LONDON — Chrissy, it’s a hot mess.

A silver mace, a secret ballot and a fight for leadership. No, this isn’t the next Harry Potter novel but the current state of British politics. Confused? So is American model and author Chrissy Teigen and most of the United Kingdom.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Teigen wrote: “okay one of my goals for 2019 is to understand UK politics. I read and read and try and learn but my brain cannot grasp it.”

Responses to the tweet were highly entertaining, with many Brits truly able to empathize. Many admitted that despite living on British soil, they, too, were baffled. Others advised Teigen to give up trying to make any sense of Britain’s current political landscape, which was plunged into further chaos early Wednesday when members of the governing Conservative Party called a for vote of no confidence to oust British Prime Minister Theresa May as their party’s leader.

It is just the latest twist in the battle over the United Kingdom’s attempt to withdraw from the European Union, an issue that has divided much of Britain since 2016. May’s efforts to reach an exit agreement have been met with resistance from the opposition Labour Party and within the Conservative Party, resulting in the no confidence vote and adding to the political turmoil.

“Honestly we would be quite happy to make it to 2019 at this point,” wrote Matthew Champion, a news editor for BuzzFeed in London — much to the delight of many.

“Think of a plate of spaghetti. Only the plate is missing, it’s all over the table and someone is crying,” read another rather creative response.

Teigen’s attention was then drawn to the 17th-century ceremonial mace that was snatched in Parliament on Monday — leading one lawmaker to be banished from the chamber. Yes, amid the squabbling and Brexit uncertainty, one Labour Party member took the law into his own hands (quite literally) and attempted to remove the treasured object from the House of Commons. Without the mace, no laws can be passed.

As Brits continued to educate Teigen on British traditions, Brexit and their shared headaches caused by a never-ending news cycle, Teigen declared all the information harder to understand than the popular video game Super Smash Bros.

Meanwhile, May vowed to fight on, and Santa Claus was spotted following Conservative lawmaker Michael Gove around London shouting, “You’ve been a very a naughty boy” — just another regular Wednesday in Britain.

Other responses to Teigen’s tweet included images of the famous Larry the Downing Street cat and Boris Johnson dangling from a zip-wire.