Israel kills a senior leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza operation

The army said it carried out the operation in response to attacks directed by Baha Abu Al Ata, the commander of the militant faction.

West Bank settlers escalate attacks on Arab olive harvesters in annual violence

The attacks are occurring at an accelerating rate, continuing the spike in vandalism and violence over the last three seasons.
A protester waves a flag during clashes with police on Tuesday. (AFP/Getty Images)
A protester waves a flag during clashes with police on Tuesday. (AFP/Getty Images)

In protest-wracked Hong Kong, doubts over election loom as new flash point

Fears are growing that authorities may postpone local elections scheduled for this month, a step protesters and experts say would trigger fresh unrest.
  • 37 minutes ago

Afghans to free Taliban commanders in exchange for kidnapped U.S., Australian professors

The goal of the prisoner exchange will be to jump-start stalled peace talks, said President Ashraf Ghani.

Leftist leaders Morales, López Obrador renew ties as former Bolivian president accepts asylum in Mexico

Mexico’s constitution doesn’t allow for a president to be reelected, making Evo Morales’s attempt to remain in power in Bolivia concerning to many.
Speaking to the BBC, Clinton said: “Every person who votes in this country deserves to see that report before your election happens.”
An assailant sprayed them with caustic soda, wanting “revenge on society.”
British voters are worried and confused ahead of another election. Who can blame them?
Clashes break out across the city as the political crisis deepens.
  • 10 hours ago
Officials are bracing for the highest wildfire risk seen in Sydney and surrounding areas, as a state of emergency is in effect.
Mexico’s foreign minister said Morales had accepted the country’s offer of asylum.
The party placed third in Sunday’s national elections.
Crowds have begun to shrink in the face of violence, arrests and threats.
The interior minister said foreign-born militants would be deported even if their home countries had stripped them of citizenship.
Turkish media reports claimed that the Briton had sustained fractures to his head and legs after apparently falling from a balcony.
The announcement means that voters who want to leave the European Union won’t have to decide between two candidates.
Polish officials are primarily objecting to a map that “places several German Nazi concentration camps within modern-day Poland’s borders," according to the prime minister's complaint.
Despite (or maybe because of) a flagging economy, Chinese consumers are buying more than ever on Nov. 11.
John Cobin had founded a mountainside colony for libertarians called Freedom Orchard.
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World stock markets are up as investors await news on progress in negotiations on the trade dispute between China and the United States
  • 6 minutes ago
Zimbabwe says 200 elephants have now died amid drought; mass relocation of animals planned
  • 15 minutes ago
AP Explains: A look at the Islamic Jihad movement in Gaza following Israel’s targeted killing the militant group’s top commander there, which has set off the worst bout of fighting in recent months
  • 22 minutes ago

The three new proposed candidates for the European Commission from France, Hungary and Romania have cleared a first hurdle in their nomination process after lawmakers who scrutinize possible conflicts of interest gave their go-ahead to their bids
  • 44 minutes ago
A legal adviser at the EU’s highest court said on Tuesday it should be down to the European Parliament, and not to Spain, to decide whether a jailed Catalan leader can serve as a European lawmaker
  • 47 minutes ago
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