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A shared dinner, a canceled lunch: What Trump and Kim did — and didn’t — eat in Vietnam

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump sit for dinner in Hanoi on Feb. 27. (KCNA via KNS/AFP)
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It’s no secret that President Trump loves fast food. In early January, a photo of him posing with heaps of it went viral when he welcomed the Clemson University football team to the White House — and served them takeout burgers and fries.

So this week, when Trump visited Hanoi for his second nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, speculation swirled about what would be served at mealtimes.

Last time he and Kim met in Singapore, they were served a wide range of items: Prawn cocktails, Korean stuffed cucumber, beef short rib confit and soy-braised cod were just some of their options for a working lunch.

This time, Reuters reported that chefs were brought in from North Korea to collaborate with Western chefs to create a menu that was influenced by cuisine from both sides of the world.

But on Thursday, Reuters reported that Kim and Trump were set to sit down together at the Metropole Hotel for their second shared dining experience this week, and then abruptly canceled the meal when the two failed to reach a denuclearization deal at the summit. The carefully thought-out lunch was a “delicate meal of foie gras, snowfish and candied ginseng, prepared by North Korean and Western chefs,” the news agency reported. (Around midday the day before, U.S. security staff returned to the hotel “with bags of burgers from a nearby McDonald’s.”)

As he sat down for dinner with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Feb. 27 in Hanoi, President Trump said "a lot of things will be solved" in their second summit. (Video: The Washington Post)

According to a menu released by the White House on Wednesday, the dinner Kim and Trump shared that evening also featured dishes influenced by Western and North Korean tradition. The pair was served a shrimp cocktail and sirloin with pear kimchi and dried persimmon punch. For dessert, it was chocolate lava cake with a runny center.

That’s not the first time Trump has shared chocolate cake with a foreign leader. In 2017, he described telling Chinese President Xi Jinping that the United States was bombing Syria, while the two leaders dug into dessert at the president’s residence in Florida.

It was “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you have ever seen,” Trump told Fox Business at the time.