BEIJING — China rallied around Huawei Technologies after the United States launched an onslaught against its national champion, but public support for the company has never been quite as, well, cute, as this before.

A music video featuring a group of kids performing a song called “Huawei the Beautiful” went viral on Chinese social media Wednesday.

The video was made by Zhoudan Kids’ Singing Classroom, a production company based in Zhuhai in southern China, which posted the video on its WeChat social media account. It was then widely shared on Weibo, China’s answer to Twitter.

The production company explained that it made the video as “an act of public benefit” and said that all children involved, and their parents, were real-life fans of Huawei.

The lyrics were written, using childlike language, by Li Yourong, a former member of the People’s Liberation Army’s song and dance troupe, and Zang Sijia, who also does contract writing for China’s Public Security Department.

But rather than tell you about the song, we’ll let the song speak for itself:

Which is the most beautiful phone in the world?

Everyone says Huawei!

The battery is durable and the appearance is good, with the most precious Chinese chip! Ranking first in the phone world, Huawei strives for innovation!

Grandpa says Huawei is a good name, Chinese people can achieve! Huawei is good, Huawei is beautiful, Huawei brings me wisdom!

Teacher tells me to love my country, and to love our domestic brand Huawei! Huawei is good, Huawei is beautiful, Huawei wins glory for our country!

We chase dreams in a new era, aspire to achieve when we are young!

Some netizens applauded the video and said it made them feel proud, but many did not — even those who support the company.

“As a Huawei employee and speaking rationally, thank you for your love and everyone’s contribution to this production, but this is not the way to love Huawei or China,” wrote one WeChat user called Wang Tao.

Others went further. One called it “disgusting,” and another compared it to the kind of propaganda that North Korea produces. “I want a new phone to replace my Huawei,” one Weibo user commented.

Huawei Mobile said on its Weibo account that it had nothing to do with the creation of the video but noted the kids in the video were “very cute” and thanked the netizens for their “attention and love.” A spokesman declined to comment further.

China has experienced a wave of outraged patriotism since the arrest in Canada of Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer for Huawei and daughter of its founder, Ren Zhengfei.

Ren is a former People’s Liberation Army technician and his military links have fueled suspicions that the Chinese government could be using Huawei technologies to spy.

The United States has been leading a campaign to get countries to block Huawei, which wants to roll out fifth generation Internet technology around the world.

In the midst of that campaign, it has charged Huawei with violating American export sanctions against Iran and asked for Meng’s arrest. She was detained in December when transiting through Vancouver airport and is fighting extradition to the United States to face the Iran-related charges.

This is not the first time that love for Huawei has been instilled in children.

Earlier this month, primary schools in Henan province used a promotional video for Huawei phones in a test. The fifth graders were asked to watch the video twice then answer multiple-choice questions like: “What is Huawei’s competitive advantage? A. quality. B. design. C. functionality.”

Many education experts and parents were shocked that the school would allow such product placement.

Gao Wuqiang, an official of the district education bureau, said the three-minute video did not advertise Huawei but was chosen for its “high resolution, standard accent, and subtitles.”

“Teaching materials have remained unchanged for years and students got bored,” Gao told Shanghai-based news site “Students’ parents all use Huawei mobiles. I hope the exam could be closer to students’ lives.”