave sweeps Middle East, sending thousands to hospitals

Climate change and land-use practices are increasing the frequency of such storms across the region

By Claire Parker and Kasha PatelMay 26, 2022

Lebanese spy chief says U.S. wants his help freeing Americans in Syria

Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim said he received an invitation to the White House soon after President Biden met with the parents of journalist Austin Tice.

By Sarah Dadouch,  Kareem Fahim and Suzan Haidamous May 26, 2022

History haunts the global elites at Davos

The World Economic Forum is known for its forward-looking optimism. But this year's meeting of global elites was dominated by gloomy invocations of the past.

By Ishaan TharoorMay 26, 2022

WHO members condemn Russia, warn its voting rights could be stripped

Ukraine’s successful resolution raises the possibility that Russia could be suspended from the assembly if attacks on hospitals and clinics continue.

By Adam TaylorMay 26, 2022

Stranded in their own homes: Portraits of Shanghai’s lockdown

Residents in Shanghai have been counting down the days until June 1 when authorities are expected to lift lockdown measures that have left citizens confined at home and in quarantine centers for almost two months. Shanghai-based photographer, Raul Ariano, documented the experiences of the city’s residents by photographing friends and acquaintances remotely through video calls.

By Lily Kuo and Raul ArianoMay 26, 2022

‘No time to lose’: Top Chinese official sounds alarm over economy

Li Keqiang issued the stark warning as the economy stalled under pressure from multiplying covid restrictions and shrinking demand.

By Lily KuoMay 26, 2022

At the United Nations, what about the war in Ukraine?

Some diplomatic observers say the lack of U.N. action to halt the war in Ukraine illustrates flaws embedded decades ago.

By Missy RyanMay 26, 2022

Hospital fire kills 11 infants in Senegal as outrage builds over neglect

The flames tore through Abdou Aziz Sy Dabakh Hospital in the city of Tivaouane, northeast of the capital, Dakar.

By Danielle Paquette and Borso TallMay 26, 2022

China pushes Pacific deal, as Australia scrambles to repair regional ties

Australia's foreign minister is in Fiji as her Chinese counterpart travels the region offering a 10-nation trade and security deal.

By Michael E. MillerMay 26, 2022

How countries around the world have responded to mass shootings

Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand all enacted more restrictive gun legislation following mass shootings.

By Adam Taylor,  Amanda Coletta and Jennifer HassanMay 26, 2022

Russians face prospect of Soviet-style shortages as sanctions bite

In aviation, a lack of crucial parts could ground much of the country’s fleet and make flying a game of “Russian roulette.”

By Anthony Faiola and Mary IlyushinaMay 26, 2022

Ukrainian fighters take to electric bikes in the war against Russia

The militaries of Australia, New Zealand and Norway have also tested electric bikes for reconnaissance and patrol.

By Rachel PannettMay 26, 2022

Taliban morality police tighten their grip on Afghan women

Enforcers from the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice are expanding their reach into all aspects of Afghan society.

By Susannah GeorgeMay 26, 2022

Scientists try to bring Australian ‘tiger’ back from extinction

“When people say, 'Didn’t we learn anything from Jurassic Park?’ — well, it’s very different bringing back a velociraptor to a thylacine,” lab leader Andrew Pask said.

By Frances VinallMay 26, 2022

Russians look to Iran for lessons on life under long-term sanctions

In a matter of months, since the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has outstripped Iran as the country under the most sanctions.

By Miriam BergerMay 26, 2022

World leaders ‘horrified’ by ‘murder of innocent children’ in Texas

The Uvalde, Tex., elementary school shooting is the latest in a U.S. epidemic, as gun violence in many other developed countries is far less common.

By Andrew Jeong and Sammy WestfallMay 25, 2022